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Do you ever feel stuck in the "busy work" in your business??It seriously plagues so many business owners...Well Tatiana Belim​ is an expert at business systems and automations and she helps remove all the manual processes so you can focus what matters most!Tatiana is featured on the Content Supply​ Podcast. Welcome to the Content Supply Show. This is the show where bring together entrepreneurs and experts all across the internet especially those who brings tons of value to the world, from behind their computer to front of stage. We break down their creative ideas, strategies and stories that guided them along the journey of entrepreneurship so that we can all learn and be inspired together. So this interview today was great. I had Tatiana Belim on, where she has a background in IT, project management, business systems, work flows, and I got so much out of talking to her. It was a mixture of discovery call like an intro call, we were in the same mastermind group, and I want to get to know her more and I just heard so much how she brought value to many business owners through her ability to automate certain practices. We all as entrepreneurs, we all find our self doing so many things manually. With technology nowadays, we shouldn’t have to do that. There are so many apps and places that we can improve, you know I had getting task done, having things works in the background but with someone with IT knowledge, mixed in with what our best practices basically customised it by the business owner, by the business, that something that Tatiana does. And so it was kind of like a coaching call for me and my business, me and Content Supply, and I loved that. So I even scheduled a call after the fact with her and we talked more and we’re getting better systems in place. And so it really what the system’s are it’s like a way for different apps to communicate with each other. So for my business right now I use Asana which is a project management app and there are a way where Asana can connect to other business application whether it’s invoicing software or contract software, whatever it may be, for all to speak with each other so when one action taken, another action taken, another action can then be taken it’s a step-by-step process that happens in the background and computer doing it for you. So she someone I highly recommend. I’m excited to see more content come from her in the future to educate the world on how to better get system in place in your business so you can focus more on providing value to your customers and push that more content versus being weight down by everything that we do so manually. So before we get into the interview, let’s chat Content Supply. Content Supply is a creative content as service business where online brands and entrepreneurs can subscribe to a monthly supply of custom content to grow their business. So content like video, podcast, image and blogs. This content is custom built to fit into three phases of your marketing experience. So one, free content on social media, two, paid ads, and three, content used for paid programs, membership or funnels. We’re all limited on time and resources to produce all the content we want and need to support our customer’s journey from point A to point Z. Content Supply help supplied the filing of that gap. It’s like the PBJ between your bread of your product or service and the bread of your funnel or your conversion tool. Go on over to contentsupply.com to learn more. So now let’s get to the interview.Dallin Nead : Tatiana, I appreciate you coming on the podcast today.Tatiana Belim : Thank you. Glad to be here.Dallin Nead : Tell me more about you. Tell more about-- lets, business brand aside, tell me more about your story. Tatiana Belim : Okay, so I came in America in ‘93, I originally from Russia but my mom’s family and my father’s family is like half Russian half Ukrainian, and my father was in military, so were like pretty much all over the place, we were in Georgia, we were in Ukraine, like last several 10 years or so we were in Russia and that’s where practically I grow up and before move here. So I have about 20 years of experience with the IT and working as a consultant for the corporations and that was, I was kind of getting tired from that and I decided that I wanted to work more with small businesses. Because of the energy of the small businesses and there’s so many different opportunities, you get to meet all different people and you also, like get a little bit more challenges, I would say, because of the each case is unique so thats-- and I’m also tool geek, I love learning about all different tools. This means I can also do research not just for myself but also help people out.Dallin Nead : Yeah so-- I like that a lot when you talked about focusing more on small businesses, in what ways were you looking to focus on that? Was it IT related services, was it for other services or products?Tatiana Belim : I started just helping out friends and was basically building the system, figuring out the processes and people just come to me and