James Hurst: Funnel Hacker

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Or Listen HereJames Hurst has entrepreneurially ADHD pretty bad. He owns Cascade Window Cleaning a lead gen company for window cleaning. Power Wheels Parties the most amazing birthday party company. He is on track to the win the ClickFunnels DreamCar contest this year. He is a Udemy instructor with 4 courses on the platform. By day he is an Amazon Web Services Enginner for Brigham Young University. If he is not scheming how to make money online he can be found hanging out with wife ,4 boys and dog. Welcome to the Story Therapy podcast, so I wanted an excuse to have conversations with and do a deep dive look into the stories of entrepreneurs I respect and that's exactly what the story therapy podcast is going to be. It's time spent discovering and learning about the unique, complex and inspiring stories of many different types of creative and ambitious entrepreneurs, business owners, content creators, and more all focused on making an impact and changing the world in small and big ways.On the podcast today, on the Story Therapy podcast we have on James Hurst. So he and I share a lot of common groups and communities on internet, Facebook and otherwise. And so it's all having to do with Clickfunnels and it's so cool to learn about him and his story, his background, everything that led him to where he is and where he's going to go. Cause he walked me through, we talked about his whole story and everything, how it's all so interconnected and it's inspiring. He's a family man. He's an entrepreneur and he's someone who's making a name for himself in this community of, of Clickfunnels, entrepreneurship. And so I'm so excited to share his story.Dallin Nead : So James, let's step back in time. Obviously, you're, you're like a self-proclaim, ADHD, entrepreneur, squirrel syndrome, tiny object. James Hurst : Definitely.Dallin Nead : In what point when you were younger, did you realize that you enjoyed doing entrepreneurship? James Hurst : Oh Gosh. Well, yeah, I mean, so my first, my first like official, like on the taxes job was picking blueberries. I like 12 years old. Dallin Nead : Really? James Hurst : Yeah. Yeah. And then like we lived out in the country and it was like this thing where you would like, you would like to sell stuff by just putting it out on the street corner. If I had a dirt bike that I wanted to sell, I would write it out to the nearest tree and I kind of chain it up and I just make a for sale sign. And my dad was a, my dad was self-employed too and I probably indirectly without even realizing that probably affected me. He wasn't ever a super successful or anything. He just kind of did his own little small business. But that kind of maybe that self-employment has run deep, maybe partly because of that. But yeah, just in Oregon. I'm from Oregon and we-- the classic recycling Popkin's thing for five cents. Right. And so that was one way that we, we made money and then I'm selling things, picking blueberries. Yeah, just all kinds of- and then yeah, I started, I started getting jobs on the farm. I was, I'd move pipe, I'd weed onions. My parents were definitely trying to instill a work ethic in us early on. And so we did a lot. We're doing a lot of chores maintain our little family, little farm and stuff but then we kind of had to hustle and I picked up the fast for a couple of fast food jobs in high school, Dairy Queen and Taco Bell and yeah. And then I kind of started, I guess my first entry into internet marketing would have been kind of the eBay days, right? The eBay was, eBay was coming on strong and take a picture of your stuff and sell it. And then other people weren't that good at computers and so I was like, I can, I can list your stuff on eBay for you and take a little cut. Another thing I did was I bought a bunch of these palm pilot. They're like, these palm pilot, like planners. They were like this basically cheap PDA, the old ones. And I didn't have near as much memory anyway, I bought like I bought a couple of them and I threw it up on eBay and it sold for quite a bit more than I bought it for her. And I was just like, this is amazing. So I went and spent like a thousand dollars and I bought like 50 of them knowing that I had the receipt if in case I didn't sell, I can just take them back, brand new and ended up selling through most of that. That was kinda my first exposure to the making money online, which is kind of my thing. But, you know, I've always been fascinated by passive residual income, right? Dabbled in it for a long time. But never started believing really that I could make a full time living off of it and then some until, until most recently with kind of getting involved in the Clickfunnels community. So--Dallin Nead : That's so cool. Well, so with growing up in your parents instilling a work ethic in you, it sounds like that was definitely the groundwork, for entrepreneurship or looking to find autonomy, in things that you do. What was it like, whether