Introducing Visionaries with Dallin Nead

Introducing VISIONARIES, the podcast that explores stories and strategies of the most visionary people and what they’re doing to inspire and change the world.

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Introducing Visionaries, the podcast that will explore different stories and strategies of the most visionary people and what they’re doing to inspire and change the world. Not only will I interview successful entrepreneurs and visionaries, but I challenge all my listeners to view themselves as visionaries. 

“It’s one thing to be visionary, but it’s a whole other thing to be a creator of that vision and see it come to life.” - Dallin Nead

Being a visionary and defining what that means is different for everyone. Thinking back to my college days, I found myself miserable pursuing a degree in IT. I questioned how this degree could add value to the world. How would this align to my future? Is this the life I want to create for myself? After graduating, I pursued what I was really passionate about...creativity. I love to tell stories. So I started my own business in video production and marketing. I wanted to help other dreamers tell their stories! Thus began Content Supply. 

I want everyone to join the visionary movement and imagine what that might look like in your life. I will interview visionary entrepreneurs that are making a difference right now, visionary entrepreneurs from the past and visionary entrepreneurs that are working towards their goals at this very moment.

“I want us to all gather around this identity and feel like that we can be empowered to build this future for ourselves the way that we see it.” - Dallin Nead

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In today's episode, we are going to talk about what it means to be a visionary. Welcome to visionaries where we believe having a positive vision for the future and actually sharing it is the best way to build a brand, grow authority, and live a meaningful life. The show will explore different stories and strategies of the most of the visionary people today and what they're doing to inspire and change the world. What is a visionary?


So I literally have the dictionary pulled up here and it says: Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom, visionary in the context of entrepreneurship is really what I want to explore here and really is going to be the common thread throughout all these episodes here on the show. And when we think a of visionary, I'm sure certain people or maybe yourself came to mind as far as being a dreamer or having a clear vision of what you want the future to look like. Oftentimes they're innovators, they're entrepreneurs, they're business leaders, religious leaders, political leaders, and you know, in a big way we think of those people. Maybe it's Oprah Winfrey or maybe it's Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, but it's not always the people who get all of the news and attention that are visionaries. I believe visionaries come in many forms.


And because of that, I would love to just invite you along this journey to become a visionary and to see yourself as one because when you can have a vision for the future that you want to create for yourself and then for others, for your family, then you can see that become a reality for yourself. And as I think about this identity of a visionary, I kind of think about like, what does that, what does that result like? What does being a visionary mean for us? What kind of result can it create in our lives? I believe it's a form of creation. And I'm not just necessarily talking about creating content, but just creation. You know, whether you believe the world is created by God or you know, just strictly evolution. I believe that we can envision what we want to have happen and then create that for ourselves.


It's one thing to be visionary, but it's in a whole other thing to be a creator of that vision and see it come to life. And oftentimes I would say more people who dream are, are the ones who live in that dream and never actually envision what that dream could become an act on that dream. So it's one thing to envision it, it's a whole other thing to then go off and create it. And a lot of times we, we live in that dream like state, but never break out of it to build that future that we want for ourselves to the world. And so as I invite you on this journey, I want to really be a facilitator here where we'll talk about different stories from my own life that of other visionaries and you know, past deceased current living and talk about how we can break the chains that hold us back from building this vision for ourselves, whether it be a business or solving a world issue or maybe it's just something as simple as a family issue or a personal issue.


I want us to all gather around this identity and feel like that we can be empowered to build this future for ourselves the way that we see it. So if being a visionary, it means living a successful life on our terms, then what holds us back from becoming a visionary and living true to what that means. And, and you know, the holding of that title with a lot of pride, I actually put out this question to a bunch of people online and some of the responses I got and kind of the common theme I felt dealt with the lack of hope and focus and even faith that what you envision and what your vision is, your mission is, your dreams are, whether that actually like can become a reality. Having the confidence and the clarity that that can come into fruition. And so let's say it's building a business that can support you employees and you know, be one of those businesses of the future.


It's very easy to get overwhelmed with the expectations that we put on ourselves. And I'll raise my hand. I'll be the first one to say this. It's easy to get caught up with the fear that I won't work out. The fear of being judged, the fear or the lack of hope and sometimes focus or motivation that what we want to happen will actually work out for us. It's funny cause we, a lot of these visionaries that we think of, and like I said, hopefully it's yourself right now too and it will be. A lot of these visionaries we think of aren't there other naysayers or haters that believe that their vision's not possible. Think about all the people who have recently laughed at Elon Musk's new truck idea or how many failed rockets that he tried to launch through space X or maybe Oprah before she started becoming a big name before her show launches.


There's a lot of haters, a lot of, a lot of people. She, she was the first of her kind so to speak. You know, a African American woman hosting her own talk show on a network, you know, that wasn't really done to that level before. And she had a vision for what she wanted to create the dream she wanted to realize for herself. And when she shared her story and then empowered other people to do the same on her show, people began to become less hateful or not see this as a possible reality for her, and then kind of see it in themselves that, Hey, maybe I could do this too. Thank you for, you know, helping me to learn this. So it's, it really comes down to recognizing what are those things that hold us back. You know, I think in my own story where I was in college, it is years ago when I was in college and I was pursuing the path and the vision for my future that I thought that I needed to follow a mix of society nor societal norms, family norms, kind of the safer path.


