From Welfare to Millionaire Featuring Sandy Forster

Sandy has transformed her life from welfare to millionaire and loves supporting others to create their own success. In this episode of Visionaries, Sandy talks about her journey from being broke and living on welfare to learning about the Law of Attractio

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Sandy has transformed her life from welfare to millionaire and loves supporting others to create their own success. In this episode of Visionaries, Sandy talks about her journey from being broke and living on welfare to learning about the Law of Attraction and how that forever changed her life. Sandy struggled as an introvert, dropping out of high school, getting divorced and being a single mom at one point in her life. The Law of Attraction, mindset and meditation are a few of the things that helped mold Sandy into the successful entrepreneur she is today. 

Sandy Forster is an International Millionaire Mindset Speaker, Mentor, Bestselling Author and Multi-Award Winning Business Owner. She’s won over 8 international business awards, including 2010 Business of the Year (Australia) and Best Overall Company of the Year in the International Awards for Women in Business (New York) and in 2008 International Mentor of the Year.

“It was not having those choices and having no freedom that really drove me to want to change that. I wanted freedom. I wanted abundance.” - Sandy Forster

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Sandy (00:00):

I thought, who am I? I dropped out of school in grade 11. I didn't even finish high school. So, and I've got no contacts that have any money I've got no great skills. I've never done anything great. And you know, as well as being introvert and really shy, it's like who am I to ever be able to do anything? Like, you know, I just, I had zero confidence. But through that whole process of becoming a coach, which I think that particular journey in and of itself really allowed me to grow.

Dallin (00:34):

Welcome to visionaries where we believe having a positive vision for the future and actually sharing it is the best way to build a brand, grow authority and live a meaningful life. The show will explore different stories and strategies of the most visionary people today and what they're doing to inspire and change the world.

Dallin (00:52):

Sandy, welcome. Thank you so much for joining this show.

Sandy (00:56):

Thank you for having me.

Dallin (00:58):

So give us a quick overview of, of your business, what you do, who you are.

Sandy (01:04):

Okay, so I'm Sandy Forster I'm based in beautiful Queensland, Australia and I have a business that empowers women to create prosperity in their lives. So I, it's called and I teach people how to use a law of attraction because I've personally used it to go from welfare to millionaire. So I teach people how to use that to manifest more money. And I also train people to be law of attraction coaches through my inspired coaching Academy.

Dallin (01:32):

That's awesome. That's so good. Well, I literally was going to ask you like, how do you do that? Like by, by what means do you help people live those kinds of like abundant lives to think bigger, to think grander. And and so you answered like law of attraction is a massive thing. So I guess we'll get into your story, but I'm curious along these lines how, how do you break it down within your programs and what you help women to do? What does, what does that look like? Because a lot of that's mindset related. Yeah.

Sandy (02:06):

Oh, totally, totally. Yes, yes, absolutely. So, I guess for me my first step is really I wrote a book called how to be wildly wealthy fast because I'm the sort of person that if I learn how to do a thing and it works, I like to tweak it, make it better. I like to sort of come up with a way that really, really excites me. And so what I've done was I wrote a book with all the strategies, all the tips, all the processes, all the exercises that I use myself based on the law of attraction that took me from welfare to millionaire. And so that's kind of the introduction for people. And actually recently the book just won the, what was it? The soul bridge, body, mind, spirit book, awards of Europe.

Sandy (02:51):

That was really exciting. And so that's kind of the introduction for, for people to my work. And then from there I have courses and programs that they can do online or live with me that are really all about the mindset. Because I found that I used to look at other people that were working hard and they would be making money, whether it was real estate or shares or stocks or through a business or whatever it was. And I was $100,000 in debt and really struggling and just couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. And so that's when I discovered the law of attraction really dived into it in a huge way and used it in my life to completely turn it around. So I just love sharing what I know works for me with other people.

Dallin (03:42):

Mmm. That's so good. So breaking that down even further, let's step back in time. What led you to getting into writing the book and creating these programs?