said, “Oh you should definitely do that as a business.” And that, they may, first kind of experience with these small businesses was the helping them out with the processes and funding the tools, and get them more less running the company sort of to say. Like what I’ve seen through my years working with the larger companies. And I also have the passion for the tools so then I would also introduc them to different tools that would make their job a lot easier. And I know it some of them can be really overwhelming in especially somebody aren’t that very tech-savvy. But once they figure out how to use them it just makes so much sense to move to the off the paper based systems and things like that. Dallin Nead : Yeah and so, we spoke before we hit record, we spoke about automation, workflows, those that remove us human out of the process, save us time. I know you offer those services and that strategy to businesses.Tatiana Belim : Yes.Dallin Nead : Tell me more about the specifics of how you approach that? With businesses like I am doing too many things manually and so-- yeah what’s your process and also what are some of the tools you use?Tatiana Belim : So we start basically like from looking at your day-to-day, depends what kind of services you have is-- I’ll just walk like-- you would walk me through your day, what you do from there, like for your clients from start to the end, and based on that I also see where things can be automated or the streamline. One of my favorite tools I use is Sapphire, I use for the automation, I use a little bit of the Google Script and a little bit of the Apple Script. So those things. But most of the things I like is the-- my favorite is the Sapphire. It makes it so much easier. The latest edition I have is the Trello Bot-- Trello Butler Bot that helps automate anything on the Trello board. So if a process that, divide the process works that can be put on the board so to say, then we can use that process to automate. There is another tool that I use a lot and it’s the Auto Crat, and that helps you take the data in your spreadsheet and put them into the reports, for example, the contracts, some other things that you might not be necessarily able to do is the CRM type of software like 17 Hats sort of data. And also one more that just skipped in my mind--Dallin Nead : Do you ever use Zoho?Tatiana Belim : Zoho-- I’m not a big fan of Zoho. But I know they do have some automation that are built in into their process but for some reason it’s just I just never got along with that.Dallin Nead : Yeah.Tatiana Belim : Do you use that?Dallin Nead : Well I’ve been attracted to it, I haven’t used it quite yet but the thing it offers its kind of on one in so many different avenues. I mean they then do social publishing, they’ve got invoicing and financials, they’ve got CRM, CMS, so that’s I think-- and that kind of leads me into the next thought, the next question is I have been looking for ways to automate Content Supply, there are so many tools, resources out there that as soon as I started looking into one I was like, “Maybe I’ll do this one.” And there’s another one that pops up and I’m like you know, it’s kind of like the squirrel's syndrome or the distraction--Tatiana Belim : Yeah the shiny shiny object--Dallin Nead : --optic syndrome. I got distracted, well this one looks even better, and there’s the side in, obviously, there’s the whole kind of side of-- so how do you choose for yourself, how do you customize the tools for your client?Tatiana Belim : Well, the thing is like you have to like, I guess it’s a comes to the personality, what you like better or what kind-- the way that you like to work it’s either you’re like listerian in person or you have a visual, you like the whiteboards and you like the posted cards everywhere. So it depends on the style that you work but I usually see how people work and then I try to adapt the tools for the-- in that aspect and also like if it’s a lot of videos, a lot of phone calls, or is it a lot of-- different communication. So it very much depends on the service that people have. For the content management here, you’ll see it’s like you have to consider the-- between the automation and the algorithm so you want to be, if you’re doing like social media you also have to look at the fact if you doing the automation then it’s probably some of that gonna be ignored by the algorithms. Dallin Nead : You mean the platform right? Like Facebook, likes it when you post--Tatiana Belim : Yes. So maybe, then maybe you’ll prepare all the content, get it all ready and then just have the reminders or like things accessible, figure out a way to have it all accessible for you just to post it or have somebody else post on your behalf. Instead of having it all completely automated. So that’s another thing example of where it’s like, getting that human touch involved at the right moment.Dallin Nead : Yeah, completely. Well I’d be curious and we won’t get too deep into it, but you mention how, when you approach businesses to build their strategies and help with the automation and look at day-to-day, would it be