Cultivating the Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad

A Hungarian that moved to the UK a little more than seven years ago is proving that the nomadic laptop lifestyle is possible if you can cultivate your mindset.

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Online Business Manager and digital nomad Agnes Bogardi joins us on this episode of Visionaries with Dallin Nead!

A Hungarian that moved to the UK a little more than seven years ago is proving that the nomadic laptop lifestyle is possible if you can cultivate your mindset.

Life wasn’t always easy for Agnes, before becoming a digital nomad and online business manager, she held various jobs, went back to school, learned English and began a career commuting FOUR HOURS a day. Her father passed away and Agnes could feel herself falling into a depressed state of mind.⁣

“When you are scrolling Facebook and you hate everyone who seems better and who is happier than you...that's where I was like, Okay, some mindset work needs to be done. ” - Agnes Bogardi⁣

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As an entrepreneur myself, I can totally relate to Agnes. There is this perception online that people seem happy, they have it all figured out and are making a ton of money. It can be overwhelming as a business owner. But you can break free of the tradition 9 to 5 job and pursue your dream job with the right mindset, tools and drive!

“At the end everything comes back to self esteem and how you feel within… It's a journey. It's an ongoing thing. And once we reach the next level right, we have new stuff to work on, it's a never ending story.” - Agnes Bogardi

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Agnes (00:00):

I remember sitting there on my to-do list "Yeah, create a YouTube video, yeah write a blog post!" And then you know, when you get started you have so many different steps to go through until your blog post is there and you can distribute it. That I just gave up before I even got started.

Dallin (00:21):

Welcome to visionaries where we believe having a positive vision for the future and actually sharing it is the best way to build a brand, grow authority and live a meaningful life. The show will explore different stories and strategies of the most visionary people today and what they're doing to inspire and change the world.

Dallin (00:40):

What's up everyone? Welcome back to the show. We have Agnes with us today. Just kind of preframe everything, Agnes are just giving us a quick overview of who you are, where you're from, a little bit about your business.

Agnes (00:51):

Uh, I'm an online business manager/business strategist, I'm Hungarian if you are wondering about my accent. I used to live in Germany I moved to the UK seven years ago and I'm spending a little bit time again in Germany - So #laptoplifestyle ALL IN! Enjoying the location, independency and planning ahead to follow the sunshine.

Dallin (01:20):

Oh, that's so good. So at any given day, you could be in Germany, maybe in the UK - so you kind of nomadic in that way.

Agnes (01:31):

I am. Right. Right. You know, we just need internet. Yeah. The crazy thing is in Greece, I had better internet connection as I have here in Germany. So it's like I would have never thought about it. Yeah. Internet is the key and electricity, obviously! And then I'm good to go.

Dallin (01:51):

I know. Isn't that crazy? That we can get away with that. Yeah talk to us like 5... maybe more than 5 years ago, the internet is still in it's adolescence. I feel like there's still so much possibility and opportunity that's evolving. Yeah. And also I'm so excited to get into more, like you said, online business management. We'll get into that in a little bit. But what I want to do is get back more into your backstory. So walk us through before online business management, the nomadic laptop lifestyle became your thing. Where were you at?

Agnes (02:31):

Oh, where do we start? Where do we start? As I mentioned, I used to live in Germany, so when I went back to Hungary, I knew and used since my 20's I used my German to move forward. I was a bank, cashier... I did first level support, Uh, personnel assistance in a discount food chain. Mmm. What else did I do? I did a loads of stuff and then I realized, okay, I can move forward only if I have a degree. So yeah. Let's become an Economist in HR and then I figured that, okay, I need English as well. It's, it doesn't really matter how good my German is. I need English as well. So where do I, where do I learn English - obviously in the UK. So I went to the UK, I go to first level, first level support jobs there as well. I stayed with the IT and the German speaking jobs, I was commuting four hours a day. Uh, it was, uh, I was totally all in. I'm happy, unhappy the, I'm not sure if you've ever been in London. If you've seen people eat there, sometimes crazy, you don't have time to cook, you don't have time to uh, do anything else. Just going to work and go home so that was the point when I said, "no, it's not going anywhere."

