Jennifer Campbell: Growing a Health Brand by Disrupting the Diet Industry

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They are bringing balance, moderation and sanity to women’s health and fitness.Their approach is unique, yet simple: women need to figure out what works for their unique life! This is what allows women to live happily and healthfully with balance and ease.Because they are busy Moms themselves, Annie, Jen and Lauren know that strict fitness and nutrition plans are not sustainable for most women. These plans are also not appropriate for new Moms, as they don’t take into consideration the post-baby body’s unique needs.That’s why the Healthy Habits Happy Moms (HHHM) program was created, to focus on supporting women in adopting healthy habits that suit their needs and lifestyle. Healthy Habits Happy Moms also offer a variety of workouts in their membership area that include 10 – 20 minute home workouts, postnatal recovery programs, and even a 12 month program that you can use when you’re ready to finally create lasting change with nutrition, exercise, and self-care.Jennifer Campbell, 1 of the 3 masterminds behind Balance365& Healthy Habits Happy Moms is featured on the show.Thanks Jen!Dallin Nead : Hello and welcome to the Content Supply Podcast where we discuss why every brand, every company needs to be a content company. And today we're featuring Healthy Habits Happy Moms with Jennifer Campbell. Jen, thanks for joining us today.Jennifer Campbell : Hi Dallin!Dallin Nead : So to kind of get started, we are going to talk a little bit about your company Healthy Habits Happy Moms. And how you guys and why you guys got started as a new brand. So, tell us a little bit about that. Jennifer Campbell : Sure, I love talking about our company, because I’m really passionate about it. And the reason I’m really passionate about it is because, it comes from deep desire to change the world in a positive way, and I happened to find two woman that have the exact same philosophies, and desire to change the world as I did, and that was Lauren and Annie, who you also know. So, Annie, Lauren and I, our mission is to turn the diet industry on its head and to help woman pursue their goals, in a realistic, attainable, positive, healthful way. You know we’re in evidence face group, so we approach every woman’s goal in a way that, in a behaviour change way. With what we do, it is, it's difficult because basically our competitor is you know, this giant like Weight Watchers or Beachbody or this different diet company that have these plans, I mean these are billions dollar companies. So we are just working our way it everyday and what we found is that our company has become a community driven company. It is sort of like this grass route movement and we’ve had to build up our fan base, one conversation at a time, and that goes on daily in our private facebook group, Healthy Habits Happy Moms. Dallin Nead : Great! As we’ve talked about before, you guys are still a pretty new brand, you only started several years ago and it’s was kinda by accident a little bit, right? That you came together?Jennifer Campbell : Yeah, we started two years ago, it feels like a lifetime but I met Annie and Lauren just online I guess, inside the fitness industry, so the world becomes very small when your inside the fitness industry and your promoting things like balance and moderation, rather than extreme. So we found each other and we had the same philosophies, we decided to test out one coaching group and we had 20 woman signed up, and we did sort of 4 month trial to see how it would go, it went awesome, and after those 4 month we decided, let’s launch this as a business. We ran another coaching group and 40 woman signed up, and the next time 80 woman, and the next time, 300 woman. So it just kept growing and growing and the last launch we just did had our, our biggest signed ups that we ever had. It is definitely a lot of work. It is not overnight millionaire success that entrepreneurs often see online. The entrepreneurs space it’s starting to become like the diet industry space. There’s just too many extreme success stories out there and it's giving entrepreneurs the idea that you can achieve fame and riches overnight. And for us that hasn't been the case. It’s been a lot of hard work, we are all moms, so a lot of, sacrificing a lot of our spare time and our sleep to get this business going. We did have one big jump in our business in income but besides that one big jump we just been steadily shifting away everyday and growing, and we’re really proud of it. We’re really proud, because another thing is that we never taken any route of advertising, or done any forms of advertising that we’ve had trouble sleeping in at night. Dallin Nead : Right. It is interesting too because with this route, with this growth, it’s happen so quick, I mean it’s not over night, and you guys are still, there is so much growth that you have and it’s gonna not stop growing.Jennifer Campbell : Yeah!Dallin Nead : Exactly! And I think on this path too, you guys are not, you definitely not unfamiliar to content, I mean before you came together. I mean your Mama Lion Strong, already build the volume for your personal brand, Annie and Lauren also.Jennifer Campbell : Yeah I mean I was just a blogger, is what I considered myself and I started blogging in 2013 under Mama Lion Strong and basically I was just at home with my kids and I’ve been working, I’ve been working internet marketing. You