Amanda Hines: The Underground Queen of Messaging

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Listen HereWe have Amanda Hines on the podcast! Known by many as the queen of messaging or more accurately – The top Brand Messaging Strategist and Business Mentor for service-based, creative entrepreneurs.[/vc_column_text][vc_accordion][vc_accordion_tab title="CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL TRANSCRIPT OF THE EPISODE" tab_id="1534139850-1-34"][vc_column_text]Welcome to the Content Supply show. It’s a show where we bring together entrepreneurs and experts all across the internet, especially those who were bringing tons of value to the world from behind their computer to front of stage. We break down their creative ideas, strategies, and stories that guided them along the journey of entrepreneurship so that we can all learn and be inspired together. So before we get into the interview, let's chat Content Supply. Content Supply is a creative content as a service business where online brands and entrepreneurs can subscribe to a monthly supply of custom content to grow their business. So content like video, podcast, image, and blogs. This content is custom built to fit into three phases of your marketing experience. So one free content on social media, two paid ads, and three, content used for paid programs, memberships or funnels. We're all limited on time and resources to produce all the content we want and need to support our customer's journey from point a to point Z. Content Supply help supplies the filling of that gap. It's like the PBJ between your bread of your product or service and the bread of your funnel or your conversion tool. Go on over to content to learn more. So now let's get into the interview.Dallin Nead : Tell me about why you started to do entrepreneurship, why you started a business?Amanda Hines : So I started entrepreneurship long time ago before I even knew what an entrepreneur was. I was always just-- I also worked in an African braiding shop when I was 13 years old and I was always finding ways to make money because my family, they didn't have a lot of money. They were okay. But my mom was always telling me how there were so many bills that she had to pay. And so I felt that I didn't want to be a burden. I didn't want to have to ask you for more money. So I was like, let me go find other ways to make money. So that was basically my childhood. And then in high school, I was 17 when I got my first job, I applied to 100 places and the only place that let me in was Nick Donald, of course.So I was so grateful and I worked really hard, but I was like, “Oh my goodness, I'd have to work a million years for the things that I want. This is not the way.” Right. And so from high school and through college I was going up the ladder a little bit at the time. And I was like, “Oh my goodness, this is going to still take a million years to live the life that I want.” And so I said, “Okay, there has to be more.” So, my first year of college, my aunt introduced me to a network marketing company and so I went to the house, I watched the presentation and all I saw was this lady living this fabulous lifestyle and talking about how the business is how she created it was like, I'm sold, right? Because this is like, I want this lavish lifestyle. That's what I'm after and I'm willing to work hard. That's, that doesn't scare me and I failed miserably.Dallin Nead : In what way? Tell me about those failures more. Amanda Hines : So I was not a people person. I didn't know how to do sales conversation, sales calls, networking, none of it. I was just completely fresh. And so I started investing in Danny Johnson CDs and DVDs and Zig Ziglar for motivation and Jim Roan. And then I learned about Anthony Robinson. That's how I got into the personal development world. And so fast forward a few years, I was like, “Okay, this isn't, this isn't going to fit.” But I had started to learn about Internet marketing and started getting deeper into the marketing world and I learned a lot of skills and this is just an expensive hobby. Well, not really. Not even all that expensive at the time. It was just a hobby. I was so interested in learning so much. I would spend all my time, my free time doing this; people were out partying, I was out, I was inside learning marketing and becoming actually really good at it. So I started to make some money in a few things like affiliate marketing and I joined another network marketing and we made some money there, but I was like, “I don't really like any of this stuff.” I was like, “I love marketing, but I don't like marketing these products. I don't believe in them. It wasn't for me.” Essentially this is now a period of, because remember I started in high school, so this was like a period of eight years and I had developed a really strong skill set in marketing over the case of a maybe a decade. And what ended up happening was that I started to learn about coaching and consulting and I said, “Oh, this is actually something I would really be interested in.” But I didn't really pull the trigger, right. At this point, now I'm an adult, I have my first child and I have a second child on the way. And I had been building my network because I always knew that it was important to have a network, but I wasn't really actively building my business. So