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With her brand, HeySoul, Jessie Gardner provides a product, rather than a service, to create a “positive disruption” in the world. She gives out gift boxes that are delivered to make a positive impact on whomever’s life they are shipped to in a physical way. Every gift box comes with a ritual because as neuroscience shows,  behavioral and habit change comes from doing things, not just sitting around. Each box comes with a specific theme, each of which we can get disconnected from, including purpose, adventure, love, creativity, joy, and gratitude. HeySoul also builds out boxes for businesses and influencers to engage with whatever they are putting out in the world.
An example of one of these themes is the adventure box, which contains two hand-carved wooden cubes and a marker. On these cubes, you write down any and all of the things in your life that you have want to accomplish or do at some point. Each side of the cube gets one of these things and the idea is that when you are feeling disconnected from adventure in life, you roll the cube and whatever it lands on you have to commit yourself to doing it in a certain period of time. This shows that how a simple product can transform into a meaningful, fun game when you tie an action to take with it and writing down your personal adventures on it. According to Gardner, it is important to have something physical that always pops up in our lives that symbolizes something that brings us back to who we are, as it is rare to have something in our hand or on our desk, as we are always online. She thinks that we as a society need these tangible reminders, as they make it fun and simple for people who don’t connect with the personal growth stuff or have trouble taking action. When you have a daily habit or ritual, you begin to change one day at a time, which accumulates to ultimately changing your whole life. Her box gives you tools to reconnect to who you are and take action based on this information.
Content plays a huge role with HeySoul. In order for somebody to want to try the experience of receiving these boxes, the information has to be explained in depth and well thought out. Content becomes “How well can I tell that story?” and “How well can I share the experiences that people have had with these different products and different experiences actually changing their world?”. She has found that the authentic stories are really what make the difference in how people connect to the products that she makes. She is trying to focus on bringing the story into everything, so that the product becomes more compelling. Content has to express the power of what she believes Hey Soul can truly do in the world.
Jessie has unlocked a new focus in customer development. Every week she wants to have at least five conversations with customers, so that she understands their stories and how people are using and experiencing these items. Before, she would follow up in a very generic way, but now she sends a personal email (“I want to do a call with you…” or “I want to go get coffee with you..”). She wants to understand the value that she is creating in their words and in their life. Knowing the story piece has definitely influenced how she is spending her time and acquiring those stories to help her learn. Their stories really paint the canvas of what HeySoul is and help in bringing out the community. Acquiring those stories can be difficult sometimes when it’s such a personal experience for people, as they get very vulnerable during these experiences and they’re finding new things about themselves that they might not want to share. She has to figure out how she can bring this story out and share it, but protect personal experiences at the same time.
Her ultimate dream for HeySoul is to create live experiences for all of these different areas of life and create a place where you can come and be positively disrupted in the world through this extremely immersive experience. The live experiences are really where the magic happens, so expanding into full retreats at some point is on her list of where to take it. She wants to expand the whole customer development experience, as people are really finding value here, and not predetermine her path but listen to people’s stories and seeing where that takes her. She wants to transfer this learning to other people that want to do the same thing for their own businesses. Once she has really learned how to organize and monetize, she hopes to share this with other people if they’re inspired to create positive disruptions in the world.
Her company is solely run by her and her friend. She does all the sourcing, interacts with vendors, and creates her own products and content. She wants to hire someone to help her, and sometimes if the products are big enough, she can pay someone to help her at least do execution of putting boxes together, but there is nothing consistent yet.
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Some Questions I Ask:
  • 4:31 – Tell me about your brand, HeySoul.
  • 7:07 – What are some examples of the gifts and how do you provide a call of action to people that want to take action? What does that look like based on the themes?
  • 13:28 – How does content play a role with HeySoul?
  • 15:29 – Are you going to make HeySoul so community-based that you have people contributing content whether it’s video stories in the moment – on their adventure – that you can then repost on your social media, or is it a story where somebody reconnects with a loved one partaking in one of the HeySoul products? How do you see that community engagement evolving as a result of Hey Soul products?
  • 18:02 – Where do you see HeySoul evolving? What is your future?
  • 20:37 – What does your team look like? Is it just you?
  • 21:33 – Where can people find you and learn more about HeySoul?

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