Matthew Tims: From Music Teacher to Digital Marketer

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Matthew is featured on the podcast. Matt is a music teacher turned digital marketer. He talks about his journey so give a listen to learn more!Matt helps businesses find their voice in a digital world.Discover his exact digital strategy to tell your story, find new customers, and make sales with his digital marketing strategies. Welcome to the Content Supply Podcast. I'm Dallin Nead and each episode we bring you an inspiring brand, creator or message to help you discover how you can experience success and your business. As we unpacked stories and strategies about all things content and growing a successful brand. So this is just the whole discovery process for all of us. We feature a variety of different brands on the show from entrepreneurs, entertainers, copywriters, marketers, coaches, athletes to designers, filmmakers, photographers and many more. All brand owners all creators. So it's my belief as with many others that every company is a content company. And has to be one to stay relevant and competitive. Because let's be honest the internet is so full of brands that it can be very easy to get lost in a crowd. So quality and effective content really separate you. That's why Content Supply was created to supply brands with ongoing custom content so they can engage with their customers by providing value telling stories and making more sales. And when we say content, I'm talking about video, audio and written or image all and everything in between, all those. Content creation and building a business is really hard. You never finish the building and creating even after you experience some success, you have to keep going on the journey. Content supply was created to be a resource, a community and a solution to fill that large gap of content. So thanks for joining the show. Now let's get to the interview.Dallin Nead : Hello everyone and welcome back to the Content Supply Podcast. This is your host Dallin Nead. So on the podcast today, I talked to Matthew Tims, he’s a music teacher turned digital marketer. He’s stories pretty interesting but also, the interesting thing about this interview is that it was really just an intro call for he and I. We have met on a Facebook Group online, where it’s online in Facebook Group for service providers and digital marketers and we decided to connect beyond the group, to learn more about what we each did, and so because it was intro call, he started of with jollin me with few questions which was great because he didn’t really know anything really about me, and I flipped the table and asked the questions about him. So you’ll learn more about me personally which is great and I definitely plan on for a few more of these podcasts and a piece of content to talk more about me in the future. But I care even more about sharing about the interesting people all over the world in the internet and in the webs. So I due to feature more about other people, their stories and how they evolved their careers into where they are now within the realm of providing services, doing digital marketing, whether you’re on the brand side, or the creator, the content creator supplier side and a little bit in between. So without further ado, let’s get in the interview with Matthew Tims. Matt thanks for being on today.Matthew Tims : Absolutely. I’m excited to be here Dallin. What’s your story and your business and--Dallin Nead : For sure. Yeah let me give you an intro to Content Supply, about what that is. So Content Supply is something that I literally just begin within like the last few months. I’ve always been a filmmaker and also I have an IT background in fact, that’s what I did academically. So I do have a day job, so this is a side business of mine. And with Content Supply what that I’ve built this into, is a distributed content as a service agency, so to break that down even further is we create custom content for online brands and entrepreneurs, whether that content exists free on social networks, or as paid ads, or within a paid wall. So kind of those three different types of content. And then content than exist within four bucket or four types, video, image, podcast, and written or copy. So you as a brand can opt into one or four, obviously, all four helps your brand even more, even further. And so the interesting thing that, with me being kind of filmmakers first and foremost and artists, first get in the business, artist tend to focus more on the art and the creative versus the business and the operational side, something that actually gets sales for clients or brands. And so the whole idea around building this podcast, networking, finding other talents across, across the whole interwebs, is to build out that kind of distributed service agency to support the clients I’m building up. But with connecting with you-- do you go by Matt or Matthew? Matthew Tims : Either one is just fine.Dallin Nead : Either one?Matthew Tims : I verbally usually go by Matt, but--Dallin Nead : Yeah?Matthew Tims : How did you get into-- you said you’ve always been a filmmaker, and your IT like training, how did that all happen?Dallin Nead : Like before