I'm at my job, which is a hotel four-star hotel and I am planning my family vacation for the summer and thinking, “Oh, this is going to be wonderful.” The hotel goes under a merger and in the span of maybe 30 days I had lost my job, right? And all my plans for this fabulous vacation with my one year old and my husband go through shit. And I'm already tired. And I was actually not that upset because I was like, “I don't really want to work here anymore. And they know I'm really good at customer service. This is draining my time. It's draining all my energy. I'm making okay money, but it's still not going to take me where I really want to go.”And at that point I made a decision. I said, “Okay, I have to have a child in three months and either I go and I look for a job and it's kinda hard to find a job when you're six months pregnant, number one. And I also need to be able to support my family and not really have us lose the little bit of a lifestyle we were able to create at that point. So how about I just worked my business for the next three months, a crazy idea, right? And at this point I was pretty much like, “This is really my only option, right?” I wasn't getting an unemployment check, there was really no money coming in. And so I invested in a $27 sales training from an amazing sales mentor that I still follow. And she was just, I was like, okay, I don't really know how to do sales conversations as well as I should, but I know marketing really well. So I took this course and I did everything she said plus put my own marketing involved and I had $39,001 in sales in a 33 day timeframe. Dallin Nead : What?Amanda Hines : Yeah. Dallin Nead : There you go. And then you knew? Amanda Hines : Yes. And I had actually grown to $6,000 cash of that in that period. And immediately I told her, I was like, “I made 6,000 on your $27 product.” And she was like, “No, you didn't.” I was like, “Yes I did. I'm gonna prove it to you.” and she was just like blown away. She's like, “What inspired you and why are you doing this?” And then that was really, really the catalyst in the beginning of my business, right? Because up until that point, I was just basically learning all the skills, kind of dabbling here and there, but it was at that defining moment when I had to make it happen for my family, that I was like, “We gotta do this thing. We got to put everything into action.” Even if it fails miserably, it's not going to fail miserably. Right. It was like, I had no doubt in my mind that I'd at least make enough sales to cover what I was making in my job. And it's an interesting thing. Napoleon Hill talks about burning desire, right? It's very real. If you burn the boats, you'll do the thing that you need to do in order to create the results you want. So that was really the catalyst for my business. And then from then on I've been basically at this point, now I have a repeatable process so I can predictably bring in new clients for my business whenever I want.Dallin Nead : What is-- if you can break down that process is simply as possible. What is that process?Dallin Nead : So for me, it's real, it's true marketing, right? So I first like to look at my leads. So I love facebook, right? Facebook is my favorite platform to work off of. It works on Linkedin, works on, I'm sure it works in Twitter and other places if you know how to find leads and basically go through Facebook and I look at people that would be a good match for my business, right? I do business to business services, so I'm hanging around other entrepreneurs and I start developing relationships with those people. That's the first thing you should always be doing. And then teaching us in network marketing, right, is to make sure you have a list, a list of leads that you can be building relationships with every single day. My goal is always to build new relationships with people. And at this point, I can basically tell if they're going to turn it into a client or not, right, based on a certain set of criteria for my business. So developing a lead-- follow somewhat pre-qualified list of leads is the first thing and now that you have it, get their attention, right? Are they promoting something? Are they doing videos or live stream on Facebook, comment engaged, let them see that you're paying attention to them so that you can basically get their permission to start engaging and having a personal conversation with them, right? Because this is how you nurture your leads.Dallin Nead : Relationships is marketing right?Amanda Hines : It is but it's very strategic. And so at this point, you're, what I do is I use the formula that I learned from myself, coach, which was these very strategic sales conversations. So I'm finding out a little bit more about their business, where they are, what their needs are, what are they working on, what do they want to happen in the next 60, 90 days? And through that conversation, I will be able to qualify those leads and determine if they're a good fit for my programs or my offers or tailor or something, depending on how I'm feeling, right? Tailor a solution to them and to create an offer that would help them to move forward. This is something that I teach every single day to my clients, right? I had one client have her first $12,000 cash sale last month, right? Using the exact thing that I'm teaching. And we