it's at that time or through faster jobs or internet marketing if you can kind of instill or sum up your progression, so to speak, in your career to a sole desire, a goal. Like what is it that you're looking to accomplished? James Hurst : Yeah. So with that, with the ADHD kind of a blessing and curse, you could say, like my dream life of consists of just having the time and financial freedom to try ideas. It'd be on the bill to bounce back and failed business ideas. I'd get a real thrill out of taking something that's in my mind and then turn it into something that's making a profit. I just, I love just having ideas and seeing if I can turn them into money in the end. Like the thing is like the industries are just completely, they're all over the place. And then in one of my jobs actually in high school for like a summer was, was cleaning windows, right? Just as a residential window cleaner. I was like 7 bucks an hour or something like that. And so I knew how to kind of kind of clean windows and stuff and I didn't give it much thought until after I was back. I was in college and I was like, I remember that guy was making 20, 40 bucks an hour when I, when he was paying me 7 bucks an hour. And I was like, I know how to clean windows. And then one day I saw another student was kind of graduate and he was selling his business. It was called Squeaky Squeegee at the time. And I was just like, he wanted three grand for it. And I mean, you're like the choices, like, do you want to get an on-campus job for $7 to $8 an hour? Right? Or do I was like, dude, I want to, I want to go make 20 bucks an hour doing my own thing, 40 bucks an hour, I want to be the guy. And like I could have other student employees and he already had some, he had some people I didn't really quite know how do I do independent contractors or employees and I was just like, if I buy this business then it already comes with these employees that kind of want to stay. And I had a sales guy and I had some guys that were cleaning and I was going to like run the show. And, and I've been-- I've had that since 2004 when I bought that and I still have it today. The equipment and the truck and everything, but it's kind of morphed into just doing the lead gen. All right so I'm a computer programmer, so I studied computer programming, information systems. And so as I was learning that, I built my own website and then I wanted to get it to show up well in the rankings just for like Provo, Utah Window cleaning, right? Because I'm living in a, in a Provo Springville area and so you type in Provo window cleaning and I wanted to be the first result. And so then I started getting leads and stuff and I was getting, I didn't have to knock doors anymore, I didn't have to, it was awesome, it’s the best thing. And then I figured out how to connect the website to send a text message to my phone when I got a new lead and I jump on the phone and they'd be like, yeah, I'm still on the website and you're calling me. And like we're going to be like, booking an appointment and stuff. It was just, Ah, just I've always loved that kind of stuff, right. The mixing business and tech. And so, and now I'm to the point where I'm like, I copied my leads to someone, to another window cleaner and I just take a take a percentage of it kind of thing. And so I, I kind of did local lead gen on a small basis, but again, we're talking a few thousand dollars passive, right? Nothing that's gonna like walk away from, from a day job. But, but yeah, it wasn't really until I started getting involved with like the Clickfunnels affiliate program that I started to see, wow, this could actually replace my day job kind of thing.Dallin Nead : Yeah. And it's amazing the whole passive income, experiences. The fact that it's not just a one source thing. There are so many as you can reach into and it not only with passively with that window washing lead gen but affiliate marketing and service-based businesses, product-based businesses and just the asset, you can have so many sources and it's unlimited.James Hurst : Somewhere, somewhere along the way, either in either college or some along the way, you figure out that trading your time for dollars, right. You got to, like, that's going to, there's going to be a cap on that no matter what it is. And then you start to get into business and, or digital and digital products, right? Or there's where the distribution costs are zero for the most part. And so I kind of, I've always had that-- so I just, I've kind of, for years kind of known that the principles at play, like passive, residual, digital products, low margin, make it once, sell it multiple times. I kind of always have known those but I haven't. But I think one of the things that, how I, what I didn't understand of cracking the code on all this was that I was very resistant to spend money on advertising. A lot of what I did was natural SEO. I just could not get over this idea of pain $4 to $10 a click on Facebook Ads or Google Ads and see-- now with all of Russell's