Agnes (04:18):

My father died in 2013. And that was where I said a. I have the option to keep going. Yes, I am going to depression. and let myself down You know, and when you are scrolling Facebook and you hate everyone who seems better and who is happier than you, and that's where I was like, okay, some mindset work needs to be done. I already did affirmations and I was a seminary that, uh, so why use that? That's to bring myself out from that key point. I started writing my emotions out of myself and that's where know no, doors are opening. Right? You're not really looking, but doors are opening. Okay, this is the, this is the new way you need to change something. Okay. I just started to create a website and went into online marketing.

Dallin (05:31):

It's interesting there's a few things I want to unpack, because you walked us through some key milestones, throughout your journey to now let's begin with, um, you said something when you're scrolling on Facebook, you know, and this is before you fully jumped into the laptop lifestyle, entrepreneurship, you said that people seem happy perception of happiness. And I think that that word, like it popped out to me. I was like, seemed happy - Ooh, that's good. And, and I think, and then immediately after that, you mentioned mindset. And so, uh, I believe it, and I felt the same way recently, Facebook specifically, but social media in general, uh, that, Hmm, there's so much consumption I have done. Or by necessity we kind of have to do for the business, the kind of business we're in with the laptop life, so to speak. And my business, it gets overwhelming because so much of it is weighed heavy on the business side. Mmm. And some personal gets in there too. Yeah. So many people are trying to settle us, which is a good thing. You know, we want to be sold to want to buy. There are many times and there is that perception. People seem happy. They seem very happy, they seem like they have it all figured out. Even those who are making seemingly great money and who like we aspire to be. And I think that that was, that was a key for you. Like I think that was important. Even if they may not be happy from the inside. What you see or like, you know, perceive of them and their happiness is aspirational for you. It kind of gives you that person to chase to be like, Oh, they seem happy. How can I be like them? Um, and to me that, like that was, I had a similar experience and so I just wanted to kind of unpack that around like do you feel like as a, as you got deeper into this online business world that you have seen, the curtain open wider to see that there's maybe a lot of, lot of people who aren't happy who need help with mindset.

Agnes (07:45):

Yeah. Yeah. So I know, I know that they just seem happy. Right? But back then, it's not nice to say but I hated them because, because they had apparently the lifestyle, what I am the body what I desired. It's really took time to realize okay. We are talking about five years, more than five years ago and I wasn't living on Facebook, right. I was just scrolling through and seeing mostly friends and family and pages I follow. But it's definitely a mindset shape what you need to make. When when you are so much out there to you, you get this feeling that it's not always true and you know from yourself you're beating yourself up. Oh, apparently everyone is still happy, but I'm not. At the end of the day when you're connected with more and more real people, then you realize that yeah, it's not always shiney. Obviously we want to showcase something that people get excited about. Do have those bad days. Especially everyone is saying the same thing. I think where we can stand out now is talking about this. Right. So then that's not, everyone has that fabulous 10K month and not everyone is traveling 5-star And things like this need to get our there. Because I'm making the little bits, I'm not sure about, you know, our, our children are growing up and they see this world I'm not sure if that's has the, even the a goal it's having the shoes and difficulties to see if it's, if it's the real time or if it's just for the social media. So I think there are more deeper issues out there. There was definitely something realize it and to beating ourselves up because we don't have that shiny life what others have so comparing ours, but it's a process. At the end everything comes back to self esteem and how you feel wihin and if you're not comparing anymore, the others, if you know your worth and if you know, your self esteem is okay then affects you anymore. Like, so that was that the end results of my mindset journey. It's a, it's a journey. It's an ongoing thing. And once we reach the next level right, we have new stuff to work on, it's a never ending story and they're are always and there will be always things like ringing the bell. That's okay, you don't feel OK about that, what's the problem?

Agnes (10:58):

Okay. Okay. What does this emotion mean and how can I, how can I bring myself back to that sort of balance?

Dallin (11:15):

Why did you step into, that area of online business what kind of problems do you see existing for business owners?

Agnes (11:23):

Okay. Mmm. So when, when I go started with online marketing, I made a website, a supplement workshop with my now ex fiance and you know, we realize this so many people back in 2012, okay, no one's coming. Uh, if I haven't had the budget to hire people or do SEO or something like that, I went into all that myself and as I came across online marketing, affiliate marketing, information product, right? We lived in a small studio apartment. So I went into learning everything, learning videos, Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, sales funnels, it was enough for me to get started and to get my first freelancing clients and because of my tech-y background and okay, I say on well organized. I think I am. It's my clients are appreciating it.

