Rose Guthrie: Digital Marketing Mompreneur

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We have Rose Guthrie on the podcast from Rosie Does Digital.Here's a bit about Rose:During Rose's 9-year corporate career in banking, I had the opportunity of meeting several successful business owners. We often touched on my skills for Web Development and my savvy on the spot tech and marketing advice. Having spent all my father-daughter time watching my dad build computers, I started to understand the boring and interesting parts of IT whilst he tried to teach me to build my own computer. At 11 years old, I realized I had a connection with tech but building computers was not it.After spending more and more time with him and reading books, I discovered my gift of trying to create things. My first attempt to create a website was on Microsoft Publisher! Yep, we're going way back now. From that moment on, I have been developing my skills as a hobby. The more websites I built, the more people who came to me asking for my help to promote their websites.Having had 3 businesses of my own, I was able to equip my website clients with advice which was fueled, not only from an educated point of view but from an experience point of view also.I often wondered why small businesses were left out. While the corporations I worked with knew the value of Digital Marketing, so few Entrepreneurs were educated about the subject and able to execute an effective strategy. I've found that Digital Marketing is the single greatest opportunity for small businesses ready to grow.My passion is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs use digital media to it's fullest potential. Seeing businesses get results by using techniques like social media marketing, email campaigns, and sales funnels are what keeps me working hard; waking up early and staying up late every day.My agency, Rosie Does Digital, has helped dozens of companies rapidly scale by taking advantage of Digital Media.

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