know, I knew about blogging, I knew how to make a facebook site, and I knew what Search Engine Optimization. And so I started blogging sort of a loneliness I guess, as a way to reach out and connect with the world. It can be isolating when you have little kids and you’re home with them. So I sort of, yeah I guess I had been, yeah just building up, you know I built up following on social media but I wasn’t selling them anything and so, in that way I built up a lot of trust with my followers, I think. And yeah, I mean Annie and Laurens had smaller following, maybe a couple thousand followers each of them. So Mama Lion Strong really was, you know, hugely beneficial to us to kinda.. yeah..Dallin Nead : Leverage your community. In doing that too, I mean, like I said you guys are not new to content. You are already blogging. I know there’s plenty of pictures that I’ve seen from Annie personal brand, because she is very much a lifter and she got arms and legs and postures to show it. And with not being new to content, the idea of video and other forms of content were new and growing for your brand, so what kinda ways you guys start using, what was your content goal for healthy habits?Jennifer Campbell : Well, I mean, any online business is all about content, and we knew that. So one thing to say, when I was running my blog, I was just kinda like, there was no strategy behind it, I just, I would write a blog post, share that, I would share my thoughts everyday, sometimes i would share thoughts that just came to me that didn’t necessarily resignate with anyone, or I never, it was just kinda negative, as I were in a negative mood, and I don’t know if you can say I have regrets over that, or what but, I just really used it for platform for my voice, which at that time having babies, being home, my husband neglect school. Sometimes our voice a bit negative and just really emotionally charged and, I have some regrets over that. I feel for people now when I see them using their page that same way and I’m like, “Ugh you’re not gonna feel that way in a year, and you will regret, you might regret talking like this”Dallin Nead : Well, sometimes too, like, whether it comes off negative or at the times you can be vulnerable. You’re sharing like, “Here is my honest opinion. I’m being authentic myself” And people are comes off as negativity or vulnerability, but I think overall, if you keep on like..Jennifer Campbell : There is that time in my life, when I started, and I just not sure, I don't mind vulnerability, I think that is you know, as burning ground as our path to connection and we are really vulnerable with our followers, with Healthy Habits Happy Moms, I would say some of the things like, I was saying because I wasn’t in a good headspace, don't necessarily represent who I am, and, yeah, so, but again, I was just a blogger, I wasn’t a business woman. Now with Healthy Habits Happy Moms as a business we have, we think about our content, we have a strategy behind it and I’m not just getting on there in the morning and being know, just whatever I want to say for the day, commenting on a political, or whether it’s politics or something controversial from the mom world. I mean, and actually Healthy Habits Happy Moms the private Facebook, I mean we have really strict rules because we striving to be a community that brings people together, doesn’t divide them. So there are a lot of..Dallin Nead : And people post activity too?Jennifer Campbell : Right! So we have a whole list of topics of, that are against the rules, I guess, to talk about. We don't list them out. We basically list what is inside of our scope of that group and if it was outside scope, our moderator just delete it. And so I would say from our content strategy, we try to follow that same, kinda that same philosophy. And so, you know if you go into any kind of mom group on facebook, you see someone post, “Hey, you know, can you tell me about this vaccine, what do you think?” Well then you are gonna have a hundreds of comments and it’s gonna be this whole storm of fighting and I think, that’s just very stressful. I mean when I’m on social media as a young mom with very young kids, I found social media extremely stressful. Lots of parenting opinions, lots of people telling you that’s the wrong and right way, and it just, and a lot of fighting amongst mothers. And so we just didn’t wanna be that. Now people say that our community, they called us the kindest place on the internet, and we are so proud of that. So I’ve kinda tried to shift over the last 2-3 years, I’ve been shifting Momma Lions Strong even, into being less about my reactionary responses, and more thought out, you know, that is align with our brand kinda thing. Because now Momma Lion Strong, again I am also trying to shift Momma Lion Strong into Jennifer Campbell, my name. Annie Brees has her page, Lauren Koski has her page, and knows three pages I guess we see supporting Healthy Habits Happy Moms, the brand, so it’s important that us three are all align. You know all our content we putting out are align with our company. There are times when I want to, because basically, I mean, we are running so many social media platforms as you can see right. Because we have the company social media, we have sort of our individual, sort or main brand,..Dallin Nead : Your personal brand.Jennifer Campbell : Yeah our personal brand feeding into it so it is a lot of work. And yeah, sometimes I think just wanna ditch these, some of