knowledge and stuff, it's like, well if you're not just doing the window cleaning, if you have the upsell, if you have the other thing, if you have the continuity plan, right? If you-- instead of just getting-- spending all that money for just a one-time window cleaning, if you can look at it over the long-term, then yeah, you can-- then whoever can spend the most on a customer acquisition is gonna win, right? I'm part of the problem was that I wasn't excited to too much about building a window cleaning business that much because-- it's because I like to just kinda get calls and do them. I didn't really put people on a, on the continuity plan because I didn't really want to have a job. Like “Oh, I've got to go do that monthly account.” I just kind of wanted to take it as it come in. So it wasn't too serious about building a window cleaning business in college. It was kind of a lifestyle business and you could say.Dallin Nead : It was feeding your lifestyle business, like your lifestyle in general, right? James Hurst : We're just like, if tests are coming on and I would, if my finals or midterms and people-- I wanted to go on vacation, I would schedule the appointments around vacation and have, or even have employees, or employees or independent contractors doing, doing jobs. But yeah. So that's kind of, that's more like the original story stuff. And so now I'm kind of a computer programmer by trade. And so, and so all this stuff with Clickfunnels and domains and Zapier and wiring things up and put it into a, to an email autoresponder like that stuff just like, that's just like easy. Like some people kind of get tripped up on all that and compared to what I do for, for work, like opening up the code and fixing problems and building stuff, like I much prefer to just drag and drop in. Like I can just whip together a funnel. That's the thing. Like I'm just like Clickfunnels is the easiest way to go from like something in my head to like a finished thing that I can start driving traffic to. It's just insane. And so I'm already, like, I've already maxed out my 20 funnels and I'll probably, I'll probably upgrade soon again.Dallin Nead : It's interesting. We share some common ground there where my education, my academic education is in IT. James Hurst : Okay. Dallin Nead : And so it's interesting though because I've, my roots and my passion and what I'm actually doing now is more on the creative side versus the IT side.James Hurst : Yeah, yeah, definitely. Dallin Nead : But I mean the-- from web design to building websites and all those things, it's very creative, right? Like the whole processes you're starting from ground zero and nothing, zeroes and ones, you're building something and you've seen like a final product, whether it's super visual, like a website or if it's just something like a functional software or program. James Hurst : Sorry, go ahead. Go ahead. Dallin Nead : I'm just going to add one more thing with that is in what I found-- and you hit the attitude-- regardless if you know how to code and you know, you probably know you can create yourself certain features of what Clickfunnels provides or other website or funnel builders, but to have the tool to speed up that process and, or eliminate that time and the fact that the will has already been invented at that point. Why try to reinvent the wheel again and again and try to code your own web-- and that's why I'm like “Hey, opt-in just to use website templates, right?” Or you know, Clickfunnels.James Hurst : Clickfunnels or whatever. Yeah. Like, and that's the thing is like, I can appreciate good design definitely, but I have a hard time coming up with it on my own. That's kind of a gap in my, in my skill set. And so to be able to kind of, I've literally, it will take the, the Jason templates like the blue one and like I don't even care. For me it's like-- it's more about the idea and the offer than how beautiful it looks. But I definitely appreciate good design. And I was going to say I have the thought that even like computer programming in a way, like, again, you're like, you're getting the scale, right? I do this thing once if I can figure out how to, how to automate this thing. I think that's kind of what initially maybe attracted me to computer programming as well is like, is to be like, “Wow, I do this thing that takes me a half hour every day and excel” If I can make and make a macro out of it and-- or code up a little thing, it just push a button and it just does it. And so I think I've just been attracted to these things that you can do once and get paid for and over and over again or, or build once and scale and it's just been a very strong trait I guess for a long time. So there's definitely a relationship. Yep. Automation, passiveness scale system. It's interesting too, like from a value standpoint, like what, how much value you can offer the world. Like someone who was a day laborer or someone working in a restaurant, they're cooking one meal for one person. And so there's a limit to how much