Jessie Valle: Spanish Teacher Turned Digital Marketer

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"There are certain people that are just entrepreneurial by nature...​I'll be the first to say that that's just not me! My journey was never about being an entrepreneur, it's something that came later on.​.."

Jessie Valle is a digital marketer and sales funnel strategist. She helps business owners fill in the gaps of running their online business, so they can focus on the bigger picture Welcome to the Content Supply Show, this is the show were we bring together entrepreneurs and experts all across the internet especially those who bring in tons of value to the world from behind the computers to front of stage. We break down their creative ideas, strategies and stories that guided them along the journey of entrepreneurship so that we can all learn and be inspired together. So on this podcasts today, we have Jesse Velle of Velle Media, and so she is a digital marketer and sales funnel strategist and she really helps fill the gaps in between those who super overwhelmed with trained to get their funnel or their product launch into the launch face and so she fills the gaps between to help with strategy, development, so we have the discussion around what she offers at her media company, how she provides value and just really interesting discussions, and I am super excited to share with you. So before we get into the interview, let’s chat Content Supply. Content Supply is a creative content as service business where online brands and entrepreneurs can subscribe to a monthly supply of custom content to grow their business. So content like video, podcast, image and blogs. This content is custom built to fit into three phases of your marketing experience. So one, free content on social media, two, paid ads, and three, content used for paid programs, membership or funnels. We’re all limited on time and resources to produce all the content we want and need to support our customer’s journey from point A to point Z. Content Supply help supplied the filing of that gap. It’s like the PBJ between your bread of your product or service and the bread of your funnel or your conversion tool. Go on over to to learn more. So now let’s get to the interview.Dallin Nead : Well Jesse, tell me more about yourself, where are you from and you know what do you do what do you like to doJessica Valle : Well, I feel like, okay, so I lived in Wichita Kansas, so I’m like centre of the country and I feel like that's a perfect place right here in the central time zone because I am able to work with people on the east coast, and the west coast, and never-- the time change never really affect me so much. So you are like, man it's so bright early in the morning and I am over here like its you know mid-morning and I have been awake several hours and I’m feeling good. And I feel like about me-- I feel about everybody there is two points, there is before you were an entrepreneur and after you become an entrepreneur. And I know that there certain entrepreneurial personality types and people are just like entrepreneurs by nature, and I’ll be the first to say that that's not me. So when I hear people about entrepreneurs have this special thing about them, I feel like I stand out because that was never me. My journey was never about being an entrepreneur, it something that kind of came later on. And so I mention to you before that I listen to Matthew Tim’s interview and he is caught my eye because it said, “Music teacher to entrepreneur and a digital marketer” and I was like, I am gonna be super boring that’s my story too but then when I listened to it I realised he is actually has extremely different stories and we become entrepreneur for different reasons and we have way different background, even on service level it may look very similar. I was previously a Spanish teacher, and I also an elective teacher like Matthew, just being in that role of going to school to learn how to transfer information to other people and get them to understand. I actually went on and got my Masters Degree and Educational Technology so that where the tech portion comes in. So not only I was able to teach, but I also able to find ways to teach people in a non face to face situation. So of course I was able to incorporate more technology into my physical classroom back in the day but I was also learning how to get people to learn when we are not face to face, and I am not physically pointing at things or you can see all my crazy gestures, and how to communicate with different learning styles too because everybody learns differently in online fashion, so I feel like my background really helps me when it's time to becomes an entrepreneur in digital marketing and doing the tech pieces as well where I really shine. Dallin Nead : I love you share that, I had no idea that you are a Spanish teacher, turn tacky really, right? So, you can really totally marry the two in a sense that you are an educator, you know how to present information in effective way. Was it high school that you taught Spanish?Jesse Valle : It was actually middle school Dallin Nead : Middle school, okay, so you-- Jesse Valle : I was teaching those beginners, not only was I incorporating technology into my classroom, but I was taking kids who knew almost nothing or you know how different kids come from different background, some had access to technology, some did not, and so for me to take them, even if they have access, it's all right here on your phone right, in your thumb,so to teach them how to