possible-- I think we should sample out what day-to-day with what I experienced. And then kind of pull out examples and then what you’re recommendation would be. Tatiana Belim : Yes.Dallin Nead : So with Content Supply, it’s an agency model, and so foremost a service-based business. And so we provide content creation and strategy services to help brands to use leverage content to sell more products for themselves. So the day-to-day is a lot of client in lead generation. So it’s in taking those new client request, managing those contacts and figuring out a way to contact them in timely basis, get information, scheduling calls, and I’m sure many business can relate sometimes you’re either doing it as a solo entrepreneur or you don’t have a lot of team member in place to help with those administrative type function. With that kind of day-to-day, that kind of general day-to-day, how would you approach recommending automation for me?Tatiana Belim : First of all is like go to CRM is essential for the process. So you know who did you talk to, when did you last talk to them, when do you need to follow up, so you ’ll have the reminders. And if it’s long sales process where you need to talk to people several times before they commit to the certain job-- yes CRM is essential. Then definitely scheduling tools. And I think it’s widely used already, also to make sure your scheduling tool is also integrated properly into your calendar and into your CRM. And video, if you’re using video. So it was like those couple seconds here and there, they all add up. Or if you forget to send the video link then somebody has to-- where you have to send it manually, or people don’t know where to look for it, so having a good workflow is important there, so that your client knows where the-- how the meeting gonna go, where the links are and that’s also accessible on their own calendar so they don’t over schedule and need to reschedule with you. For example I talked to the client and I know it’s like, OK they’re natural, or they need another nudge before they ready to commit. So I’ll just write out email right now and I’ll have a schedule to go out two days later. Dallin Nead : Awesome. How do you follow up or archive-- not archive but safe their information to make sure there is a follow-up?Tatiana Belim : it’s actually, I just-- the conversation in your head you just write up the email or use one of the-- your templates that you save already for this kind of conversation. Open up the template, you modify it, and you just schedule it to be sent out in two days and then you can forget about it. Dallin Nead : That’s really nice. I want to learn a little bit more about how you structure your brand? So how-- in what way you identify yourself as a brand owner and how do you market your services? What your kind of client in that process?Tatiana Belim : Oh that’s all kind of really new for me because I’ve been the IT consultant and working for the corporation, you just have a consulting company and it was so different. So starting at this year working with the small businesses. I have really like a brand identity crisis between there’d been me myself as the brand and having a company. And I also have-- when I’m trying to kind of scale to the agency level, I have something pieces that I have bring on help-- to help me out with, but I’m not at that level completely yet. So I really kind of in the mix here. So I’m figuring out the way around like being between the branding must have myself as the expert in the processes and automation and also promoting my services as a company. So yeah that’s a learning curve for me, the whole marketing thing and digital marketing especially. Dallin Nead : And so what are your plans and as your-- because you said like in end of this year going to 2018, what is your big, like what is-- maybe on a different thought, what’s kind of your vision? What do you want to be position as, like a service provider, you provide strategy services and those like high ticket prices, or do you want to be-- you want to create a product around your brand?Tatiana Belim : OK. So what I would like to do is the services because I don’t really see the product here to be created because-- and I like the part of work because I like to work with the service providers figure out their business, find the actual best way to do it for their specific business, so there’s really like a have that aspect a lot and that’s what draw me to the-- into working more with the small businesses. So I don’t really see the product in this one, but I also, for 2018, it started out as planning out for myself, and it’s like I’m a natural planner and I love planning, so that’s also part of the automation that I do, I plan everything out and then automate. Planning too much doesn’t help get things done. So I came across on one of tech startup companies, when I’m reading about the tech startup, I’m not-- I try to remember what company it was but I can’t-- I came across the concept called “The Idea Wake” and that’s where the home on worth of work is compressed into exactly four weeks, so you would lose about 2 