these, but, yeah, I don't know, I guess that’s future strategy.Dallin Nead : Yeah it’s something to merge into later but I think it’s because you () that you able to leverage Healthy Habits Happy Moms, and those programs there so I think that there has been benefits on having both. Well, you said something really important there too where there’s the difference between your personal brand and your company brand, in the sense like there’s a branding style. Jennifer Campbell : Right.Dallin Nead : So like it’s how you kinda stylize that content that is specific to your community which the rule is similar, by personal and by community-based brand of Healthy Habits. But also having a purpose to each piece of content you produce. And content means not just written content. I think a lot of time people think of content as blog or written content and now it’s evolve where one thing I’m talking more and more about is, content kinda fits into 4 different fillers or types, and that’s written, that’s audio, that’s visual like images and that’s video. So under that there’s obviously so many different types of those pieces of content and how they show up, but content strategy encompasses of 4 types..Jennifer Campbell : Yeah and actually we weren’t utilizing all of them until we started working with you. So honestly running a company the way we do, it can be labour intensive. I mean our private Facebook group, well we have 2, we have our private Facebook group for our paying customers, woman who have joined for paying Balance 365, our program, and we have our main Facebook group with 3000 people in it. And it’s a very busy Facebook group, people are very engage, we have awesome stats for our group. So you think about the time we kinda spent just having conversation with people, the coaching time we do in Balance 365 Facebook group, and then writing blog posts is like insanely time consuming, I am so over blog post. And video was something we all thought we really shy about, like none of us wanted to do video, and podcasting was foreign to us. We didn’t really, we have been talking about starting a podcast for probably a year, but just couldn’t take action on it because we are so overwhelmed with everything else. As you know we just launched this. But also the day-to-day of just running a company, so you know it’s kinda..Dallin Nead : Along with have children, you are all mothers..Jennifer Campbell : With children. Yeah there’s 8 kids in between three of us. Dallin Nead : And that’s kinda where the challenge comes in, because when we first got connected, the challenge is, and you correct me when i’m wrong, kinda came in several forms, 1, is that you guys are spread too thin on your content creations because you guys had to operate the business, be the business owners and at the same time the content creators, initially, and then you started to branch out and your first step set more content building came in forms of hiring freelancers or contractors for content creation, but you had some bad experiences of videographers or rather content creators losing different data or different videos that were created or just not responding as quickly, or not having that partnership, that was kinda the challenge for you guys. Jennifer Campbell : The other challenge for us is that us three lives in three different part of North America. I’m in Vancouver Canada, the girls are in, Annie are in Demoin Iowa, Lauren is in Detroit. So we can’t just meet up every friday to create content. That would be amazing. Our location, although possible because of online business and that’s amazing, it’s also has been a huge challenge for us to run a business where, so far we gotten together three times. Basically three times in two and half years to create content. So when we get together it is intense and everything has to go right. A lot of planning goes into it and when we were together we have to execute and we just have to get that content done. So, the very first time we got together, Lauren and Annie came up here to Canada and I have a cousin into videography, she did the recording, and she’s super smart girl, very organized but also not professionally trained. So our audio ended up being a total nightmare and we ended up having to hire audio engineer after the fact that we were trying to fix the audio and it’s still sounded awful but we had to put our content out that way. And that was our first program and it went out like that and it was super embarrassing. And the second time we got together we hired another videographer who was very talented, knew what he was doing, knew about audio, but he was on the disorganized side and he ended up losing a bunch of our footage, and we were devastated, you know, because we have paid him a professional rate and it took him a very long time to get our staff back and Annie ended up doing whole bunch of editing anyway. And that’s the other thing is that Annie and I, I mean after the first shoot with my cousin, we did all the editing, but that was upfront, like you know she made it very clear she wasn’t doing any editing. We just use iMovie. And again, when you are not trained, I mean it’s just this whole process, oh my goodness. And after the second shoot which we thought we had paid for shooting and editing, Annie ended up doing whole bunch of the editing as well because he just wasn’t getting back to us and we needed it. And then we found you. And you’d do it all. You’re extremely organised, and you keep us organised, you are on track and it’s been really good. Dallin Nead : Yeah and when we kinda came together that point, that’s when we sampled out and did a few things, I feel like it’s kinda a trial run a little bit you know, like I hope to kinda clean up the content, prepare that..Jennifer Campbell : Yeah right you do, I forgot that. Dallin Nead : Then we really got serious pretty quickly…Jennifer Campbell : Yeah we got serious, yes we didDallin Nead : We got serious pretty quickly and then..Jennifer Campbell : Yeah we didn’t really know what you were really about I think. What did we contact you first, I think with footage and “Can you edit this for us?”