Afterburn Fitness is more than just a gym. It is a community of people, trainers, and members alike that believe a strong foundation in health and fitness is the foundation for almost everything else in your life.

We believe that when you have the energy and the confidence that being fit can bring you, then anything else is possible. The strength of our community combined with our high level and intense classes is a recipe for success.

The “Afterburn Effect” and the concept of muscle confusion creates a level of success for our members that is not seen at any other gym. The Afterburn Effect has long been a proven science in creating consistent and continous gains to a persons physique and fitness by not allowing the body to plateau.

Afterburn Fitness has perfected this along all different types of workouts. We accomplish this by switching up various mechanics, rep ranges, exercises and intensities on a monthly basis. This provides constant progression as well as the variety both your mind and body require to keep those gains coming all while staying motivated.

The energy at Afterburn Fitness is contagious. Our members inspire, help, and welcome all newcomers into our facility. The level of camaraderie is unmatched as is the knowledge and intensity that our trainers bring to each and every class. High level sound systems provide stadium quality music and energy to a class. A full range of industry leading equipment allows for an endless variety in training styles and exercises to constantly keep your body guessing. 

On this podcast episode we feature Tony Velasco, President of Afterburn Fitness.

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