Agnes (12:56):

And uh, so I started freelancing. It was enough for that after that I became a VI or VA's. And from there I realized that everything is just the process is what you have rights, you are your overran. And if you're breaking down everything processes, then we can, we can check the boxes and that's it. You are done with your day. If you know what is the one time thing, then it just gets everything out there. Override local equation. Any or just ready to roll. That's how I, that's how I got started. I remember sitting there on my to-do list "Yeah, create a YouTube video, yeah write a blog post!" And then you know, when you get started you have so many different steps to go through your blog post is there and you can distribute it. That I just gave up before I even got started. And doing this and realizing that, okay, Trello is my friend... it's great

Agnes (14:11):

it's crazy. The clients appreciated that and I realized, Oh wow, okay. I can bring this back to the new entrepreneurs who are wanting to scale and and bring them through this process. Breaking everything down to get them ready to get them. It really, really started from this that's very there. Oh I don't know what to do or from there. Okay. I have a couple of clients to the next step where they really can focus on what their magic is and that's, that's how I ended up. But you know, going myself through.. Yeah let's get back to people I'm coming. Okay. Okay.

Dallin (15:00):

What are the next steps for you? You're at this point your online business, you're living the dream. Where do you kind of see yourself going?

Agnes (15:11):

I'm just getting so excited about this. I have this idea about the machine. I'm not sure how you guys, what you guys had uh, primary school, first math class... But you have the machine, you put a square into it and this comes out as a three triangles, whatever. And I imagine because I've been through all of all of these steps, I imagine putting through a machine, putting people through the machine, unhealthy, no self esteem, hating their nine to five and they are coming out happy body, healthier, self esteem thriving. So that's my idea.

Agnes (16:19):

I think our education system is broken no matter in which country you are. I think that we should focus on, you know, not putting people into the books creates those. With my HR background, I know what I'm talking about we should create our job description around the magic and the super power because that's where everyone can thrive, right? Oh yeah, that's my machine idea. Okay.

Dallin (17:23):

Yes. Are you looking at it kind of like an education and coaching type platform where you can guide people through. The tools, the mindset and the guidance to get those results?

Agnes (17:39):

Yes. So for each, for each area there will be a coach that brings the person through. Usually I think has mindset is the first step, right? Because if you are unhappy, if you are sick all the time, you don't have the energy to work on your business and work full time at the beginning. So has has your bodies first that the mindset getting ready for the business and running your own business. Having that self esteem to step out and live, rice and yeah, things like this I think the self esteem part is the first. And then after that with coaching and consulting and helping them create that business - for them or with them or just creating the content what they can use. Yes. I would like to the other idea or the parts of this idea, it's a board game where you can, you know like you have all these different entry points whereas you come in and proceed in the board game from the hated nine to five, whatever from the underground traveling to work or commuting to work. Slowly but surely are arrive on the beach

Agnes (19:25):

But uh, yeah, so the board game, these exercises obviously on Trello boards because I love Trello board yeah, something like that. Yeah.

Dallin (19:41):

Well kind of wrap all this up in a bow and based on your own experiences, what you've been burned with, right with the 9 to 5. I agree with that. Breaking that mold that has it kind of existed traditionally. What advice or insight do you have based on your own story that you want to share with other entrepreneurs.

Agnes (20:03):

Just don't wait. Just don't wait. Get out there. Even if you're not sure, just find two, three clients you can practice. Right. They will tell you what they need. They will tell you how you can help, they you what the results they get from you. What's your magic, what you can do. Don't overcomplicate the website. At the end of the day, what you need is a Calendly account and a PayPal link. That's it. And maybe Zoom. And you can just get started. Choose something you are truly passionate about.

Dallin (20:49):

Where can people learn more about what you're doing? Are more about your stories?

Agnes (20:54):

Uh, my website is I have a Facebook group called Laptop Lifestyle Builders and you can find me on Facebook under Agnes Bogardi. So yeah, can't wait to see more and more people get started with it.

Dallin (21:11):

Thanks so much for listening. Once again, if you would like to learn more about how you can use your unique message to share with the world through video and create videos that actually are professional and perform bring money and all of the results and influence that you want to make, then I invite you to learn more by going to Thanks again for listening and we'll talk to you very soon.

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