do all of this organically, right? So we're not talking about Facebook Ads, we're talking about organically using the platform to identify, prequalify, nurture, and then close your leads into sales. And because of the amount of exposure you can have on other entrepreneurs on these platforms, you can essentially create as much income as you want, if you know what you're doing.Dallin Nead : That's powerful. And that's something like hearing your story and stepping back into when you first started working and you-- I mean we'll skip the lemonade stand era but around the time Mcdonald's in that era where it was more jobs and I think you quickly identified what that desire was, that and ambition, right? You identified that within my current career path right now, like I can't achieve what my ambition is-- matching that burning passion and that burning desire, you want an impact, you want impact and you wanted the ability to not be capped on what you can make and it goes to show. And then, I mean, I'm a huge believer of the law of attraction too.Amanda Hines : Yeah.Dallin Nead : And so you totally applied that-- the application of that. And it's amazing. It's so cool. Like I love hearing that journey. And so with where you are now, like what is, as your ambition continues to expand and grow, like what is, what's next? Like what's in the horizon of your brand?Amanda Hines : So, there are a few things going on. So right now, one of the things I really want to do is I want, I noticed there's a massive need in the marketplace where there's a lot of people who they don't really have that consistency that they want in their business, right? Why they're there or coach a strategist and mentor or some other.Dallin Nead : In what consistency, is it showing up on social media? Is it reaching out to people? Is it like lack of offers? What kind of consistency are you talking about?Amanda Hines : I'm referring to actually signing on and acquire new clients because ultimately that's why we're doing all of it, right? We want to acquire new clients, new paying clients, and I realized that on these platforms people have these preconceived notions of what it takes to acquire clients. And I have found that to be very inconsistent to the truth, right? One of those things is that people say you have to be visible everywhere. Of course, you want to be visible, right? Of visibility alone is not going to help you to apply your clients because if you don't understand the customer journey, you don't know how to create emotionally appealing content, if you don't have strong call to actions, all of these things that are going to turn into clients or at least start the conversation with your clients, then you're not going to apply it to them. Right? And it doesn't have to be as complex or as long winded as I've seen it. One of my favorite things is lean growth, right? I am about how can we do this in the leanest, fastest and most profitable way, right? I don't care about complex funnels or any of that, right? I built my business and they are very specific and particular way to the point where I have had a $20,000, $30,000 cash months in my business without any paid advertising. Right? And I did it very consciously. There have been times in my business where I haven't worked for months, right? But I was still okay, right? Because of all the work I had done months before and so now for my particular business, my thing is, although I can do this and I can predictably hit my numbers whenever I want to, it's about creating more space, right? Creating more time for myself. I have two boys under three years old, right? I have a 16 months and I have a little boy that will be three years old next month. Right. So for me now it's all about creating-- now adding marketing automation into my business, taking what was already working for me and now automating those processes. Right? It's, it's how you build the business, right? I like to look at myself, and this is so funny because a lot of people will think, “Well, you have $30,000 a month in your business, you must be ready to scale.” Absolutely not. I consider myself to be late startup to early growth and people think that's crazy, but it's absolutely consistent with what I have installed in my business. Right? So the people that I work with, typically in the late startup phase, they have some clients in the door but they don't know how to do it predictably and I like to make sure that we can do it predictably organically and then we can scale up with Facebook ads, get a designated social media manager to go ahead and do their magic or SEO or blogging or whatever you want to do to gain that traffic. But you first have to learn the basics. So I like to look at it sometimes like I'm a marketing foundation right? I gave you the strong foundations so that you can then create the 20, 30, 40, 50, a hundred thousand dollars a month in your business. And I know those numbers sound really crazy. Alright? And really out there. But I've seen it, my clients who have seen it and I believe that it's possible for anyone who has a strong expertise, they know they can get really good clients results and they're willing to do-- essentially put in the work.Dallin Nead : Consistency is a key theme in word that, I mean you used it, it's cropping up, it's how you educate and coach your clients. And