use a computer and learn programme like photoshop and just google, google doc, google slide, google you know all of that was fun to me and I was one of the teachers in the building that did that more, so other teachers begin to see me as an authority of bringing different types of tech into the classroom, I was always experimenting with the latest apps, and different things for the classroom and the kids really enjoy to learn in a style that was more modern to their world.Dallin Nead : Yeah, totally, so with that then and doing Spanish-- was Spanish teaching something that you wanna to do, or in leaving that world was it difficult to you?Jesse Valle : It was a little difficult at first because obviously it's a huge change like obviously something happens in my life, and it was-- I think you can rely, it was the best thing in the world, I become a mother. And all of the sudden everything that I ever thought of myself was out of the window. I didn’t want to drop her off with someone all day so I could go you know foster other kids, even though that was a great fulfilling thing in my life, I wanna be there for my own daughter as well and find the way to help people and educate people in the world while still being at home and helping my daughter too, so I made the decision to leave teaching, to stay at home and it was very similar to a lot of people, like it was a strategist get a little bit of money on the side like a little light hustle, watch my daughter, you know earn some income, and then I realised I actually really like it. Right, so I was just absorbing, everything learning, everything I could about doing things online, and then I learn you know digital marketing, and start practising all of that, and I grew, and grew and grew until we decided my husband and I that he could stay home and we would have a business together, so now I left teaching 2 years ago, and we are both working from home, we are all together as a family, and we are living a life that we would’ve not ever imagined. And it's crazy that kind of stuff just happened. Dallin Nead : How does your husband support-- it's you guys all work under Valle, is it Valle or Valle (different pronunciation)Jessica Valle : it's actually is ValleDallin Nead : Valle, there like, is Valle a street in Spanish?Jessica Valle : No, that's calle.Dallin Nead : Calle, yeah, yeah.Jessica Valle : No Valle means valley in Spanish Dallin Nead : Okay, so I was right to say valley, okayJessica Valle :Yeah, it's actually France origins, but yeah my husband’s family is from Mexico and so we, you know-- we have that background and but yeah we worked together in Valle Media and that one of the reasons I rebranded from Jesse Valle to Valle Media it's because that would allow my husband and I to worked under the same umbrella together as a family business.Dallin Nead : And what does he do with the business? Jessica Valle : Well, together we kinda complement each other, I am much more you know tacky and organise, and nitty-gritty, and he’s more of personal person and relationships and he’s good about going in and you know talking to clients, especially like local clients, his really good making those connections with other people. So he is kinda a people person, and not that I am not, I mean as an educator, I connect with people but I am also that “behind the scene” nitty gritty person.Dallin Nead : Totally, that's so cool, I love hearing the stories because yes, I can totally relate, I’ve got my boy just turn one, like a month ago, how old is your daughter?Jessica Valle : She is two and halfDallin Nead : And so I can totally relate, although I still have a day job now, but like the desired to be around your family more grows even more, and so I totally agree.Jessica Valle : I know that's not for everybody, I mean there are plenty people out there that thrive in different maybe corporate settings or being able to extract themselves and work in separate location like working from home is not for everybody, that's why I don’t not go around saying, “You can do it, you can do it, you can do it” because the truth is that you actually do have to have an organization quality to you to make sure to keep yourself because there is a lot behind the scene in any business no matter what it is that a lot of people don't think about and so that's why I don't always go around saying-- you know I feel truly that anybody can be an entrepreneur if they want it to, but the truth is that not everybody wants to do that behind the scene stuff.Dallin Nead : And you imagine too that you really never plan to be an entrepreneur it's kinda your path lead that way, so how did you like how did you adjust to that kind of you know a personality switch maybe, or maybe it's just like a mindset switch?Jesse Valle : Yeah, it was definitely a mindset switch of going for it like and I feel like to kinda turn the tables on you for a minute, I feel like you’re at that point where you gonna have to make that decision and just take a leap of faith at some point and I have done it couple times. First, to quit teaching, I had to think to myself, “While I make enough money to supplement my income, my previous income, even if you took away the cost of daycare from what I was making is it gonna be enough? Can I hit that goal?” And I actually purchased John Lee Dumas, EOFire his Freedom Journal, so it was very specific in helping me set that goal because I was lucky, as a teacher I still got paid over the summer, so I knew I had-- through the summer to build my business up to where it needed to be by the time