it evolved to what it is now?Matthew Tims : Yeah just you, how did you get into IT and video like were you the kid with camera went around or--Dallin Nead : I grew up loving cameras, I mean I started off on hi-8 and DVD tape so a lot of tape-based. We’re both on that generation where we grew up as the internet grew up. And so with that, I remember like each stage and each phase of the internet and like that technology boom. And so with that, I had a love for filmmaking mixed in with tech. And so as filmmaking became more tech-based and moved away from film although there’s still film involved. I saw the opportunity to marry the two, the tech side and the filmmaking side and the storytelling side. So that’s where I have built my career into, to this point and my evolution beyond that is to learn and apply and master the marketing side and the business side, so I can marry that the stuff that actually gets sales. Matthew Tims : What was your connection into marketing? Most people don't just go film into marketing. They go film or video into YouTube or something. Dallin Nead : Yeah what I was building as a content service business and experimenting into different areas thus naturally evolved into this realm where I got connected in Julie Christine Stoian and that’s where obviously we met on one of her pages. She’s one of those successful digital marketers online whose built up a community, it’s true what you know, the buzz is that marketing is definitely the language and the way to go to actually make even more money online, and to market your services and products. I mean obviously, it’s always existed so to not know marketing is to fail in the long term in business. And so that’s where I see that natural progressing going, is to then from filmmaking, storytelling to tech then to marketing, and to marry all those together. With that being said, let’s turn the gears to you a little bit more. First off, tell me about your background. What led, what was your journey that led into Matthew or Matt getting into digital marketing?Matthew Tims : I fell into it. Fell into the deep end. So my background has nothing to do with businesses nothing to do with marketing, has nothing to do with technology, my background is-- so I went to school for music education, music teacher. I love teaching music, I love teaching the whole realm of kind of ministry work as well so I’ve been staffed in churches, I’ve been a teacher at school, I’ve been a private lesson, the whole mix of things. And kind of go into through school I realized that-- well I realized that at some point that what I didn’t really want to be band director in a school because you live there like 15 hours a day and you just stuck. You’re doing 7 am rehearsals, 9 pm prep, weekend are traveling for a band competition and I just knew that wasn’t my jam. So I was kind of like, just figuring out other thing, so I was holding in some part-time stuff and some church work and as soon I graduated I picked off a lot of private lessons, and at one point, because of my church connection and my training, I was doing a lot of private lessons and I was doing a lot of kind of connect work and so somewhere in the mix, I just I picked up technology-- actually I picked all that all up from my dad. My dad is a complete techy, he had a video company growing up so we always have the first computer that everything-- so I think I was just around that, it was just part of me. So what happened is I started working at churches, I started getting a whole bunch of lessons and I realize I was facilitating a lot of the equipment beyond just my own services. So I was like, why I’m telling this stuff, like I’m literally telling people what to buy, ordering for them, getting them the bill or using their card, I can just as easily just sell this stuff. So one thing went to the next, I started getting retail stuff at one point jumped to my own location and I saw it like, I gotta figure out how to sell and make money with these. And so this is probably, this is in 2011, in the early early phases of social media marketing and that was kind of my only knowledge. I picked off a few podcasts, I think it was at that time entrepreneur fire back in the day and some like smart passive income with pet friend so I was just hip on, at that time I was just, I just need to figure out something, business because I know nothing. So I picked off a few podcasts, kind of went head first into social media world and in those days it was super easy, ranking an SEO is very easy, organic Facebook reach like their whole move then was let’s get businesses on Facebook so pages were great, Instagram that was still a growing thing, that wasn’t a business platform yet so that was super easy. So for me, I kind of got in the very ground level of a lot of those things. And just realize that all my experience in teaching and ministry and music kind of all the art stuff as well as other people stuff. I just understood people and for me it just, it made it very easy to translate that into online interaction, online everything and just being like my ministry stuff, my school stuff, I naturally was not salesy, I was just natural, I just help guide you, I want to teach you, I want