And so I was going in it, you know, tech was a future. I still do love tech and aspects of it, but the deeper I got into it, I got miserable for the wrong reasons. Oftentimes we get miserable or we get frustrated, we have stress. But sometimes that stress can be good for the sake of our, our vision or a mission that we have and we get stressed for ourselves or for others. And so I would call that like a good stress at this time in college. I was just stressed out of my mind. I remember staying up late debugging lines of code as an it major and just thinking for myself, how is this adding value to the world? How is this aligning to the future that I want to create for myself? And as I became more real and, and really recognize like, well, what, what am I focusing on and that will bring the future that I want.


That career path did not align to the vision I wanted and I, and I was just, I was miserable. Like there were many tears shed. There are many tests failed despite some successes here and there. And I just remember sitting there late one night in a study hall by myself and really getting real and be like, why? Why am I like this? Like, why am I not looking forward to the future that my career supposedly holds for me within this major career path? And it came back down to the question of, well, what is this feature? What is the vision for the future that I do have for myself? What do I see myself doing and enjoying day to day even, you know, we're humans, like there's gonna be days we don't want to show up, but like what? What is it that I want to wake up and do with excitement every day?


And I thought about what I naturally am attracted to in that is creativity. I love creating things for myself. A lot of it comes down to create content like video. I love the storytelling aspect. I love the connection to people and the relationships you can develop through the ability to share stories and messages through video. Now, you know, I do this in the form of commercial making for entrepreneurs and startups and companies like that, but at that time I wasn't doing any of those things. And so I really had this epiphany that we'll wait a minute. I love to tell stories. I love to be creative and it may work for some people and obviously it's changing the world in many ways. And there's visionaries who are in that field, but I'm not one of those visionaries. I don't see myself in that identity. And so that's what I had to change and create an identity for myself.


And so this vision that I snapped, and that's why to me, visionary is a common thread in like, yeah, it's a common thread of an identity that exists throughout every single industry or background. No matter who you are, where you come from. A visionary is a, it's a common thing versus like there may be it in one industry or there may be Jewish or Christian. A visionary exists throughout all of these all these disciplines or mediums or, or backgrounds. And so this vision that I set around recreating the, the future and the S the steps needed to make. So I committed to myself that day that I was going to change things. And so I immediately committed to creating a feature film. We did a theatrical release. It was a year long process and we worked with dozens of people to make it a reality.


And it was an amazing experience that aligned to my idea of the world and a vision I wanted for myself to tell stories that were meaningful to me and help transform lives through storytelling, through content creation, through this creative outlet that I had always been drawn to throughout my life. But then I allowed others to remove that vision. I allowed myself to remove that vision because I was fearful. I lacked hope. I had that clarity and confidence that that could become a reality for me. So what is that story for yourself? What's this current belief that you're holding that's keeping you from owning the vision that you have for your future? What current things are you doing daily that aren't aligning to this future that you have a lot of times themed within the entrepreneur space is the theme of freedom, of time, of finances and being able to travel or just do what you want when you want.


And that's a really attractive result that we, a lot of us chase as visionary entrepreneurs. But maybe, maybe it's something else. Maybe it's creating opportunity for your children. Maybe it's building truly a business of the future that can change lives, create jobs, do all those things, you know, the list goes on. But whatever that is for you, you got to ask yourself like, what, what is holding you back? Like, what is this current belief that I'm having that's keeping me from realizing this vision and what do I need to align in my day to day activities that will help me do that? And you know, this has been a hard thing for me lately too. And partially, you know, for those who, who don't have full context, like I, I've been doing podcasts for maybe a couple of years now on and off, but I've changed the name. It's evolved, it's pivoted, it's because I've continued to seek alignment towards what a messaging that I want to share that Alliance to me.


And so my invitation and you and the really, the solution I would say is to join this visionary movement is to identify with this identity of a visionary that you are all visionaries. Those who have a ideal future that you want for yourself in a reality that you can live in right now that is being successful in whatever way that looks for you. Take that to heart. And as you follow along this journey in each of these episodes, I want you to really see these stories and these strategies through your own lens and to be selfish with it that, you know, see yourself as a visionary and see yourself, well, how can I take these things that are relevant to me and apply them in my own lives, my own business to make it successful within my own space and to serve the people I'm meant to serve, to help build the business, the family, the future that I want for myself.


And that's my goal here. So it's going to be mix of personal stories. It's going to be a mix of featuring different experts and visionaries whether through interview or through literally taking visionaries that may be more difficult interview cause you know, maybe they've passed on their past visionaries or maybe they're visionaries that, you know, I can't necessarily land on the podcast of this time, but I'm excited to share the insights that I discover through these different areas around the world. You know, these different industries and walks the life around the world and how we can keep, bring all these perspectives and in one


Place to make the living the vision the future they want herself or reality for view. So join this movement, become a visionary and I look forward to sharing more of these stories and strategies with you. Are you a visionary entrepreneur who's looking to make more money online and build your brand authority and become more influential to your dream customers? Those you feel called to serve while here at Content Supply, we help you do just that by creating commercials for your products and services. We work with some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the online space today, and by doing so, we have learned what works to drive the biggest impact and results needed when you sell your product and services online. To get started with creating your own commercials and full sales funnel videos, we have a done for you services program where we work with you for 90 days to build your custom strategy, create the commercials for you, and then help you begin to promote those commercials and get the results that you're looking to get in order to work with us. You can go to and apply now to book your free strategy call.


Thanks much for listening. Once again, if you would like to learn more about how you can use your unique message to share with the world through video and create videos that actually are professional and perform, bring you money and all of the results and influence that you want to make, then I invite you to learn more by going to Thanks again for listening and we'll talk to you very soon.

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