StorySelling = New StoryTelling

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Our world is saturated with digital marketing, oftentimes thousands of brands and businesses vying for our attention and business. Because of this, marketing tactics to stand out often have an element of story to draw in customers. Now, the idea of story has become a buzzword. It’s huge! It’s wonderful! And it’s difficult to effectively master.Too often, when we hear ‘story’, we think of a retelling of the boring, fact-listing history books we were forced to read in elementary school. And let me just say, these aren’t very sexy or appealing in the world of marketing.So instead, the way to sell with stories is to gain a deep understanding of our personal stories--ideally a significant impact that guided you to where you are today--and look at how it relates to what you’re selling. Oftentimes, this event is what lead you to offer something, putting your heart and soul into it.You have to embrace these stories before placing them into your customer’s journey. The reason this is so important, is that it helps increase your sales in a more natural, emotional and effective way. For more details and an example of our personal story, click on the video below!

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