Spreading Positivity with Jessie Gardner

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How have you made a difference in the world?For some, it’s making and delivering treats to neighbors. For others, choosing to volunteer at soup kitchens and libraries is how they make the world a better place.But for Jessie Gardner, making a difference in the world started with creating her company, HeySoul. This gift-box business was designed to create a ‘positive disruption’ in the world, one delivery at a time.HeySoul helps create a positive impact in the lives of those who receive its boxes. Each box contains symbolic items that are paired with a ritual, game, or action designed to connect the receiver to the theme of the box. Box themes include: joy, purpose, adventure, love, creativity, and gratitude are some of the more popular.Here’s an example: the adventure box. It contains two hand-carved wooden cubes, a marker, and a few other goodies. On each side of both cubes, receivers write down any and all adventures they want to have in life. When they feel disconnected from adventure, all they have to do is roll the cube and commit to accomplishing whatever adventure appears on top. These HeySoul boxes transform simple products into a fun and beneficial game. The adventure box comes with more objects, but you’ll have to look at her website for more information! Having an awesome product was a start, but having great content helped take it the extra mile. Written content was a way for customers to share the experiences they’ve had because of their HeySoul box. The secret behind such great content was the authenticity. Stories that are authentically beautiful and human make the difference in how people choose to connect to Jessie’s products. It’s through the power of written content that Jessie can express the power of what HeySoul has done and will continue to do.This amazing company is run solely by Jessie and her friend. Jessie is the powerhouse behind the sourcing, interaction with vendors, and creation of each product.For more information about Jessie and her business, check out our podcast on iTunes! We've featured Jessie and many other successful entrepreneurs on our podcast. Simply click the microphone at the bottom of the page to be directed to our podcasts.Feel free to subscribe to our weekly podcast! We have a different speaker and topic each week.

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