value there is there. If I create software that has digital distribution, then I can improve that many more lives and really does come back to how much value do you offer, offer the world, right? How much value and then how many people. And so, you know, they talked about this in funnel hacking live too, Myron Golden did about these different, the different levels that you're, you're a housekeeper and the day laborers and the restaurant workers versus the people that are the visionaries and like and I don't know, running businesses and stuff like that. So it's just, it is a much more creative place to play.Dallin Nead : And I, autonomy and freedom lifestyle, a lot of those themes exist in this entrepreneurial community. Clickfunnel users and in similar software users. And the scalability is so true because I was speaking to someone recently and we were talking about how she was working far beyond-- far before the Internet provided all this scalability and opportunity to connect with people across any location no matter where you were personally. And that's such an interesting world we live in now, but how you become limited based on your ability to impact others or to reach others. And so with something like a software or just from Internet marketing to other Internet, digital-based tools to be able to not feel restricted or limited based on your reach and you can-- and with that passive income type experiences that you no longer do, you have to be clocking in and out hours and be capped on how much you make. But-- and actually, Myron right is his name--James Hurst : Yeah Myron Golden. Dallin Nead : I think it was him that said, because I was at that event too, that you have the ability to wake up every day and decide whether you want to give yourself a raise or not, whether it's him or someone else. But that really resonated with me where in the typical job that our parents and our grandparents, everyone before us grew up with, lived through their whole careers and lives was kind of that time punch. Bonuses came here and their commissions obviously they were able to live, you know, many of them comfortable lives, but it was based on time in and time out. The money had a ceiling to it. So--James Hurst : And when you do, when you, like I have a safe and steady and secure job, and the other day I was, I kinda had a headache and I, I really wasn't doing much for that that last hour of the day and like I still got paid, right. So there's, there's kind of this, I don't know, once you, once you get an entrepreneurship you only get paid for results, for the most part, right? You gonna have to kill it, drag it and drag it home kind of thing. And so you kind of have to-- right now I'm kind of splitting both worlds, right? I got to have the security, but I, and I think I want the, the entrepreneurship life. So I'm just trying to build up the passive stuff to kind of get it a little bit more of a foundation before I'm going full time at it. And I'm excited to, I mean I know you just put in your notice, you probably still in your last month or so--Dallin Nead : As we speak, the end of the month then June, so--James Hurst : You found a hockey live it would do that to you.Dallin Nead : It's funny because back in March, right, I was, I think I told you I was on the plane ride home. I committed already before I was even much involved in this community. I think I committed at the beginning of the year to make end of the year my timeline, but I was coming back and be like, okay, things are going pretty well. Things have really picked up since March, but I was like it's either I just commit and go with it even if I'm not fully ready. For sure like the emotions coming from an event like that, both inspirationally and just tactically what that was. But also just my heart and mind were already in that-- like momentum and moving me that way. And it is a scary leap, but I think it's, it is that kind of finding that, not necessarily that life-work balance, but that balance around, what is it that you want to have as your driving force in your life. And for me it was, I wanted even more autonomy. And that autonomy is being able to control my time and also how much I can make in saving, me and family and also impact others. James Hurst : What's your plan for health insurance, if I can ask?Dallin Nead : Yeah, I mean, what is it called? It's, I think it's--James Hurst : Christian healthcare ministries or something like that. Dallin Nead : Yeah, I think it's an equivalent to that and it's like liberty health insurance, but it's incredibly attractive. I mean it's, to me it's, I've just learned about those things recently, but I think you're, it's less than-- at least just the monthly premium. It's less than half what we would be paying, right. I'm based in LA, in California, and so already things are expensive, but yeah, it gets pretty cheap, so I hope it all works out, but it has all those questions too. And that's definitely a massive concern because I'm a very methodical guy and I need