. And then what you gave back to us was like “Wow!! This guy is like majorly talented. How else can we work with him”. And we were just, you know we just, what we didn’t know before we work with you, we didn’t know how badly we needed you. Do you know what I mean? But then the first work you got back to us was just like so amazing, we were like, “Yeah we gotta work with this guy”.Dallin Nead : First off, working with you guys was, easy the words that comes to mind, but it was comfortable. It was natural..Jennifer Campbell : YeahDallin Nead : And that what makes it really fun is that, I mean we connected pretty easily and our dynamics kinda made sense because we both, we all very ambitious..Jennifer Campbell : Right yeah..Dallin Nead : We are blog gidders and so with that being said, I, we also have potential for you guys to grow with your content. Jennifer Campbell : Right totally.Dallin Nead : And at one point too I was really looking to redefined my brand, be that personal and like business brand kinda like what you guys did, and then that’s one of the reason of this podcast is to leverage my personal to more of a community brand with the idea of content supply. Jennifer Campbell : Right. And so what, I was gonna say, I mean we made mistakes in our business, as everyone does when they started out. And one of the mistakes we made is that we came flying out of the gates with programs. We had like four programs, and so when you talk we’re having a sales funnel, you have programs at the bottom of the funnel, we had all this programs and we had no content to support them or lead to them. And we have this Facebook community that we had built, but we underestimated how hard it is to get people to buy, to actually buy. We were really naive, we built the Facebook community we have thousand and thousand of woman in it, and when we launched our first program we thought they would just flying through the doors to buy from us. And that wasn’t the case. And so, we really knew nothing about professional funnel, I mean I could in vision, okay here is our sales funnels, but we didn’t have anything, we didn’t have you know a professional funnels set up. Which now we use Clickfunnels. So, yeah, we have no middle of the road content. It was like we had our community, which is the top of the funnel strategy, and we had our products. We had nothing on the middle to convert people. And that made our first year and a half really really difficult and discouraging. So now, since we found you, there’s just gonna be so much coming out, you know, that’s converting people and yeah, amazing.Dallin Nead : And there’s so much we gonna build with that too. You talk about funnel and whether it’s a Click Funnel and kinda of a term using as a content funnel or an experience funnel. If anything happen in your community, you get them experience, every single step of the way. And that’s definitely build more and more of and that makes me really really excited. Not only you guys offered kinda incredible product and experience, for your community which is internationals. Jennifer Campbell : Yeah rightDallin Nead : More than North America. And leveraging that content, and just keep on scalling them up. So there’s more in that content supply, and exposure to what you guys stand for. Jennifer Campbell : I guess you have to remember the kinda psychology where your customer or your niche is that, we’re new, we’re unique, you know there’s not a lot of people out there doing what we’re doing, promoting what we’re promoting especially in a mainstream big way, like we want to. You know it’s really hard, it’s really isn’t uphill battle and our content needs to be around education, really, it’s what it is. And helping people having this ahab moment and converting them into our way of thinking and that is exhausting somedays. It’s exhausting. Dallin Nead : It’s exhausting yet there’s so much growth in that, there’s so much to build around. Jen, thank you for joining on the Content Supply Podcast Jennifer Campbell : My pleasureDallin Nead : What I’m super grateful too, I’m super pumped to see further growth for you guys and to keep on helping you to make that impact in the industry of health and wellness.Jennifer Campbell : Thank youDallin Nead : So where can people find you?Jennifer Campbell : I guess, and they can find us on any social media, our handle is Healthy Habits Happy Moms. Dallin Nead : Cool, thanks Jen. Thanks for listening to the Content Supply Podcast where we discover how every brand is becoming a content company. Content Supply is a content as a service agency, focus on customizing and creating quality continuous content so you can continue growing your brand, community and profits. To learn more visit www.contentsupply.comThanks guys and can’t wait to share more! See ya!

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