How Videos Tell Your Story

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Connecting with users online is more important now than it’s ever been.Whether your business uses Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube as their chosen platform to connect and interact, the foundation of any good business-customer relationship is built here—online. And this is where the importance of videos comes in! As we’ve discussed in our previous blog post, videos are a key ingredient in the recipe for online success. Users pay more attention to videos than word or image posts alone, resulting in a higher liking, commenting, and sharing rate. The more a user engages, the stronger the online relationship becomes. The great thing about videos is how they can be broken up into two categories: entertaining and informing. While entertaining videos are a fun addition to your stream of content, informative videos play a bigger part in building a larger audience. Informative videos can be light-hearted while still being professional, such as videos that relay facts about the company, interviews, a business’ humble beginnings, or details on new products and services. These videos create a professional persona, while being personal enough that customers can relate and feel comfortable connecting. In fact, capitalizing on the power of video worked for Julie Stoian, the owner and CEO of Create Your Laptop Life. Julie is an entrepreneur who built her digital marketing business from just her laptop. Starting as a stay-at-home-mom, Julie has since taken the time and effort to build her brand with a 500+ paid member community. Now, Julie is an educator, teaching followers about technology, marketing, and online business. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]While Julie was building her brand, she knew she needed professional-quality videos to continue to increase her online reach. After learning about Content Supply through a shared client, Julie connected with us.Since then, we’ve been creating videos tailored to fit her brand’s needs, which have resulted in a spike in the attention to her brand.Each video was created with the purpose to inform and educate Julie’s audience. But more than that, these videos helped establish a connection with the audience while presenting Julie as a bigger authority in her field.And this has been working for Julie! As of January 2018, Julie has over 18,000 followers in her Facebook group and an even bigger email list. This year, Julie decided to scale up her video content with the production of a weekly show, which will continue to increase her reach. Don’t miss out on her show! Feel free to stop by her page and hit the Like and Follow buttons. One of the best parts of this business relationship is the natural fit of our content subscription. This subscription helps Julie know and plan ahead for the incoming stream of content, while providing consistency within the content.Consistency is more important than you may realize—especially in videos. From the way scenes are cut to the music in the background, consistency from video to video shows a new level of professionalism.Furthermore, something every entrepreneur needs to know is how uploading videos onto the Internet is only a small part of gaining attention. In order for your business to grow, your content needs to be viewed, And seen. And shared.Anyone with a cell phone or handheld camera can create a video. While these are free or cheap options, your image and sound quality will reflect it.Videos that are professionally done show exactly that… professionalism. Everyone has the tools to create their own videos, but in order to level up your content, time, money, and effort need to be spent. If you’re a business looking to make an impact in the realm of entrepreneurship, you need to utilize videos. Building brands online takes time, patience, and a lot of well-produced content.As you build attention to your business online, the sales will naturally come pouring in. If you are looking for a content supplier, feel free to talk to us as Content Supply, and we can get you started on success.

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