that foundation, that security, which I could totally get mean. There's plenty of people around in my job. It's a massive company who hasn't the long tenure.James Hurst : The cruise lines?Dallin Nead : Yeah. Cruise lines. Yeah. And so one of-- because I work for brands primarily and then owned by a larger corporation and one of the cruise brands has been around for almost 150 years. The other one's 50 years, another one I think just hit 30 years and so they're not going away anytime soon. So really to work there for your whole career as many people have is there. And I could get very comfortable as many people have. And so I think it's--James Hurst : I know for me it's just to, it's just like to have the same, you know what I mean?Dallin Nead : It's just, it's too repetitive. Right. You show up every day--James Hurst : Yeah it’s just like, I don't know, see my thing like, and I know Russell talks about “Hey, you just need one funnel. That's all you need.” like focus on one and, and all that. And, and I'm just like, you know what, I don't want to. I've had this quote as I got the two comma club is great, I really just want to be in the happy club and for me if that means that maybe I'm not as financially successful if I can-- for me it's just like the variety. If I can do a little of window cleaning and I have the power wheels, party business, I'm the, I don't know if you, if I told you about that, where I have these, these little cars, these battery powered cars that the kids ride around. And so I have power wheels, powerwheelsparties.com. And so I have that business and then I'm also want to get my pilot's license and if I got further along in that, I could become a certified flight instructor. And then like I'm enjoying being like this, a little bit of a thought leader in the affiliate marketing space, right? With Clickfunnels. I'm like, I have, I have my facebook group which is geared towards the dream car contest and like I'm not there yet, but I'm like, I should be on track to win the dream car by next funnel hacking live, right. So I'm all signed up to go and, and go to Nashville and stuff. Because I'm almost had about 50 people referred, right? And so that. And my wife says that when you get to 200 like that's when you can maybe let's brand you-- then you can branch out off and do your, do your own thing. So, but yeah, my ideal thing, it'd be like little bit of running the window clean, a little bit of this legion. I do like the zooms right here. I'll do like Clickfunnels coaching, consulting, like we'll just sit here and I'll go take control of the screen a little and go hook up their autoresponder. Or look at their funnels so I can see doing that. And then like I teach, I teach online too, like I kind of got, started a little bit teach online with You To Me. So I have, I have four courses on You To Me and that kind of, that skillset kind of turned into being this going live on Facebook and sharing your screen and record and creating training because I’ll create digital products and membership sites. I'm just, that's the thing, I just can't pick one that's, that's the dream village. Just bounce around from thing to thing and just keep it interesting all the time. And there's benefits too because like my skill sets are like all over the place, right from computer programming and Clickfunnels and, and building business and accounting and so I think that I, I think I have maybe an advantage of taking ideas from a multiple disciplines and being creative with them in-- Anyways it's super fun.Dallin Nead : And what I find too like kind of common themes of what you're talking about for yourself is variety or ability in lifestyle and how hobbies or like you can say it, a veritable lifestyle or lifestyle with variety and in that's completely what is, regardless of you by trade being an IT, computer programmer, really in the nitty-gritty of the computer world, it goes far beyond that where there are multiple passions you have, there are multiple interest and you can make money at each time doing it and having that freedom of time to do that.James Hurst : Yeah. That's the beautiful thing about the world we live in is that with the reach of the Internet, right? And yeah, just there's a-- I have another quote, there are a million ways to make money, if you're not enjoying the one that you're currently doing, go try something else. So yeah, but the thing is for me it's, it's been dabbling like make a thousand bucks here, make a couple thousand, maybe like You To Me like $10 courses like that, not going to pay the bills. And so the power wheels parties, that's I charged 150 bucks an hour for doing a party there. But even those, those are like once or twice a week. So it's, I'm just, I think for me it's been split focus too and then dab kinda too much and dabbling and not. And so to come in with Clickfunnels have that monthly recurring revenue. I have a goal and so kind of that, that affiliate income, the recurring off of 50 or 100 or 200 referrals that can then be the base