you to understand stuff. So that was just the approach I took on everything I did. And now people are still trying to get to that point, but that just what I did all along. And so I just taught people and engage with people and really one thing led to the next and saw my local music stores, music school, still exist, still growing and you know, you do one thing well, not that all different from your story, you do one thing well for one audience as someone else realises, “Hey I actually need exactly what you just did, I just didn’t know what that was until I saw you do it.” So I started helping a few other businesses here and there. And about a year and half ago, yeah a year and a half ago, I got married so--Dallin Nead : Nice.Matthew Tims : At that time I was living in a town Sioux Falls south Dakota which is the biggest town in south Dakota that a lot of people still don’t know about but biggest town in south Dakota and that’s where me, my music store was and is-- when I got married my wife goes through pharmacy school up in northern Minnesota, so I was just kind of like, you know, I’m gonna make the jump, I’m helping enough people, let me just make the jump and keep doing that, let’s see if I can turn this into kind of personal career type of deal. So I did it and I’ve worked with some larger brands, I’m not sure, I think I say them-- so it was like one of them called “Analyze Got Doors”, they’re outdoor brands like deer feed and such. And so kind of we’re working on a larger scale marketing campaign with them, working in Cabela’s and Bass Pro, and kind of all outdoor shop and these celebrities, Nathan super fun, through my connection in music I helped invite different artists just the marketing side of things, and kind of the past 6 to 8 months I kind of brand myself more so as Facebook Ads guy, because it kind of sexy. So--Dallin Nead : Well it’s gonna be my next questions. Because you say, well anyone say digital marketing and that cover so much material and so you do specialized in Facebook paid ads? Paid advertising in Facebook right?Matthew Tims : It’s funny, publicly that’s what I say Facebook Ads guy but the reality is I still approach everything just from this holistic perspective. I’m like I own my local business, own my own online information businesses so I have a hard time disconnecting entirely but for the sake of brand and client work, yeah I’m a Facebook Ads guy. Dallin Nead : Yeah, great. So do you offer-- so with building out marketing campaigns, I guess more so on Facebook but do you also build out sales and landing pages? Or do you typically subcontract out those other services in the marketing spectrum?Matthew Tims : I can make a sales from a convert, I can’t make it look good. So usually--Dallin Nead : Look good like a visual or with the copy-Matthew Tims : Visual like in anything. I’m decent with like landing pages, long form, copywriting. I’m pretty good at that, I’m pretty good at making sure landing pages are converting in high levels. But I’m like the absolute anti-designer. Anything that has anything to do with visuals creativity, it’s just--Dallin Nead : Have someone else to do it.Matthew Tims : Yeah.Dallin Nead : With building out campaigns too like, how do you structure something that actually gets results? What is a little bit of opening the door to your process a little bit but also just, how do you break down your services so clients can work with you and to see that, “Oh yeah that’s an ROI we’re investing in marketing.” Or there is, “ Yeah I’m getting results.” How did you kind of break that down and does that? Matthew Tims : Yes so kind of two big things I do is I either say, “You have an existing offer that works, you already cast it and you just trying to get more traffic to it.” So whether it’s a blogger, or whether it’s a local business or whatever you have some kind of offer that you know is already attractive and you just need to translate that into digital or into Facebook environment. That’s kind of one type of client I look for. Because a lot of people, a lot of people see Facebook Ads as their solution to their issue and I just find that those types of clients can be hard to work with, because they’re very protective of their funnel and their offers and their lead magnet, that to say, “Hey your lead magnet actually just trash, nobody wants it. There’s nothing I can do that’s gonna make people want it more” That’s just the hard conversation I don’t enjoy. So usually for Facebook Ads stuff, for Facebook Ads I’m just looking for people that have some kind of webinars that’s doing at least decent or some kind of existing course or have at least some type of funnel perspective that’s doing good enough where I can come in and scale and then may be offered advice around. So that’s kind of one type of work that I do. The other type is in a few different formats. It’s really just like a marketing overhaul. You have a course, or you have a local business, or you have any type of business, and you just need me to come in and figure out all your digital stuff like, “Should we be doing emails? How do we do Snapchat? What type of content should we do? Facebook video?” like all those things. And just kind of figuring out