I stop receiving a paycheck. And so I did that and I had those daily goals, beginning and night what works, what did not, what I can do differently, what I am gonna do, what step am I gonna take to reach my goal today and just having that accountability in myself helps me reach-- just get that over that beginning hurdle for sure. And it was that mindset shift of “I am gonna do this. If I am making this decision, I am going all in, I am not, maybe I tried it, no, I had to go all in.” and it was kinda same thing again when we decided my husband was gonna stay home, are we gonna go for it? And if we are, we have to dedicate ourselves to it to make that mindset switch.Dallin Nead : Yeah, I mean I can totally relate, it's interesting to turn the tables briefly on for me, is you know graduating college, I don't know, its been 3 - 4 years ago now, it was a massive switch to leave that lifestyle and to jump into career and we took that lead brave to prepare to come down to California, employment worked out very quickly, and so it did literally pay off to make that decision, and then just kind of I think when you take the range of what you want out of your career, but also like over all your life you know and how you want to spend your time, financially, you know it’s-- I think it's a matter of deciding where the corporate or like the day job aspect totally works and it’s great security for many people and then there is those who want to pursue the entrepreneur lifestyle. Which is can very enticing but it’s not you know it's not for everyone. Jesse Valle : No, its not and I’ve tried different things, some people that traveled the world and work. I realised quickly I am not that person. I am a very schedule out person, so even though I worked from home, my husband and I have a routine and assistant that we stick to, that sometimes we’re able to adjust to it when we want to, like you know today is Friday, we want to get out of the house and go do something, we are going to, or the other day, we’ve all been sick in the house, its winter, right, so we were all like just conk out and take a nap in the middle of afternoon and we did and nobody care because we have that flexibility as entrepreneurs that we don't necessarily-- the only people we were reporting to, at the end of the day is ourselves. And know that I see that, I never wanna go back. Having somebody, I mean that was one of big thing too, I was tired of asking permission to take my daughter to the doctor or there was a time where she got really sick as a infant, and I had to jet out of teaching in the middle of the day, like that’s hard, to get substitute, to get people to cover your classes, I was tired of having to ask to do that. Like my daughter is number one priority and if I need to leave, I need to leave. And it sucks to know that if my principal sat there and said, “No, you can't go.” What was I gonna do? And I don't want to be put in that situation anymore, she never did, she was very awesome and understanding, but it let me think, “What if it become too much? What if she said no? What was I gonna do?” And just making that mindset shift of this is what I want, so I am gonna go for it. And actually figuring it out what it was I want it. I never really sat down and realize I could create any life that I chose, and that's why I think that awesome being here today especially in the beginning you try different thing to see what fits, and you eventually are kinda pushed to where you belong. And then it's so nice to be able to wake up every morning, knowing I chose to be where I am, I am choosing to wake up at 5 in the morning to work, because that's what I am wanna do. It's different when it’s what I choose versus what someone’s telling me to do.Dallin Nead : Yeah, I completely agree, I loved what you just said, that was so cool. It’s I mean I feel that's powerful for many people who are pursuing this path, with their career. And so let's talk a little bit about Create Your Laptop Life because I know that you heavily involved in that world as well,Jesse Valle : Probably yesDallin Nead : How did you yet connected with Julie you know what, just give me like a quick I guess introduction to how all these happened.Jessica Valle : Well, one of the thing that I want to start doing for myself before I become an entrepreneur, was I really think about starting a blog. I told you I was helping teacher with technology in my building, but I thought they appreciated my help maybe others would too. So I thought I would start this blog to teach teachers, how to incorporate more technology into their classroom. And I found Julie because she was fabulous blogging back in the day, and I started following her and then it was right about the time she was like, “Hey, if you ever been interested in being a Virtual Assistant, join my facebook group with my partner” and then I joined and I realised all the stuff in there like, “Hey we are running Create Your Laptop Life, it's gonna literally start your business, the back then it was a course, it wasn't what it is today. It was you know it was a course back then, today it’s more membership. And so I made that leap of faith, I am investing money into this, I wanna make it happen. And then I learn the skill, and I disintegrate things, and then I am just like I could not get any you know solid recurring clients, I was just like, “Ah..” and I was really vulnerable one day in our private facebook group I was like, “If somebody would just give me a chance, I would do amazing things for them.” And I feel silly about it now, like, “Oh