Sandy (03:55):

Okay, so for me, I guess it was all about I met a guy when I was in high school. I moved from the most Southern state of Australia to the most Northern tropical state. And I went to a new school and I met this boy, went out with him for 11 years. We got married, had two kids. So I've got a six month old and a three year old and then we divorced. And so I had to take what had been a hobby at the time. I used to design and manufacture swimwear because it was kind of a Jane Fonda era and leotards were in. So it was designing and fetching swimmer leotards. But it never, that business never actually made me money. So it made enough to pay sort of my rent, my car and my electricity and phone bill, but nothing extra. And I was actually going backwards every single week.

Sandy (04:48):

So I ended up going on welfare and I used to get, I think the government gave me that $15,000 a year. So in, in US dollars, that was about seven and a half thousand dollars a year. You can imagine. I am not surviving. I am going back with that a rapid ride. It was just the most stressful time in my life. I just, I just had no idea how to change things. And I had got a little bit of money when I divorced and I'd put that into a piece of real estate. And I ended up that piece of real estate. I sold it at a loss. So I had a bit of money left over from that and I put it into shares and they just plummeted into stocks. They just went nowhere. So then I joined an investment company with a little bit more money and it my money just disappeared.

Sandy (05:36):

It's like every single step I taught everything just self employed and it just, I don't know, I thought there was just something wrong with me and I was destined to struggle around money. However, I was really lucky that I just, I knew I wanted something more, but I didn't have any idea what, and I went to this, he was like a coach, sort of counselor, hypnotherapist guy, and he, he, I don't think I actually got hypnotized because there's part of me that's a bit of a control freak. And so I stayed, you know, pretty conscious. But I do remember coming out of that session and one of the things he asked me was what do you really enjoy? And the one thing that really set me on fire was personal development. I loved learning, reading books. I loved just doing whatever I could to be the best me.

Sandy (06:25):

And so he said, well just keep your eyes open. And in my mind it's like there is no way I'm going to be working in a personal development industry. Cause in my mind there was two ways to do that. You either became a speaker or you wrote a book. Two things I would never do in a million years. Like I was not only introvert, I was massively, massively shy. And so the idea of doing those things with like nah, not gonna happen. And yet within a couple of months I saw these tiny little one inch by one inch ad in the local paper and it had the words personal development had the work strong, had the word strong work ethic and the words money. And it was like, Oh that's a nice combination. That sounds like me. So I answered the ad, answered the ad, and sure enough it was marketing a personal development course and I loved the course and it was based on the law of attraction.

Sandy (07:17):

So that was my first introduction to the law of attraction. Love the course so much. There was a course, there was seminars, there was all sorts of things that, you know, you can, and it was, it was network marketing or direct sales or I guess you could call it multilevel marketing. And the thing I loved about it most was, yes, I loved the course. And yes, I love learning about the law of attraction, but it's so taught me, you know, anyone that's ever worked in direct sales or network marketing, they know that the, the business side, the training, they give you, the sales training, the psychology of sales and all of that, that was just huge. That that really helped me understand how to communicate with people, how to talk with them about what it was that I was selling. And it really opened my eyes up because previously, even though I've designed and manufactured swimwear and I had a couple of retail stores that were going backwards, I never actually even worked in my stores because I hated selling with a passion.

Sandy (08:15):

Like the idea of selling just freaked me out. So I never even went there. So they taught me all about the psychology of sales and had a community, okay, what you have. And if someone feels cold too, it feels like that's what they want to do, they'll step up. And so I really got a lot out of that and that was, as I say, my first introduction to the law of attraction and it completely changed my life. So yes, the business side of it helped. I made a lot of money, but then the then the company ended up having, they sold the global marketing rights to one of their very successful distributors. Now just cause you're a successful distributor doesn't mean you know how to run a company. So what happened was they, the new person with the global marketing rights had a dispute with a printer and suddenly for eight months we had no product to sell because they said, the printer, you didn't print it right.

Sandy (09:09):

We're not paying you. And the printer said, well, I'm not going to reprint until you pay me. And so this tug of war went on for about eight months. And again, I had no income all that time and that, that business just went south because as you know, you know, network marketing, direct sales, if you don't have a product, it's not happening. So, but I was obsessed with the law of attraction by that point. I really, really loved it. And then I found out about coaching. So I'd attended a seminar overseas and they were talking about life coaching. And I went in the bright to find out what it was all about and I thought, wow, this is something I could do from home. The idea of actually being a coach wasn't the thing that drew me to coach. And I didn't think, Oh yeah, I want to be a coach.