and to then go out and do these other things. So, and, and one of the other dreams I'm dealing with, with the power wheels is a, is I want to do this, I want to create a theme park actually, which is going to be called Go-kart Park. And so basically what, imagine like driving down the freeway and you look off to the left or the right and you just see this, this huge like dirt track like a, basically like a dirt, like a dirt bike track or-- you've been to lagoon, right? Well, I know it's not really a lagoon. It's not like a theme park. What it is is literally a 100 to 200 of these, of these power wheels vehicles. So like a, like a track and like a little city and like food and the kids can drive their cars through the drive through and have lunch and like they could do bumper cars a little bit. They could just, it would just be this, in dirt cheap, like I want to do like maybe three to five bucks an hour to come to this go-cart park place. And but now the big thing with that is I don't have a million bucks for three acres of land of the side of the freeway. So that's my, my gut instinct is if I can get a 100 cars, I have like 20 right now I can get $100 and get some land and build out some of this park that, that I think people will come, but--Dallin Nead : Full dream you got there. James Hurst : Well hopefully. And sometimes you do build it and they don't come and I've had plenty of those. So, that's if I, if I made my millions or whatever, and so because I did, so yeah, if I was rich or whatever, I would love to. I'd love to build these parts and if they did well then I'm, then I could do multiple locations and so, but liability concerns or something and it just, it just seemed like a too much of a stretch. What I did was I said, well, I always had that idea for years. That's how I grew up, was right in go-carts around my, around in Oregon, but my brothers. And anyway, I always had that idea that I'd love to do that again. And I finally, I just said, “You know what, I'm going to put these in a trailer and so it's a mobile now.” I did do that idea, but it's a mobile birthday party business. So I'm doing the mobile thing, getting the word out, people are loving it. And then eventually I hope to open up a location, my location number one and see how it goes. But I think it will be the, I think it will be the Clickfunnels the eight to eight to 10 k a month foundation in recurring affiliate revenue that can maybe help me put a lease, some, some land, maybe an acre or two. Dallin Nead : That's incredible. And the fact that you've built a group in coaching and momentum around that and then you have, I mean regardless of those things, you still have goals in science, right? You still have milestones. With that I mean, I'm a huge believer in law of attraction or however you wanna put terminology that and the fact that you can put your mind to something and put the work to it and they can lead or at least some of the similar. So it's cool. James Hurst : That's crazy though, right? Dallin Nead : Cool James. Yeah. Like, it's kind of like, yeah, it's just, it's a multi-passionate inside, right? It's, yes. You don't have to focus just on one thing. James Hurst : Absolutely. And the thing is, is like I have people say like these power wheels parties, it was like, this is genius. Like I get that all the time. Like, like why hasn't, like why wasn't someone doing this before, like I think-- I hope that when I actually get a location it'll just be like crazy busy, people just love it. Like this really family friendly play such like dirt cheap. You're not gonna, you don't have mortgage, put it on the credit card to go to Disneyland right? Like the kids, they just, they'll have fun riding the cars around and, and even like I was even going to have like a spot with like just dirt and mud and like the kids, I mean just imagine like, and it's so simple to and like I want to like I want to let the kids build forts to and like we build ramps so have ramps and forts and a dark guns. I mean just simple stuff like, and I feel like I've just like just tapped into like the little boy in me still like I haven't quite grown up. Dallin Nead : You've got to have that though. I mean thinking about then that's what like the entrepreneur blood to me is like that, that little boy aspect of like being creative in not feeling like you have to be stuck in a certain on a certain path and didn't remember right.It's like, oh I'm going to go try this. I mean I know other people who are entrepreneurs or their spouses are entrepreneurs, in the Clickfunnels community otherwise. And they're doing like, they go do a remote control airplane on the weekends or throughout the week and a random time, it's, there's no limit to be a kid forever, in different ways. So incredible. That's so cool.James Hurst : That's funny you mentioned that because I got picked up this phantom one drone, like a loved one. My fly, my little drones--Dallin Nead : Future adult toys, that's what I call them. James Hurst : But I have wrecked