Video Marketing with Shane Schmutz

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Video Marketing.Chances are, you’ve heard that phrase before. But what exactly does it mean and what can it do for your business?We had the opportunity to talk to Shane Schmutz, who was able to answer those questions and more. Shane’s business, Adtention, is all about video marketing. Their goal is to help brands use video marketing to make them more money. Simple, right? Shane’s business has created a powerful algorithm to keep the businesses they work for ahead of the game in video. Their algorithm, paired with the branding your business, helps increase your reach and engagement with customers while telling your story. The best part about video is how applicable it is to any situation your business may have. If you’re an entrepreneur, video is a great way to increase brand awareness. Or if you’re releasing a new product, video is a great way to advertise! Video is one of the most effective ways to capture your audience’s attention and connect emotionally with your target audience, making it a powerful and memorable feature.Just for a moment, place yourself in the mind of a consumer. You come across a long-worded post, that may be beautifully written and captivating… but it’s also 5+ paragraphs long. Are you willing to spend a chunk of time reading that piece from start to finish? Probably not.But if you were scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed, and come across a video, it might make you stop and watch. The long-worded post and the video are conveying the same message, but because the video uses sign, sound, and motion, it’s more captivating.Video isn’t reserved just for social media. It can also be used on websites, mobile web and apps, and video campaigns. It’s a powerful tool that every business needs to utilize.Find more information on their website and Facebook.Interested? Schedule a one-hour consultation call with one of their video marketing experts. For more information about Shane and his business, check out our podcast on iTunes! We’ve featured Shane and many other successful entrepreneurs on our podcast. Simply click the microphone at the bottom of the page to be directed to our podcast. Feel free to subscribe to our weekly podcast! We have a different speaker and topic each week.

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