Sandy (09:51):

I just thought I'd love to work in the personal development industry, love to be able to work from home, love to be able to choose my own hours. I love to make as much money as I want. This sounds amazing. So unfortunately they weren't looking for coaches in Australia, but when I got back to Australia, that personal development company I had been working with previously selling those home study courses, they, one of their distributors was starting a coach training academy here in Australia. So it was like, okay I'm going to look into that. And so I ended up being trained to be a coach and because I had been so into the law of attraction and I was really using all those exercises and secrets and processes in my life, my coaching business just took off. And I, I had in a very short space of time and international business with clients from all around the world.

Sandy (10:40):

I was working from home making great money and at the same time I was learning internet marketing. So I was learning all about marketing and having a web page and an email marketing cause that's kind of all there was back then back in the day. And so that was kind of my start. And so by combining coaching with marketing and the internet and obviously the law of attraction, I was able to go from welfare to millionaire and you know, along the journey I wrote my book and reach more people and we added products and programs and courses and certification programs and all sorts of stuff. So that's kind of the, the short story. Long story. Yeah.

Dallin (11:25):

So if you were to boil all this down, if all this story down into kind of one core thing of what you motivated you to pursue wealth and maybe it was that, but what would you say, like what was your motivator through all of these things?

Sandy (11:42):

Oh, absolutely. Freedom and choices. So I don't know if you've ever been in a position where you have no money. It is no fun. Yeah. So no money, no choices. Even the little things I wanted to do, I wanted to go to yoga class or buy some fresh flowers or, or I mean like go to a meditation class or join a gym or you know, there weren't any, the little things we'll buy a nice new cushion for myself. I like just little things I couldn't do, let alone travel, which I love to do. I couldn't do anything. I had no choices. Like, you know, my kids knew not to ask me if we were at, they didn't ask me for an ice cream or a packet of chips or crisps or they knew not to ask me because the answer was always no. We were like dead broke and it was, and it was not having those choices and having no freedom.

Sandy (12:32):

That really, really drove me to, to want to change that. And so I kind of felt like I'd been born into the wrong life. I felt like I really wanted that freedom. I wanted abundance. And the number I aimed for was a millionaire. I wanted to be a millionaire. I figured a millionaire is someone who has so much money, they can do what they want. And so that's the bigger I want to aim for. So that was kind of how I got started. I had an affirmation that was very long to start with and over the weeks have got shorter and shorter until it became, I am now debt free millionaire. And that was something that I just said over and over in my brain when I wasn't thinking anything else. I said it so much. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I was saying it. So I really kind of just over and over and over and over. And that allowed me to make choices and take actions, which then led me to become a millionaire.

Dallin (13:31):

Wow. That's so incredible. So, so with freedom being this theme of yours what are some other thoughts? You've shared some already, but what are some other thoughts around

Sandy (13:43):

Things that were holding you back from freedom? Well, of course not having any money did, you just have no choices. But I think the things that in me that were holding me back was I had no confidence. Like I just, I thought, who am I? I dropped out of school in grade 11. I didn't even finish high school. So, and I've got no contacts that have any money. I've got no great skills, I've never done anything great. And you know, as well as being introvert and really shy, it's like who am I to ever be able to do anything? Like who, you know, I just, I had zero confidence. But through that whole process of becoming a coach, which I think that that particular journey in and of itself really allowed me to grow and then understanding that the law of attraction and, and using all those principles in my life allowed me to grow even more.

Sandy (14:39):

And then I heard someone speak once, what was his name? He wrote the book conversations with millionaires and he was just a guy that lived on one side of the country that said he had the, the most popular, I think it was personal development radio show in the world. And it reached probably about 10 people, but I think at the time he was the only personal development radio show in the world. So he was able to say that. And he said, you've got to step into who you want to be. You've got to, you've got to believe and tell yourself you're already that until other people, you're that. And it becomes true. So I decided that my email signature file would be Sandy Forster. What was it Australia's leading prosperity coach? Because as far as I knew, there was no other prosperity coaches in Australia anyway because I'd been through the first coach training and I didn't know anyone else that was doing prosperity.