I love that too because I mean consistency and relationships, right? Like you think about relationships even on a personal level where if you're not consistent then that relationship's just going to go nowhere, maybe nonexistent and from parents to siblings to spouse to kids and it's the same kind of personal connection applies to business. Even if you're a massive business, right? With thousands of employees, the ability to connect consistently is key to have consistent growth. I mean I'm preaching to the choir on this, but I mean, you know that in your enacting and that's just so cool. It's so cool to hear this and that you use your story to get that out there as well. In fact, tell me more about that. Like, so you shared a bit of your story with me or do you use your personal story to attract clients and attract those who follow you?Amanda Hines : So that's a good question. So I focus on-- brand messaging strategy is my expertise, right? So that storytelling marketing and using my story, I'm very particular with how I share it, right? One of the things is that I don't want to attract people who are saying, “Well, I'm coming from a place of desperation and that's where I'm starting my business.” Right? So I like to share the pieces about how I already had the expertise before I started the business. It's a very important thing to differentiate because a lot of times people say, “I want to start a business because I'm desperate, but I don't have any real skill set so I'm just going to start a business and start offering services because I need money.” Right. I am very particular about saying, “Well, I have this almost a decade of experience in marketing. Alright, I tried different things. I made a little bit of money, not a lot, and I took that, I hired a mentor to help me with the one piece I didn't know which was really sales and wasn't really confident in and that's where the results came. That's when my business really started because I don't believe your business starts until you're actively going out and having those sales conversations. Up until that point. You are essentially in seed, in development mode--Dallin Nead : A hobbyists maybe.Amanda Hines : A hobbyist and you’re in seed of development. You have a lot of training, workshops, courses maybe which are not until you start having those sales conversations, you haven't really started your business, you’re not a start-up yet. And I think so many people get that wrong. They want to focus on the pretty website and the LLC and that's all good and great, but until you start talking to the people that would invest money, you haven't started your business and you're not going to be able to turn your ideas into a paying business.Dallin Nead : That's so powerful. I'm so glad you said that because I mean, so my background in some storytelling, filmmaking and I do content strategy for clients with Content Supply and I actually started a whole another business three years ago. But the funny thing about that is one, I was completely newbie to it and I'm still learning so much right now, but that business, I had identified a market that was not hot. There's no one willing to pay money. Hence sales impossible. People weren't willing to spend money. And so I think that's like a key aspect too of like I'm drawing the line in the sand between the hobbyist or the beginner or the first time freelancer to the business owner and the entrepreneur is identifying a hot market where people were actually willing to spend money because you can start a business in anything. But it can be a business that doesn't make any money and you can license anything you want. I mean, you hear that a lot. It's all about sales. But like I think a lot of people, there's so many spectrums of the sales process of like the sleazy salesman fabricating stories and then those who are just real and relatable and the relationship marketing, which is my personal favorite, doesn't require tons of ad spend, tons of paid ads. It doesn't require all that stuff. It just requires you to say hi to people figure out what their pain points are and then you're like, all right, I know someone or I am someone who can help you.Amanda Hines : Yeah, exactly. And one of beautiful things that I help my clients with a lot is those personal conversations. Right? So it's like when you get online, they have no idea what to say and I said, “Well start the relationship off with giving them something”. Is that, can you, do you have someone that you can refer to their business, right? Do you have a podcast that would help them get more exposure? Alright, what can you give them to help them move forward? Because people are a little bit more on the fence sometimes because they don't know you, but if you start the relationship off by giving them something and say, “I'm just giving this to you.” This helps them to take their guard down. Right? That could even be you're just giving them some information so that they can get clarity on what their next steps would look like. Right. And that's essentially lead nurturing, in a nutshell, is what I'm going to tell you, what the process is for you to go from where you are right now, where you desire to be, and your offer, of course, is that middle ground, right? It's the stuff they need to do to then fulfill that promise or to fulfill that vision