that thing so many times and I was thinking like there are so many people who never even flown a drone or who wouldn't buy a thousand dollar one, but maybe they'd like to, maybe they'd like to fly one or the kids-- who'd let kids fly a phantom. And so I was like, no, you can pick up a phantom one for,I don't know, 50, 100, 150 boxes. And so I had another business idea, which is just like flymydrone.com. And basically just rent out for people to maybe fly drones. I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be fun? Especially if you've got like the DJI, DJI goggles and stuff and like--Dallin Nead : Oh yeah, well, and it's, that's what's cool thing about-- because I've, I'm, I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm very involved in filmmaking. James Hurst : Oh yeah. Yeah. Dallin Nead : Kind of like my first love and a big focus of what I do. And the toys and the gear and everything is just so much fun. But, but the cool thing about it too is a lot of these manufacturers, these companies making all these products and software attract a lot of the common consumers who in the past wouldn't consider themselves or seek to be filmmakers in any form, but something like drones or other tools. I'm sure you've seen plenty of different gimbal varieties, right? Make the calming consumer and non-filmmaker in air quotes, not filmmaker. Being able to, to do some fun things, whether it's for the cinematography or the filmmaking side or not have fun with very approachable tools. It's funny--James Hurst : I took filmmaking in high school and college and that comes into it too. Even video editing, I don't know if you use the adobe, like the adobe suite or--Dallin Nead : Yeah, I found Cut Pro was the past. I still could use it, but adobe primarily now. Yeah. James Hurst : So, and that's, yeah, I mean when I was making my first evening course, I was like, yeah, I got it. I got to be this instructional designer. I've got to create the layout. I think about this. I've got to do audio, some audio engineering type thing. I need to do video editing. I just loved, I loved to like all the different-- my brain is just like firing off like different parts of it and the left and the right and, and just all the different hats you get to where-- super fun filmmaking. Oh Man. Even on my, on my homepage, like even just an iMovie, like iMovie has this thing with these templates and you like it, you just drag and drop little one second clip and then it just makes it for you. I had a lot of fun. I'm doing that just on my phone that--Dallin Nead : And I mean, yeah, just in your phone alone. I agree because I mean I, you can create a little edit very easily and automatically.James Hurst : Yeah. It's everything. Like everything is coming down to the consumer level, right? Like, like before you had to have designers and coders, before Clickfunnels and now you can do that and expensive audio and video equipment and now your phone is like an amazing-- I don't know, whatever records into at least to ADP. And so it's super fun time to be alive, right? Where all these tools and technology can enable us to really live I think pretty incredible lives.Dallin Nead : And make-- I mean not only filmmaking alone or entrepreneurship, it makes what 15 plus years ago was super unattainable to those who didn't have money versus over the network. It makes all of those things so accessible and available to the common at the average Joe, right. Whether it's you want to build your own company? Great. You can bootstrap it for no money. Do you want to be a director? That's great, start with your phone. There's, there are so many opportunities to build something from nothing that didn't exist 15 years ago and that's what makes this fun. Like the versatility like you talked about and the lifestyle and just being able to try new things all the time and not feel strapped into just your one thing necessarily. Whether it's making money or not you can just sample, try a lot of fun things in the process.James Hurst : So can I share with you my favorite James Cameron quote on filmmaking? Dallin Nead : Yes. Please do. James Hurst : You maybe you've heard of it. Okay. He says this, “Pick up a camera, shoot something, no matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it, put your name on it as director. Now you're a director. Everything after that you're just negotiating your budget and your fee.” He basically says do it right. Put your name on it. Now you're a director and the only. No, the only thing we're talking about is how much you charge.Dallin Nead : Right. And it's so true and I think what I've experienced too in this community, the filmmaking community is people take a lot of pride in entitles and I, in fact, pride and titles goes anywhere. But yeah, a lot of pride entitled to be like, “Oh, like that person can't be a filmmaker” and well if they're making a video that makes them a filmmaker at that point in time or whether they want to identify it as a long-term branding choice. James Hurst : And