Entrepreneurship with Jessica Catorc

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Throughout her career, Jess has helped thousands of entrepreneurs expand their businesses online. She has had the privilege of being featured in Forbes, Forbes Under 30, Entrepreneur, the Huffington Post and has spoken at Google Campus in the UK.Jess’ entire career started at age 12 when she became fascinated with the website Neo Pets, a site that allowed children to play games with virtual pets.The website also presented the opportunity to customize their page or add images if the user typed in a specific code. This is where Jess was introduced to HTML and expanded her web knowledge throughout high school and college, always picturing the task as a game.As time went on, Jess learned valuable lessons about online marketing and business as a whole: “when you have an idea, no matter how amazing it it, how passionate you are about it, no matter how much it can help other people, the most important thing that you have to do is follow through and be consistent.”To learn more about Jess’ story, or hear additional wisdom, check out her podcast.

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