or 3 days each month, and you tag them at the end of the 3 months period, and you use that entire week to do all your planning and all your-- working on your ideas and figuring out what you want to do for the next 84 days. And following 84 days you’re not allowed to do anymore planning. And you just get on and get your stuff done. So that’s kind of my thing for the-- like I’m planning to do that from the last week of December. So I’m gonna figure out, get all my ideas together, and plan it all out and start doing things. And that’s kind of I’m thinking to turn that into the product. So I want to be able to do the workshop with people planning with me and then supporting each other during the 12 weeks that follows. And I have couple of friends that interested to come on board, just try it out and do it with me the last week of December and then hold each other accountable for the next 12 weeks and let’s see where that gonna get and maybe can be my kind of big goal for the end of 2018 beginning of 2019 as to have the actual idea we created.Dallin Nead : Every retreat. Tatiana Belim : Yes.Dallin Nead : I like that. I like that, that’s really cool. Well and it’s interesting too because I mean we’re entrepreneurs here like I love come up with ideas and you’re talking like, “Man I have an idea, like a fresh idea.” but with you offering strategy and tech-related services, workflow automation services, I would find it interesting as a someone like you done the graphic like totally in, with seen your strategy, based on your services and action. Like I broke it down very simply, kind of like a case with a highlight, but maybe catering to agencies to service providers or other kinds of small businesses and you like a mock case study example. You break down their business day-to-day, a lot comes that are very manual, and then you can break down and be like, OK this all the manual things that are taking this amount of time and get it out of the way. And then talk the Tatiana system, workflow-- this is all the time you can save to do more priority thing and here are all the automation. I would find watching whether that’s like screen share, some kind of tutorial or you-- some kind of video presentation of sort, I find that content would be incredibly valuable as I would fit in that market. And I would like-- we can discuss it but--Tatiana Belim : Yeah I would love that. That’s really great idea. I just thinking about that the other day-- that would be great just to go through every-- all the steps, like the way I would work with people it just gathers all the information, break it down in steps, map it all out, create the workflows and then automate things and see whats gonna turn out.Dallin Nead : I’ve been teaching people to be like here are the first step to what our automate in, first step you have to schedule or pay me something-- a lot of it are free but what I’m getting excited about now it’s just like I’ve had all this like internal like discussion with myself and it’s external too of, “ Here all the manual processes I have with my business, how can I automate these?” and being shown how it’s possible in what areas I may not consider or all the being like walkthrough all the tools I think there’s a tremendous amount of value that you providing and provide in that world because you’re totally solving problems that is in so many of our hands in our businesses. So I’m excited, this is great. We need to have a whole another discussion beyond this.Tatiana Belim : Yeah let’s do it. Let’s do it, let’s definitely do it. Dallin Nead : Where can people learn more about you? Where is that link? Where is that ability for people to sign up to work with you?Tatiana Belim : OK, I have a website, it’s humindy-- it’s kind of combination of I was playing with words so I combine human and mind and kind of tech the Y at the end. So it’s H U M I N D Y .com.Dallin Nead : Awesome great. I love too in this discussion that you sold me on-- you didn’t take much but you sold me on services I already knew I needed. And I think every business needs to consider it because our time is very spread thin and it’s precious resource--Tatiana Belim : Yeah that’s free resource but-- available resource but it’s definitely a priceless one. Dallin Nead : Completely. Well let’s chat soon Tatiana, I super appreciate you providing the precious time.Tatiana Belim : My pleasure. It was great chatting with you.So that about wraps it up for the show today. Thank you so much for listening. The fact that you’re able to drop into this conversation and hopefully be inspired through the stories and ideas shared here is pretty awesome. So I’m huge fans of relationships and getting to know more people. So if you have thoughts about the show, want to leave a review even, have questions about Content Supply, or just want to connect anyway, you can find me across the socials @DallinNead and of course go on over to contentsupply.com and check it out. Thanks again, I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to share more here at Content Supply. See ya!

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