that they have the next step. So no, I think that's absolutely wonderful. And yes, I just went to a Tony Robbins event and he talked about how your ideal client are those that will buy from you even when times aren't good. And I really sat with that for a moment and I said, “Wow, they're the ones that will buy from you even if the market doesn't look too promising” And so he said, “Don't get too attached to your product, get more attached to your audience. Because you can always change the product, but if you want to work with that audience, focus in on their needs, on their challenges, where there's a gap in the market for those people.” Right? Um, so I just think that's absolutely amazing and just focus in on what people are really saying they need and listen, really listen. I feel like that's the biggest lesson that I can share is that I have become a really good listener. I listen for the things they're saying in between the lines and I'm not listening for the purposes of selling. I'm listening so I can find out “What do they really need? Can I help them? Is there something I can give them? Is there someone in my network that can help them?” And sometimes that's all it is. I just give them a referral or I connect them or I send a personal message and say, “Hey, so Joe has this amazing podcast that has all the answers you're looking for. Here it is.” And I feel that people are so grateful for that because it's rare in this time and age where people just give and give freely.Dallin Nead : Yeah. Couldn’t agree more. And I think with internet marketing and the internet has opened up so many doors for entrepreneurship to have opportunities to connect with people, but there's still going to be that disconnect of those who are in it for the take, take, take. Because they want the quick cash because you can get that, there are places to get that online. But I think another theme I feel like in this online entrepreneurship space is around legacy and building that legacy, building that impact go and beyond just, you make enough money, more than enough money in your live comfortably than what's beyond that level. It's impacting the legacy and I think that is centered around the connection side and the willingness to give. Amanda Hines :Yes. Dallin Nead : Amanda, I'm so excited we got connected. This is super fun. So now I know someone, I don't really know many people in Pennsylvania, but I know one more personnel. This is great. Amanda Hines : That’s awesome. There's a lot of people that I feel I know are from California.Dallin Nead : Really? It's one of those states, you get the odd balls here. Yes. And I'm just one of many. Amanda Hines : Is the weather nice down there right now?Dallin Nead : It’s too nice. All the time.Amanda Hines : I need to move.Dallin Nead : So are you originally from Pennsylvania? Philadelphia.Amanda Hines : So I was born in Jamaica, but I was raised in Philadelphia.Dallin Nead : Okay, great.Amanda Hines : Yeah. Dallin Nead : And then. So you had school, you met your husband there? Amanda Hines : Yeah, I went to school here. I learned how to, I think I learned how to talk here.Dallin Nead : What a good way to put it, I’ve never put it like that before.Amanda Hines : Yeah because some people say “You don't have a Jamaican accent.” I was like, “Well maybe I was learned how to talk here too.” So I came here when I was two and a half, so I came here very young and I met my husband here. I went to school here. I'm building here, but I definitely want to go back and visit and see the country and all the beautiful weather that people talk about.Dallin Nead : In Jamaica.Amanda Hines : Yeah.Dallin Nead : Do you have family there still?Amanda Hines : I have some family, but most of my family has moved to either Canada, London, and the United States.Dallin Nead : Okay, all over then. Cool. Well, this is fun though. So, so give me a little sense as far as like getting a sense for what kind of clients you like to really hone in on, focus on what are your ideal clients?Amanda Hines : So, my ideal clients are typically someone who is a service based expert that is already actively working their business, who have clients coming in the door, but they can't figure out what is that missing thing to help them to get to predictable client acquisition. A lot of people think that it's only traffic. If it was only traffic, everyone that ran Facebook ads would be a billionaire. And so I helped them to identify what the missing gaps are in their business and to sell it, believe it or not. And I know you do content marketing so you understand it's typically a problem with their messaging, right? It's either they're not talking to the right people or there are not creating content in a way that the right people would even see them as an authoritative figure that they should pay attention to. Sometimes they create great content, but they don't have a content flow. So it's not going from brand awareness to lead nurturing, to purchase a little content, it's just all over the place. Right? And so I helped them to fill in the gaps and really get their marketing message crystal freaking clear. Right. And it's something that I love doing. I'm really good at it. I don't know if you've seen my facebook, I write a million pieces of content a minute. And so that's what I really helped my clients