Managing Money with Brie Sodano

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Money is a difficult thing to manage. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, how much you save, or how much you try to avoid debt, there just doesn’t seem to be enough money. Brie Sodano, owner of the financial planning firm From Sheep to Shark, made it her goal to help everyone with these types of money problems.She had always loved money; how work is exchanged for currency, and how that currency is exchanged for goods or services. After graduating college, Brie found herself working in the nonprofit sector. Specifically, she spend a decade working at the Boys and Girls Club.While Brie enjoyed it, there came a time when she was burnt out. She taught herself how to trade stocks, then made the leap to a new job: selling stocks and bonds at Edward Jones.It wasn’t long before Brie realized that people don’t have money problems in the sense that there was too much money that needed to be invested. Instead, the problem was there wasn’t never enough money.In the stock field, there was this attractive feeling of ‘You can make a million dollars in 15 minutes!’ While it certainly hipes people up, it doesn’t solve the underlying money problems and bad habits.Brie watched as student loans, credit card debt, and the ‘disappearing money syndrome’ prevented teachers from preparing for retirement or college students from starting life on the right foot. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and be the one to set people with these money problems free!And so, Brie’s financial planning firm From Sheep to Shark, was born. She teaches people how to make money work for them, instead of the other way around. These ‘sharks’ are taught to be open to new money ideals and how to manage their money. It’s a process of becoming open to the problem and fierce to solve it. Brie wants to help everyone, but it can become hard to schedule one-on-one time with customers with the high influx of calls. So what does Brie do? She decides to become a financial Rachael Ray!Rachael’s shows are available to everyone, so those watching can teach themselves to cook. Brie’s videos are the same, though viewers learn how to manage their finances and change spending habits for the better. There aren’t any gimmicks, no easy way out. Brie believes in working hard, but at the same time, your life doesn’t have to be put on hold until you’re debt free. There is power behind what money can do, if it is used right.For more information about Brie, visit her Facebook and website!To listen to more Podcasts from experts in the field, subscribe to our weekly podcast! Simply click the microphone in the bottom right corner of the page.

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