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Dallin Nead is featured on the podcast. So I featured myself!

I wanted to record an episode where I shared a bit of my story and the background into why I created Content Supply.

Let me know what you think!

Welcome to the podcast show intro with Dallin Nead! He is a storyteller, filmmaker, content strategist and founder of Content Supply. He also has successfully completed pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery of media projects for over 45.000 employees and crew members of over 40 ships. His expertise is primarily in creative video/multimedia design, but he has experience in many creative avenues including project management, video production, and storytelling strategies.In this episode, we find out about Dallin’s background, why is he creating Content Supply, and what is Content Supply is really about. Dallin also shares his definition and types of contents, how to achieve goals with content creation, what is the advantage of having the right content, how Content Supply is capable to connect up brands who knew that content and suppliers who create that content, and many more. “The right content will serve as a baton to guide your business from the starting line (products and services) to the finish line (customers buying the products or services)”This episode is brought to you by Content Supply. Supplying brands with ongoing quality and effective custom content. www.contentsupply.comWelcome to the Content Supply show! This is a show where we bring together entrepreneurs and experts all across the internet, especially those who were bringing tons of value to the world from behind their computer to front of stage. We break down their creative ideas strategies and stories that guided them along the journey of entrepreneurship so that we can all learn and be inspired together. So before we get into the interview let's chat Content Supply. “Content Supply is a creative content as a service business, where online brands and entrepreneurs can subscribe to a monthly supply of custom content to grow their business, so content like video, podcast, image and blogs."This content is custom built to fit into three phases of your marketing experience:

  1. Free content social media
  2. Paid Ads
  3. Content used for paid programs memberships or funnel

We all limited on time and resources to produce all the content we want and need to support our customers journey from point A to point Z. Content Supply help supply the filling of that gap. It's like the PBJ between your brand of your product or service and the brand of your funnel or your conversion tool. Go on over to contentsupply.com to learn more. So welcome back to Content Supply the show. This substance is gonna be a little bit different, we are gonna talk more about my own story behind why creating Content Supply, my background a little bit, and we are gonna position this really as the first podcast in the series. So who is Dallin Nead? Why Content Supply? So to kinda get into that, we have to step back a little while. So when I was young, I really love to tell stories. It really first started out with creative writing and I would write short stories on all sorts of different genres, I would draw comic books, I even create a comic books for local grade school magazine, newspaper. I acted not so good, but I acted at some the place also, so I found a lot of different creative outlets when I was young. I found that these creative outlets helped me to be more socialize, I was very very shy kid, I lack of confidence in myself, and I was the youngest of four. So I grew up in Suburbs of Seattle, I have a good handful of friends, but I just have a lot of personal internal struggle of how do I be more myself? How do I feel comfortable with myself? And I had difficulties even expressing myself, as I had speech impediment, I stuttered, and I got teased. I know a lot of us, when we were young especially, we got teased for different thing, so I started looking for a lot of creative outlets. As I went into writing and loved that, it’s kinda evolve into my love of storytelling in general. I came across our family video camera one day when I was about 7, 8 , and it was a hi8 camera, shot on tape, a little after the celluloid film days. A couple of my buddies around the neighborhood we all started filming the most random videos. The videos I still have a few of them. There really bear scene to watch now but there was so much fun and it gave us this way to share interesting stories and have lots of fun. Little did I know that that spark of creativity there and for the love of storytelling was something that I wanted to make a career out of. So as I got older I took a few video classes in high school, but I kinda dropped off the map with video a little bit.I started deep love for movies and storytelling and content creation, but I still like reality setting and I think that although I was still be creative in different ways, reality of weather is my parents or society or teachers or just self-imposed realism that content creation, storytelling, filmmaking wasn't a viable career. You had to do something that was in demand and something that you could, on paper, make good money off. It has to be realistic. And so you know because I was just shy kid, I kind of took a lot of direction to be like, well I should go do something, I should go study in college and get a degree in something that would for sure have jobs available after I graduated. Getting into cushy secure job that would provide what I needed to to live a comfortable life. So in college I started off as a business major that was good, you know, business is a good major. And then I did not know what field in this and I jumped in the economics. And then I went from economics to information technology, so IT. And what had I ask myself is that, what did I find myself doing? And I found I was really techy growing up. Which was true like I love technology, I grew up on, I feel like the internet and I grew up together. I remember the early days where my dad worked at a tech company and he would always kind of be at the top of each evolution of, you know, the digital age, technology with the internet. And I remember when he bought shoes online for the first time, it was massive. I remember the sound of dial-up. I remember how slow it was. I remember when cell phones were not a thing at all. Ans this wasn't very long ago. So technology was a career that didn't make sense but I got to the classes and the academics and the variety of what IT offered in that industry, I felt really wanting to connected to web design and project management. I was getting kind of disheartened with the fact that I didn't really connect to my classmates. I had a completely different head on my shoulders towards them. I did fine but once again I'd kinda get kind of lacking element of confidence or really,passion. And so it is also during this time that I begin to experiment and dig back into filmmaking and content creation again. I didn't take really any video classes through college but I threw myself into the filmmaking world by creating a featured film as a student. I wrote, directed, produced, edited. I did really all the things of an 82 minute featured film as a young college student, because I wanted to be throated into the trenches and do it myself. So with the process, I sourced over 30 people to help on the cast and crew with the film. I shot it for like a $1000 or $2,000, super cheap. And we premiered it, it was a sold-out premiere at the local theater and it was that experience, although nerves are high, that really sparked my love even more for creativity, filmmaking and the power of a good story, used through visual content. And so that was really the turning point I feel like from my desire to be storyteller and to do content as my career and it gave me an extra massive boost of confidence that I can make this work. So then I got a job at a massive broadcast facility, I started doing corporate production, I started doing live events, and live streaming and learning a lot of technical skills, to support my own techy side. And then I fed more of my storytelling side with more and more short films. And then I took that big leap jumped into the world after graduating into filmmaking and content creation and I built a content strategy and business around this idea, that content house, the power to impact us, as we focus on story and as we focus on building just authentic relationships of the experience. So now that I jumped into the world of storytelling, content creation and filmmaking full time, I feel like, the passion never leaves, I'm passionate and loving what I do every single day. So my love of connecting with people, storytelling all really evolved into what content supply is now and will always be in the future. And that is a story-centric and relationship-based business, that we use content to help tell people stories. Many of us have the tools, right, we have our phones, we have our webcams, we have all this technology at our fingertips to tell better stories. But it doesn't mean those tools are going to improve our stories or storytelling. So it really takes an understanding of story and what you want your audience or your customer to do as your end goal to be established before you even hit record on your phone, on your camera, or you start writing that blog article, or you start designing that image or even starting that podcast. Having an end goal in mind was the key. And that is what Content Supply aims to do. It's to help people identify what that goal is with their content and then providing a way for them to reach that goal through content. And so the cool thing about Content Supply is that it's a custom experience. It's an agency experience you can get a very custom month-to-month plan or you can subscribe to a flat rate of receiving your own custom supply of content. So you supply the files, Content Supply polishes them, edits them and optimizes them for the channel and the end goal that you have with that piece of content, or with many piece of content. Unlimited requests, unlimited revision, all to fill that gap of content that exist for the brands that you were trying to build and the impact you're trying to bring into the world. Because we all have goals and ways that we measure success and just this big visions of businesses and so to get there we need to:

  1. Obviously identify what that product or service will be to provide that impact
  2. We need content to deliver that message
  3. We need to a way to sell people or to earn money from that message which would be your conversion tool or your funnel.

So content fits right there in the middle and provides the needs for you to tell your story and to get your message out there, to sell products. I’ve had some discussion about it lately and it was amazing. Yes I say content, we talked about content, and that covers, yeah I know so many things. I mean websites are content, newspapers are content. Content is so many things around us in the world but specific to what you need as entrepreneur, as a funnel builder marketer, someone trying to make an impact, there is that skills gap, there is a need for our content, so we hope, I hope Content Supply fits into that area, that world. Think about marathon. There are so many things now in marathon, but there is starting line, that is that product and service, you know what the end goal is you want them to buy, there’s that the finish line. So that sprint or that run in between the starting and the finish line is where all your content lives, to guide people on that path. And so it's what you hear,it's what you see is what you experience and it's piecing together all those different types of content to tell a cohesive story for your brand, both personally and everyone who represents your brand in your message. That's just such the cool thing about content creation and being able to connect up brands who knew that content and suppliers to create that content, hence Content Supply. Thanks for listening to this quick story, this quick introduction to how Content Supply, why it was created, and if you do have any questions about it, reach out me across social media. I’m all into socials. I would love to answers any questions, and we can even schedule a free discovery call to talk about it. Or we just connect personally too. I love connecting with people personaIly, for ultimate relationship. I think are the best thing about this world of entrepreneurship is you just able to get to know people and learn about them as a person and learn about their family, learn about makes them thick and just be inspired to what they do and how they love live. So I’m a huge fans of relationships and getting to know more people. So if you have thought about the show, want to leave a review even, have questions about Content Supply, or just want to connect, anyway, you can find me across the socials, @dallinnead, and of course go on over to contentsupply.com and you can check it out. Thanks again, I’m so glad you’re here, I can’t wait to share more, here at Content Supply. See ya!

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