Peter Gregory is the founder of Four Chord Digital Marketing. Four Chord specializes in both organic and paid search marketing to give a more holistic approach to the search marketing space. They believe a strong strategy revolves around a healthy mix of paid and organic search as well as the many other digital spaces such as social media, email marketing, display banners, and retargeting to name a few.

Welcome to the Content Supply Podcast! Our guest is Peter Gregory, the founder of Four Chord Digital Marketing, after many years working in Digital Marketing. His passion and expertise for SEM make him an integral part of any Digital Marketing team. He is also a Qualified Individual for Google Partner that manages multiple PPC campaigns and ensure the clients or companies that he worked for are using up to date SEO best practices.

In this episode, we will find out why he formed Four Chord, the story behind the name of his brand, and his perspective on how to identify what content are allies and why it is hard to put a price tag on one piece of content.

Peter shares his tips on how to creating a killer content, the tools he uses to look for data and how to use the data to then drive more traffic and engagement. Moreover, he explains his role in the company as a marketing expert to see the whole picture and being able to put in the talents needed for each specific roles, to support the digital marketing efforts. For someone who wishes to build a digital marketing business, Peter kindly shares his thoughts on what is the first step someone has to take and the reason behind it.

“Everybody’s got to work together but they all have their own specific expertise that lets the product flourish.”

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