this kind of comes back to expert secrets, right? Like this journey. Like, cause I'm being uncomfortable with proclaim yourself as such and such of an expert. And I kind of went, I just got, I went through that this last year-- I've only been on Clickfunnels for less than a year. But by the time you take my computer programming background, my, all the Internet, my internet marketing background of SEO and then like now I'm in those creating Udemy courses and then I'd actually gone through training and I built out five or six funnels, whatever. It's just like, you know what, like if you're not, if you're, you're pretty well and there's still tons of, I don't know, but almost like part of becoming an expert is saying you are and then people start coming to you and that kind of self-reinforces it and people are like, “Oh, James, you know, I see you posting and Clickfunnels.” and like, “Dude, we need someone like you to--” just like, you gotta be kidding me. Like little me and slowly you start to realize like, “Wow, I guess, you got to just be a little bit ahead of anyone who's not as far as you are.” There's still plenty of people ahead of, ahead of me. But um, yeah, I think an expert secret.Dallin Nead : It's great. Well, it's that, it's that one step ahead mentality too where even assignment in a mastermind group, I'm obviously like, well, I mean, so there's like 50 of us at least and we're all at different levels and our mentor is like, could be a few steps ahead or many steps ahead of us, whether that's like how long she's been in the business, or he or she, depending on what group you're in, but it's that promise that you can get to them or pass them maybe, or the fact that you're also on a similar journey. Like you may be head of a few people or some people may be clear ahead of you, but it's the whole idea that you're constantly chasing, not necessarily as other people but chasing and competing with yourself. And, and that's the biggest thing is, is like identifying something or someone to chase. So you're constantly seeking for that versatility or that lifestyle. And I think chasing the person that you want to be or become, whether it's a year from now months from now, 10 years plus from now, and that, that makes the big exciting because you can kind of create this persona or that attractive character, right, for yourself of what you, where you want to be, who you want to become. James Hurst : That's what I love about entrepreneurship. I feel like entrepreneurship and personal growth are just like tied at the hip. And like, do you remember how I was telling you how I just couldn't get over spending money on ads and stuff and like, and even in investing in courses like that, to take that leap of faith to be like-- I'm, yeah, I've now-- I bought Julie's, you know, digital gangster, digital gangsta program and, and spent money on other courses and then they actually worked and then I leveled up a little bit. And now I spend, I don't know, at least 500 - 1000 bucks a month on ads too which-- and so just I feel like the growth. I went to, I went running this morning right. And like I feel like it's just, it's about living your best life from so many standpoints. I mean, I know like Russell and then like they, like it a lot of entrepreneurs that seems like it kind of goes-- physical fitness kind of goes with it. And I really want to, I really want to do things like-- it's interesting too because, like the dream car contest, I'm like a little bit little bit nervous about like, like what kind of car am I, what I get, and I kind of want, I kind of want a dodge viper. Because that, that was what the little boy wanted, what he, that's what he thought was cool. The dodge vipers and, but the thing is like right now I drive like an old paid for 93 pickup. It's though it's the window cleaning truck I had in college and-- so it's interesting like with all this, like just I want to definitely make sure like I, I keep my head on straight and with family and balance and not get knocked out of balance, I guess.Dallin Nead : That’s what it goes back to right. Like you can get so distracted with all these shiny objects. But it's still making sure to have available time. Completely agree. James Hurst : What's your, what's your family like? Dallin Nead : My family? It's, it's just my wife and I. And then we have one, one and a half year old. So I know you have four boys. James Hurst : Four boys. That's a whole nother bag of worms. That's super fun.Dallin Nead : Yeah. I'm sure. Watching for you to find the time and to make the time like you do is incredible. Yeah. James Hurst : You need to go?Dallin Nead : No, no, we can keep chatting but I will, I'll wrap up the recording at least.James Hurst : Yeah. Yeah. Dallin Nead : But yeah, James, thanks so much for doing this. I appreciate it. Thanks sharing your story. This has been a really fun chat too. James Hurst : Yeah, it's a little bit of crazy goes along way is what I like to say.

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