Sandy (15:35):

So, so that's, that was my kind of first step into feeling like, my gosh, I think I can actually do this. I think I can become this person. And so you know, that was kind of the first step into really stepping into who I was going to be. And people say fake it till you make it, but it's more about really immersing yourself in it so much that it feels so real that you don't feel like a fraud when you tell other people. Because I remember hearing a story once from Anthony Robbins saying that when he was in this tiny, tiny little apartment, he knew what he was going to become and he had this vision and he knew he was going to get there and knew he wasn't there yet, but he knew he was gonna get there. And so people would look at him when he said that I, you know, he was going to be this world class speaker and change lives all over the place.

Sandy (16:29):

People would look at him in this tiny little, you know, shoe box and think, you know, cause when he had 'em ups, people deliver stuff and things like that, that he'd say, they'd look at him and think, you know, who are you kidding? But he saw the vision. And I guess for me, I saw the vision of me being a millionaire because I so didn't enjoy my life when I had no choices and when I was on welfare. So I saw the vision and I just day by day I did things that moved me toward that vision.

Dallin (16:58):

Wow. You know, it's, I'm, I'm glad you shared it like that too. And there's that contrast of from welfare to mil or to wealthy because like for many people wealth is identified in different ways. I would agree with you. Like hitting that million dollar Mark is a massive, incredible milestone. You and I are both in the click funnels community and one of their awards is hitting a million dollar funnel, the sales funnel. And so that's like a coveted award in the community. But it's interesting too versus like from welfare to millionaire, which could be another way to brand it. But to me, to me, to me, to me, to me it resonates with me. I'm so much more hearing wealth because wealth comes in the form of not just monetary wealth, but wealth in regards to freedom or time, wealth, family, wealth you know, happy well, however you want to look at it.

Dallin (18:00):

But it's, it's a sign of success and prosperity, which is also another key word for you. And, and so I like breaking that down and also seeing like that transformation that happens from one end of the spectrum to the other is when two opposites are, are identified and recognized and you, and you are self aware enough to be like, I know I'm on welfare. Like, or I know I'm, I'm poor. How can I become rich? Or I know I'm welfare. How can I be more wealthy? I know I'm not a millionaire. How can I become a millionaire? And the more we can identify where we're at and then create that identity for where we want to go and become. And, and that's where the concepts of building out frameworks or success habits of what's been done before in the past, it becomes really interesting to create that identity by following the path of what others have done, who've gotten there. What would you say is a, we'll call it a simple path, but that's not the right way to say it probably. But what would you say is the simple path for creating and becoming that identity of a millionaire?

Sandy (19:13):

Obviously it's all to do with the mindset. And I think for me, I said for many years that the law of attraction, that was the thing that really turned everything around for me because once I discovered it, once I learned it, I, I really immersed myself every day. There was not a single day that went by that I wasn't doing something or a number of things to really change my mindset, whether that be visualizations or affirmations or creating vision boards or but one thing that I kind of missed and I've only just in the last couple of years recognized that there was another thing that really changed everything. At that same time, which I didn't take into account, but now I realize how powerful it was. And that was the same time I learnt. The law of attraction was I started meditating on a daily basis. Now meditation is something that, yes, I know a lot of people think it's all to do with de-stressing and feeling more A's and, and you know, just failing good.

Sandy (20:16):

But science is now proving that certain things happen within our brain when we meditate. And I always like in meditation to kind of defragging a computer. So when you meditate, your, your clearing out the clutter in your mind. And if you imagine there's a what could you call it? A pot, if you will, between you and God or you in the universe. So you and the divine is this pipe between you and, and you're trying to get messages down. Like they're trying to give you a message, but you are blocked at, there's a kink, there's a, th that pipe is full of muck. Meditation really allows you to clear the mind and defrag them on clear at that pot so that when you put in a request, you can actually hear an answer and you get guidance and you, you know, you take actions that you wouldn't have thought of before and you get this great idea or suddenly you get a, a thought to find someone or you bump into someone you haven't seen.