worth and they call me the underground messaging queen.Dallin Nead : That's good. I like that. You should create like a character around that.Amanda Hines : I know that would be really cool. And so that's really what I help my clients with and I helped him to hone in on the messaging to get better at identifying who those people are. And those are the people I really love to work with, help them to get to that consistently and to fill in those gaps. So some of my clients have been anything from a sales coach who is really good at sales, but not so great at that messaging piece and building a marketing message, all the way to a business coach that's really great at brand positioning, but not really clear on the customer journey or how to articulate that and articulate those experiences, and getting to, sometimes they're like, “Okay, I can predictably get clients but they're not the caliber of clients I want to work with it.” So how do I fix my language in there so that I'm calling the types of clients that I want to work with it. So I like to use the term soulmate. So let's go from ideal clients, the soulmate clients, which is people that are not just can afford your work and need your work, but you'd actually enjoy working with and it feels more like a friendship than a barter and exchange.Dallin Nead : I like that. I have your page full on it, soulmate society is your group, I imagine.Amanda Hines : Yes.Dallin Nead : I love that. It’s totally, totally makes sense.Amanda Hines : Yes.Dallin Nead : I love it. Well, Amanda, this is super great. I'm glad we're connected. We have to stay in contact.Amanda Hines : Yes for sure.Dallin Nead : Because now that I have a sense of who your clients are in and it's male or female, right? All entrepreneurs.Amanda Hines : Yeah It's interesting. So in my messaging, my marketing message, I'm always using female, but I realized that this is, this doesn't have to just be female, right. And I would love to work with more males because I feel that there was a definite need. There's definitely a need for the marketing message should be more clear. And to be, I would say not more, not so gender specific because even this past week I was looking for a Facebook Ads expert as I'm moving into that world and I interviewed a lot of men and I was like, “Oh, this is actually-- I liked the dynamic.” It was nice to speak to people and to hear a male's perspective on the work that I'm doing like it's not just about females at my mission isn't just to help women, is to help entrepreneurs and experts who really want to have predictability and to build a stronger foundation so that they can then do the things that are really important to them, right? Our preferences are only one small piece of our entire lives. So women are the audience I primarily work with, but I am not opposed to working with super conscious men as well.Dallin Nead : Okay good to know. A lot of my network are women-at-home -entrepreneurs, definitely men too obviously. But I'm very interested to share and refer because I think you come off as-- you are very knowledgeable with what I've seen and I think you're incredibly easy to talk to and I'm sure that connection will go a long way. Where can people find you?Amanda Hines : So they can find me on my Facebook page, all of my content is public, right? And the content on my business page isn't much different than the content on my personal page, so whatever they prefer. And then I also have my website which is and of course, they can always email me at as well. And then right now I'm running a social challenge that will be held May 21st and it's everything that we've talked about here, right? It's filling in those gaps in understanding and identifying what's the missing link to get you to predictable on acquisition. Because it's not always the same for everybody, in most times it's not. There are actually 12 specific places that I would look and of those 12, if I fixed 5, you'll probably start seeing more clients. We fixed 10, you'll probably be good and not need me anymore. You get all 12 and you're going to start calling a Facebook ads expert and say, “Hey, we need to scale up because I'm good to go. I got this clear as crystal. My clients love it. I'm starting to see more money in my business.” So that's currently what I'm doing to help people to really figure out what's the gap for them.Dallin Nead : Great. Love that. Cool. Well, let's chat soon and thanks for talking to me today. This is great.Amanda Hines : You're welcome. I appreciate connecting with you and I'm gonna be so excited to learn more about your community and what you're doing and know how I can be of value to you guys.So that about wraps it up for the show today. Thank you so much for listening. The fact that you're able to drop into this conversation, hopefully, be inspired through the stories and ideas shared here is pretty awesome. So I'm a huge fan of relationships and getting to know more people. So if you have thoughts about the show, wanted to leave a review even, have questions about Content Supply or just want to connect anyway, you can find me across the socials @dallinnead and of course, go on over to and check it out. Thanks again. So glad you're here and I can't wait to share more here at Content Supply. See ya.

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