man, I feel silly for being vulnerable” but a day later Julie message me, “Hey, do you have time to do a quick tech job?” I was like “Absolutely” and I did it quickly, efficiently, and she’s like, “Oh you done? How about this? Oh you done? How about this? Can you do this? What about this?” And before I knew it, I was on retainer, and I was on larger retainer, and I was on larger retainer, where she and Create Your Laptop Life and all of her other programmes, they’re now are-- because of my husband, they are largest client to this day. And so Julie-- I feel sometimes I am like Julie’s parrot because I learned everything from her, and I found that most entrepreneurs are that way, they have some sort of mentor that they learned most of the stuff from and they look up to. And so for me, that's definitely her, and one of the things she wants give talk about was finding that one person that changes your business because back in the day she found an influencer that was a great sources referrals and getting her off the ground, and I feel like she is kinda doing it to you as well, she is putting your name out there, like you know you make great content and you really put out quality product and so for me it’s was her as well. She was that one client that change my life not because, I mean she did refer me to few other clients as well along the way, but just because she herself has helped my entrepreneur journey because she took me under her wing to grow me as well. Dallin Nead: Perfect! I completely agree, and it’s funny that one person finding that group of people and I think there is that evolution of I think the internet, social media, has provided access to people and resources that we’ve never seen before and you know with the product that you know you and Julie another support like digital gangsta, Create Your Laptop Life, every time I said digital gangsta, makes me smile.Jesse Valle : I know, me too.Dallin Nead : Lets kind of wrap this up and a little package just then, Jesse Valle : Ok.Dallin Nead : With all these things, how you define success for yourself?Jesse Valle : To me, success is waking up each day and living the lives I chose to live. So for other people obviously they have different goals and different aspirations and quality that they want in their life, and so success looks different to everybody. So for me, it's being able to wake up, choose to work as it’s fits in my day, spend time with my family, more than I would of you know having a day job, not having to live in commute somewhere, just being able to work from home and that's why I feel today that I am successful because I am living the life I wanna live. Dallin Nead : Nice, I like that a lot, so yeah I mean that kinda wrap this up because I do have another 7.30 call, I would like to talk to you much much more, and like I said I would need your help much much more and so I will make sure to catch up a lot more things, and that way you can learn more about me but I can also learn more about you in the process too because I am super enthusiast to learn more beyond this. So then, where can people learn more about you and what is it that you provide, what kind that you can offer with your services with the business?Jesse Valle : Yeah, so you can find us at, where you learn you know tech tutorial, and tips on helping your business run smoother for entrepreneur, and how to learning how to optimize like we know how to use tools, how we actually use them to benefit us to the fullest. And also you can find a free 5 days crash course on Clickfunnels, one of the growth software for building sales funnels, and the services we provide right now we are doing consulting and coaching, so if you need help building out a marketing plan, sales funnels, if you need coaching to get it done, tech coaching on certain software pieces, that kinda what we are doing right now. Dallin Nead : Great! well, it somewhere where I know I will need your services you know as a business so I felt like so many people can tap into what you guys can provide because I hear what you saying too there is even marketing, there is tech coach, there is automation help like you said there is-- Jesse Valle : We are getting into automation lately, it's like-- Dallin Nead : Oh man, I don't know, I’m so manual to everything I feel like, and I am like yeah, there’s so many automation.Jesse Valle : Yeah, yeah, that's really my candy right now, it’s automation. Dallin Nead : I am sure people love you know getting that help tooJesse Valle : Well yeahDallin Nead : Well Jesse, its been super nice to talk to you, seriously, I am glad we finally got to chat in this.Jesse Valle : Yeah, me too.Dallin Nead : Thank you for doing this. Jesse Valle : Yeah, anytime.Dallin Nead : And then yeah we go from there. Jesse Valle : Talk to you later.Dallin Nead : Alright, see you Jesse.Jesse Valle : Bye. Dallin Nead : Bye.So that about wraps it up for the show today. Thank you so much for listening. The fact that you’re able to drop into this conversation and hopefully be inspired through the stories and ideas shared here is pretty awesome. So I’m huge fans of relationships and getting to know more people. So if you have thoughts about the show, want to leave a review even, have questions about Content Supply, or just want to connect anyway, you can find me across the socials @DallinNead and of course go on over to and check it out. Thanks again, I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to share more here at Content Supply. See ya!

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