Sandy (21:16):

Like all these amazing things start to happen and it's because yes, the law of attraction is great, but that meditation is the thing that really, I guess it's almost like you're a garden bed and meditation is the thing that pulls out all the weeds and puts in all the fertilizer and prepares you for what it is you design makes it so much easier when you plant the seeds for them to blossom and grow. So whatever your heart desires, they're the seeds and they're able to blossom and grow so much easier when your body, mind and spirit is aligned. And meditation is a thing that allows you to do that.

Dallin (21:54):

Oh, that's such a good way to put it. You just sold me on medicate. I do meditate in different forms, but it's definitely not as thorough like it could be. Cause cause I, I mean I do believe in God and I do believe that there is forms of revelation and in that communication channel that exists. And so that resonated with me as far as like, well, giving the space to to give and receive or request and receive. And to wait as well. Like, and, and that's interesting thing as far as being like receiving revelation or inspiration for many it doesn't always come when we are expecting it. You know, when we think like for me, like meditation, like you're, you're there, you're in silence, you're trying to clear all the clutter and you're like, great. I'm like, here's my prime moment for revelation or, or that perfect thought.

Sandy (22:51):

It doesn't happen then.

Dallin (22:52):

No, no. Like, and it's an oftentimes to me it mostly hits me in the middle of the night and I heard like read a note down and I fall back asleep or but it hits me at the most random times. And typically when I'm in like a more of a bored state and that makes sense. When am I, it's, it's a state of meditation, but it's also a state of like zoning out.

Sandy (23:14):

Yes. Yeah. And that is the alpha state so that that state is, so that's the state where there's a little kind of gateway at the back of your brain, sort of down at the top of your neck here. And it's a, it's his gateway that opens when you're in that alpha state when you're in that kind of, not fully alert but not, you know, asleep. You kind of, it's, it's the same state that you're in. As you say, when you kind of zoned out, when people are sitting in front of the TV, it's like that's state where your conscious mind and your subconscious are talking to each other. That's the time when you can plant seeds into your brain. That's why it's really bad to be watching TV, bad things on TV when, when you're in that state because you're just planting seeds for what you want and tons of seeds at a time.

Sandy (24:03):

Cause there's all these different MES. Exactly. Exactly. But you can plant seeds at that time. But that's also a time when you come up with great ideas. So for me, I remember one of the things that Mark Victor Hansen who wrote the chicken soup for the soul books, said him and him and Jack Canfield, he used to say they would go to sleep with the thought to come up with the name of their book. So they would say, bring me $1 million book title. And they would say that over and over. And then one night mom wakes up in the middle of the night, she can see the solar will happen. That's enough. That's all trillions of books. So I used to go to sleep and before I go to sleep, I would think bring me $1 million idea. And so all night long, my mind would be percolating. And I remember waking up one morning with the name wildly wealthy women that wildly wealthy women in my mind.

Sandy (24:51):

I thought, Oh, so I took inspired action. I could've thought, Oh, nice name. You know, that's really cool. But I took inspired action. So I straight away I went online and I registered the domain name and that was back in 2003. So when I'm on a register, the domain name and then a couple of months later where in in this I'm overseas with a business partner of mine and we were, we were actually selling or distributing a real estate course that had been created by who was a doctor, dr Roos, who was Robert Kiyosaki's real estate mentor. So we would now in network marketing, she was my business partner. She would find clients, I would talk to them and we would sell this real estate course. Anyway, so we're over there for this particular network marketing event. And I said to her, I've got an idea.

Sandy (25:46):

And she said, what is it? I said, well I think we should start a program called wildly wealthy women and we should take your knowledge and this product that we sell, we should put that together every week. You can ha you can come online. Cause she was a real estate investor, I financial planner and an accountant. So I said take your expertise. And every week we come together and we bring women together and you mentor them and coach them. I'll do some law of attraction work with them on their mindset and you know, three or four times a year and come together and have seminars called wildly wealthy women's wicked weekends and you know, it'll be a 10 month mentoring program and it'll be great. Anyway, we launched that program within about three months we made close to a million dollars. We had no business plan, we had no real idea how it was gonna roll out.

