Pamela Dale: Clickfunnel Expert

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The first thing you see when you click on Pamela Date’s website is her picture and a small paragraph to the side proudly displaying: I’m a no-nonsense, straight-shooter who is utterly committed to your success.While words like these can be said by anyone, for Pamela, they are true! Pamela is a life coach turned clickfunnel expert. But life hasn’t been easy; the expert title took a lot of hard work.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Born and raised in Saskatchewan, a small rural town in Canada, Pamela was taught the meaning of hard work. Her home life wasn’t the most stable, so Pamela figured out that hard work, namely working on nearby farms, kept her out of the house. Years later, these lessons on resourcefulness and a good work ethic still benefit her. Another skill she learned, and arguably her best, was learning to read people.“I really want to know about you as an individual. I’m fascinated with your story. I want to know what you’re up to. I want to know why you do what you do.”For years, Pamela hopped between social media, building websites, and counseling jobs before finding out about clickfunnels. This was the job for her- it combined all her skills and knowledge she’s been building for years. And the timing couldn’t be better; Pamela was financially in trouble and couldn’t find her place in life. She started out in clickfunnels managing Zoom calls, saying “Happy to Help!” with every call. It was sink or swim; she had to quickly figure out everything about Clickfunnels, so she could turn around and help those calling for help. She was desperate for the job, and out of desperation, she changed herself. In the beginning, she wasn’t able to successfully sell. But once she gained the knowledge, she gained confidence, and suddenly had 19 clients and counting! To boost her knowledge, and further help her clients, she started a 100-video-clickfunnel-course.Now, she’s worked her way up, and currently enjoys the process of figuring the reasons behind each client’s business. This process helps her understand each client as a person and which clickfunnel method would best share their message with the world. “I forced myself to be the best I can be.” And still, Pamela hasn’t relented!She’s even gone as far as to start her own show revolving around clickfunnels, apps, design, marketing, and other elements of the marketing industry. Pamela knows just as well as anyone that creating your own business is tough, but getting your brand out there is harder. There needs to be a large amount of desire and drive, otherwise it’s like pushing a rock up a hill. Clickfunnels helps make this process easier, to get your information out there and sell your goods!If you have any questions about the clickfunnel process, check out Pamela’s website! She has a variety of videos, called ‘Funnelspirations’, covering a wide variety of topics.For more information on Pamela and her role in Clickfunnels, check out our podcast below!

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