the entire thing that’s actually gonna be effective for them. That’s kind of the other thing I do. I’m more of a, more of a coaching type of role. You asked about like my process, do you want to get that too?Dallin Nead : Give me like a summarised version of your process. I mean because obviously, we don’t want to open up so much because you coach, you consult, so obviously to get into nitty-gritty would be more costly than podcast experience. So yeah just tell me a little bit.Matthew Tims : I’ll start with this. There’s a lot of resources out there that are phenomenal about Facebook Ads, for sales funnel, for social media, just search around, I’m sure we both gonna meet the ten of all really great and a hundred that are really awful but I think, I’m gonna start with this, the thing that I think I like to focus on that a lot of people miss is customer research. So my process starts with an absolute deep dive into existing customer research. And the people that even do this stuff stop at a Facebook Ads level, I need to know enough about them to know who to target. And so for me I do a deep dive in, you know I’m reading their magazines, I’m checking out their Amazon reviews, I’m looking at their YouTube channels, the discussion that are going on, I’m joining 15 to 20 Facebook groups in that industry. I’m just picking out what kind of conversation are they actually having you know who are on a macro or larger scale, obviously what celebrities are they following, what stores do they shop at, like one off industries, how are they relate those outdoor and country music or like hand-to-hand and people just don’t connect that or you know like organic food and yoga or like food health and fitness health, you know just figuring out really who that person is complete deep dive into their greatest pains, what keeps them up at night, their desires on a business are they happy or are they angry or are they frustrated and then how are they actually saying that in conversation because I have a hard time, well really any marketing campaign that I do that I don’t spend hours getting inside somebody’s head, it absolutely flops because then I start saying, “How do I sell this person?” instead of just “How do I talk their lingo?” And for me, as soon as I get deep enough into somebody’s head and I can talk-to-talk and I know their pains and I know their desires and I know their dreams and I know their family size and I know what type of house they live in, what they read and eat, just when I know every part of them, it’s really easy to say they really need this, they really like this, they get stoked about this type of things, or they love talking about these type of things, and then it’s just putting their words into that writer that actually move them along to something that it’s gonna benefit them. Dallin Nead : I liked that. So you kind of like their big brother to the customer?Matthew Tims : Yeah.Dallin Nead : You’re the big-- you know closely watching eyes, the data, yeah, that's cool. I like the fact that you focused on the customer research to your process versus like, because there’s obviously so much of the tech side and so much of the detail of building the actual Facebook Ads campaign or other aspects, or the client’s relationship. But customer research is really interesting area of building out a marketing campaign because I think so many of us and that’s something that I’m discovering right now is as I’m discovering who exactly my customer is you know, I think it’s an experimentation, no honestly like I recently started Content Supply, that doesn’t mean I know exactly 100% who my customer is and so I think diving into like you just said, the discovery phase and kind of figuring out who that avatar is of your ideal customer is totally a work in progress or process. That’s cool, that’s really cool. Well we’ll wrap up the podcast portion Matthew, I’m gonna, Matt, Matthew, but how can people find you online? How can they learn more about what you do? Matthew Tims : Yeah I’m all over the place so hit me up like Youtube Channel for a lot of tutorials, tech walkthroughs, conceptual things, webinar replays, just search Matthew Tims marketing on Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook group. It’s kind of all in there. A lot of it under-- if you start searching under for Matthew R Tims, or the handles @Matthewrtims, it’s pretty much universal that everywhere, if you like what you hear and you wanna talk about working together, shoot me email and yeah we take the conversation from there. Dallin Nead : Perfect. So Matthew, hey music teacher turned digital marketer, definitely check him out online he’s all over social media. Well thanks Matt for doing this podcast. Matthew Tims : Your welcome. So we mentioned content and brand building throughout this episode. So if you're overwhelmed with running your business and you know you need more content especially an ongoing constant supply of content that's custom, all in order to take your brand to the next level then make sure to learn more. And check out a website of content supply at So thanks for listening everyone and we'll see you on the next episode.

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