Sandy (26:38):

But it was like, I'm very much of the thought that when have an inspired thought and you take inspired action, it doesn't have to be perfect. So the whole radio and fly thing I don't live by, I'm more along the luck cause ready is getting everything prepared and Amy's making sure it's all right and then fire is getting it happen. You know, getting out there and making happen. I'm all of the ready to get it ready. Fire. Just get going and aim. So tweak and improve as you go along. And so, you know, that's how I launched that particular program and as I said, made millions of dollars and over the years, you know, my business partner, she transitioned out and I just took over and, and now it's more for around mindset and entrepreneur ideas for women. But you know, that came out of nowhere out of absolutely no way.

Sandy (27:29):

And then I had another idea once, so I don't know if you remember the movie the secret when it first came out, there was a trailer that went for about two minutes and it didn't say what the secret was about. Like this is the one that's about the law of attraction. This is the one that is like, it's the world's most most popular or they've sold the most books in the world around that subject and obviously the most DVDs, like they've sold billions. So when that first came out, there was a trailer that you, that didn't say it was a law of attraction, but I kind of figured that it was, it just felt, I felt really in alignment with it, but that maybe you couldn't buy in Australia because it had been put together by Australian and they had had some sort of some sort of contract that until it ad on TV, they couldn't show it in Australia.

Sandy (28:21):

So we couldn't buy the media in Australia, but I just felt like that maybe was going to do something amazing in the world. So I emailed the secret website and said, I don't know what your movie's about. I just, I know, but I know it's going to change the world. Can I send you a present? And I got an email back from Rhonda Byrne, the producer who said, I have no idea how I got your email because we get thousands of emails, but I never get any. But somehow I got yours. I'd love a prison. So I sent her my book, how to be wildly wealthy fast. She got the book, she read it. She emailed me back and said, did you watch the secret and then write this book on? I said, no, the book's been out for ages. I haven't even seen the secret.

Sandy (29:03):

She said, Oh my gosh. It's like, it's, it's like, like this is, and I said, yeah, I know. I just felt like we were in alignment. So anyway, she ends up coming out to Australia. The movie had someone in it previously that they actually had to edit out. They spent a day videoing me. They were going to put me in in the long run. They didn't end up putting me in. It's simply because my energy was a bit too high and it didn't sort of gel with everyone else in there that was already in there. So they just took the two, two women that were in there and expanded it spots out. But what I said to her is, why can't we sell? Like how come I can't buy the secret in Australia? And you know, she'd previously then sent me one and I'd watched it and I was so excited and I was like, we've got to get this out to Australians.

Sandy (29:47):

She said, we're not allowed to sell to Australia. I say, can someone else sell it in Australia? She said, sure, we can only sell to people in America though. So I said, well, I've got a us company, can I buy it and then do what I like with it. She said, sure. That idea taking that inspired action that made me $3 million in one year. Just an idea out of nowhere. And I'm not a business person who knows about importing and exporting and like I, I know very little about anything, but I just take action. Like sometimes it's a dumb action, but sometimes the action, amazing reward. So yeah. And so that was just another another example of, you know, when you get an idea, act on it, it may go nowhere, but it may do amazing things for you.

Dallin (30:39):

Ah, I love that message so much. That's, that's so cool that you have that connection there and that you took like, I think the important thing is we see opportunities. I, I think that mixes in the coaching aspect and that always having a mentor or someone to chase into model our, our journey after. And, and the law of attraction as well. Like when we have a dream of something we want to accomplish and we have the vision, we see it there in the future and then we take the steps that take us toward us. We'll probably get a derailed or taken another direction, but we kind of find as we go along this path, we kind of find our way back to that one narrow path that should get us there. But, but, but I think it's so cool to identify what that result will look like and move towards it.

Dallin (31:30):

And even if we're taken off that path, we can come back on and eventually reach that end result. And, and usually like, and that's what's so cool about you sharing your story too, to learn about what has qualified you to speak on becoming wildly wealthy is you've done it for yourself and you recognize why we're here or are these milestones, here are these steps and remove all of the strategic side you know, aside, and then speak to what you've shared just in this, this interview around law of attraction there is that, that simple message like a lot of people can understand that. But then the idea of inspired thought, leading that to inspired action and just move forward and that usually will, that will produce results.

Sandy (32:17):

Yeah. And like you said, you don't always go from where you are having a vision to going straight there. That's usually never the way, like, like back when I had that session with that hypnotherapists slash coach slash whatever he was and that idea of personal development, I never in a million years considered that I would end up, you know, doing what I'm doing now and, and writing a book and creating a program that mentors women. And then, and then even back in, it was 2008 I remember so many people were saying to me, then I want to do what you're doing. You know, you work from home and you choose your own hours and you have this great life, you make as much money as you want and you're working personal development. I want to do what you're doing. And that's when I came up for the idea of launching the inspired spirit coaching Academy and taking all my knowledge around coaching and combining that with law of attraction and combining that with all the business strategies that I use into one program.

Sandy (33:17):

And then I rolled that out and I literally had two teleseminars. So this was back before you even had webinars. Before there was any visual. It was just over the phone. Two teleseminars, one in the morning for people in the U S one at night for people in Australia. And I think I had about 1200 people. I'm not 1200 I'm 120 people join and, and you know, just out of nowhere and out of like that one or two teleseminars didn't have any followup emails, had no funnel. Like I had nothing that these days you have to have. So just from calls and had these women stopped through the program and, and you know, that was around half a million dollars. And so it's just taking, and even then I didn't have the entire curriculum written from, you know, day one free to month 10 I just had a, had an idea in my mind of what I wanted.

Sandy (34:12):

And again, it's all about just taking action and letting the universe just unfold what it is that you, that your next step is. And sometimes you take the right steps, sometimes take the wrong step. I've taken plenty of wrong steps, let me tell you. But I don't let that stop me from continuing to take steps because from what I, from what I nod, and I've always said this, the divine God, the universe once more for you than you could ever, ever want for yourself. So when you take no steps, it can't bring you what it is you want to come, allow you to grow into who you're supposed to be. So just by taking any step, you're moving closer toward what it is you're meant to be and what you're meant to do. And you know, it's also coming closer to you at the same time.

Sandy (35:02):

So you've just got to continue to take steps. Never give up, keep your mind on what it is you want. Cause when I had no money, I, although I said I want it to be a millionaire, my focus wasn't on having the million dollars and you know, sitting around with all my money, my focus was on how my life would be and what I would be doing and how my home would be. And now I live in a beautiful sort of multimillion dollar, sort of my own personal way since I've got two acres, but a spring fed. Damn. I have kangaroos, common eat on the grass. I've got a beautiful tropical pool with a big of waterfall. It's a gorgeous home and I get to travel. So I've taken my kids to Hawaii. I'm flying in a helicopter over where we, where they filmed Jurassic park. We've, we've trekked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru with climb Mount Kilimanjaro, climb Mount Everest. Oh gosh. That was a effort. Nearly died on that one. Yeah, that was crazy. Wow. Yeah. They had to helicopter me off the mountain to Katmandu hospital. I had fluid on the brain and the lungs and yeah, altitude sickness nearly wiped me out, but lived to tell the tale.

Sandy (36:14):

But you know, I've done all these amazing things. I promised my daughter when we had no money, that when we had money off, I'd take her shopping for clothes because her thing is fashion. So when I had the money, hopped on a plane, took her to New York and you know, flew from Australia to New York, took her shopping. She absolutely loved it. So we could on Broadway, like just the things we've done have just been amazing. And so when I had my money, I wasn't, yes, I said I wanted to be in Medina, but I wasn't focusing just on the money as focusing all the time on how my life would be and what I would do in a freedom I would feel and the joy that I have. And that's what I've manifested. So I'm not sitting around with piles of money. It's, it's the experiences that it's given me in the life it's given me.

Dallin (36:58):

Oh man. And I love that. Like, that's a great way to tie it up into a bow. For me. Cause, cause I, I also recognize, like I'm still very much on, on the journey as we all are. And I think what, what I see as never ending, it's never ending. Yeah. There's never a final arrival or destination so to speak. But like the wealthy or the wealth aspect. And I, I mean I look at it as having a rich and healthy and wealthy lifestyle and you spoke to freedom, like having that autonomy to do those things. And I think money is an enabler of experiences and opportunities and that you know, money's just, you know, it's an exchangeable resource for opportunities like NBA. Like I, I kinda laugh this in business sometimes when you're in B2B, like I am you're con the money's going in like the circle of life. It's like you exchange it, they pay it back, you know, in different ways. And just, we all are exchanging value and I think the more we can recognize that money is used for those resources and not to flaunt it necessarily, not to

Sandy (38:10):

Exactly my thoughts. Exactly. And the other thing is when it comes to money is I know a lot of people want to make a difference in the world. I knew when I had no money, I was actually very selfish and self centered. I wanted to make money for no other reason than I wanted to change my circumstances cause I was, I was drowning and basically I just wanted to save. But once I got to the point where I had money and my life was comfortable and I felt this sort of expansion of freedom, then I looked at where I could make a difference. And when you've got no money, yes you can go and volunteer your time and, and you know, support causes. But when you've got money you can do so much more than when you don't have money. So, you know, one of the things I did, I held events around Australia and we donated all the door proceeds of those events to an organization called opportunity international that micro loans out to usually women in third world countries to help them start their own small business.

Sandy (39:16):

And as they make money, they pay that money back and then they can relend it or get Flint out to someone else. So I ended up opening, I think it was about 30 trust banks in, in these third world countries and really like that, that money just gets, as you say, recycled and used and, and you know, the women create a small businesses and they make money and then they are able to spend more money. And then on and on it all just grows and grows and grows. And and the other thing I love as you say, money, it gives you that freedom. But also education I think gives you that too. So one of the things I love to do is help pencils with promise or renter raid and help them to build schools in again, usually third world countries.

Sandy (40:01):

So they not only build our schools, but educate, because education I believe is just like what I learned at school was okay, but what I learned after school has completely transformed my life. And so, but the thing is, if you don't know how to learn, if you don't, you don't have any education to start with, then you don't know how to read. And then you don't know, you know, even if you were online, you wouldn't know how to. So it's like that basic education can completely transform people's lives and, and take them from where they were to wherever they want to be. And so they're the, they're the things that I'm really passionate about educating on, particularly women and helping women start their own small businesses because like the other things that changed my life.

Dallin (40:51):

Mmm. That's so good. Where can people learn more about you? Wildlywealthy.Com

Sandy (40:56):

Wildlywealthy.Com. Yeah,

Dallin (40:58):

It's so simple. Such a great, such a great brand name. Well, any finishing thoughts you'd love to share around green, what you've learned?

Sandy (41:07):

Yeah, I think, I think, you know, something I touched on before, don't think you have to be someone special to, to change your life, you know, create it the way you want to be or make a difference in the world. Like, as I said before, I dropped out of school in grade 11, didn't finish high school, had no connections, no money behind me, no great skills, nothing. All I did was discover something called the law of attraction. Discovered that what you focus on is what you create, and really immersed myself and took action every single day. And then when inspired thoughts came to me to get inspired action. And if you do that on a regular basis, your life will completely transform. And if you just continue to focus on the end result, not how to get there, or what steps to take the focus on the end result, what happens is that the ideas of what to do, those steps to take will be bought to you, the universe, God, it'll all just come to you anyway.

Sandy (42:03):

So you just have to focus on what you really desire consistently every single day and feel it. Don't just think about it, but feel it as if it's already happened. And then miracles will absolutely occur. That's, I mean, that's what's happened for me, that's what happened. Thousands of my students around the world. It's, it's exciting and, and you kind of feel like a kid at Christmas time. Again, when you realize that you get to create it the way you want. You know, you're the co-creator of your life, so you better start, you know, writing the script now for what it is.

Dallin (42:33):

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much, Sandy.

Dallin (42:39):

Thanks so much for listening. Once again, if you would like to learn more about how you can use your unique message to share with the world through video and create videos that actually are professional and perform, bring you money and all of the results and influence that you want to make, then I invite you to learn more by going to Thanks again for listening and we'll talk to you very soon.

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