4:00 AM Journal Confession of a Visionary

In this episode I invite you to think about yourself and your time when presented with an opportunity.

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Ever have one of those wake in the night, cold sweats, freaks you out, “WAS THAT REAL” dream? Yeah, that is what went down this morning. I woke up at 4:00 AM from a terrible dream that my bank account was DRIED OUT! (Seriously, I had to check my banking app because it felt so real.)

Thankfully, it was all a dream. But this got my mind racing as to what financial freedom or financial bondage means to me (and all of us) as visionaries. I started journaling this all done and I’m going to share it with you!

I helped out an old employer over the weekend. What I didn’t realize at the time of saying yes to working for them, was that I was actually saying no to other things and opportunities for my time. 

“Call me selfish, but why can’t we be? If we are selfish, we can become more selfless when we are working towards a vision for the future in which we are serving others in the process...” - Dallin Nead

I need to become more aggressive in the agreements that I make in my life. When we focus on our vision, we can control so many other things in our lives - Our time, our money, our gifts and opportunities. So I invite you to think about yourself and your time when presented with an opportunity. Ask yourself: 

  • Will this commitment lighten me up and create freedom for myself?
  • Are there other priorities in my life that are more important?
  • Will this ultimately impact my freedoms of time and money?

Depending on the answers, you'll know what's the best course of action. Take ownership of your life, your time, your money and overall your freedom as a visionary.

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I mean, I literally imagined myself storming to the local bank branch screaming at the top of the my voice. I've been robbed, do something. I'll walk, feeling super helpless or hopeless, what can be done. My sense of financial freedom was taken from me.


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I want to talk today about freedom. So first off, I'm looking at a clock right now. It's 5:00 AM in the morning. I woke up probably about an hour ago, just my mind racing with a bunch of thoughts. I woke up from a dream that will just felt so real and vivid that I immediately had to get up and write it down to really discover what, what it meant because I really believe, especially this literal dream I had in my sleep last night, had meaning for my, my life and, and I want to share more about what I think that many was. And it's not. So like, it's not like I had dragons or whatnot. My dream is it's very simple and real. And so what I invite you to do is as a share some of these thoughts, I just journaled and read some of these notes, is that I invite you to see yourself through this lens. Ask yourself, does this happen to me or have they had similar dreams or similar thoughts? And then as I wrap things up, I invite you to share what your thoughts are with me on Instagram stories on Facebook. You know, and tag me in it, comment on this in any way because as a visionary and as visionaries yourself no matter how small or big your vision is at this time, there's aspects of what this dream and what these thoughts created that speak completely to the vision that we set for ourselves no matter what that may be. So let's get into talking more about what I dreamt last night.


I had a dream last night that someone got access to my business banking and withdrew all of my money. Everything was stolen, stolen in an instant, and I woke up saying, "shit!" No, I normally don't swear. Um probably I mostly swear in my head when I get angry. And I don't know if I literally cussed out loud, but it felt just as real as if the precious funds I work so hard to earn was drained out of my business and really my livelihood. And it happened so easily. So now naturally I was fully awake. It was 4:00 AM and I couldn't sleep. So I decided to start writing this down, kind of like a journal because my mind is now creating meaning from this dream because I believe this, that this dream was literally about financial freedom and really financial bondage. The opposite of freedom because in an instant, the digital numbers that consume my life really, each of our lives each day they could disappear and we would be lost as to what to do. I felt lost in this dream. I, I, I mean, I literally imagined myself storming to the local a bank branch screaming at the top of the my voice, "I've been robbed, do something!" All while feeling super helpless or hopeless, what could be done. My sense of financial freedom was taken from me and really another freedom can be taken from anyone from me. And that is time freedom as well. So time bondage.


This week I committed myself and my time to hope with a crisis at a former employer of mine for public relations. There's this big virus outbreak and there needs to be a lot of messaging to be delivered to the public media, guests and crew employees. And video is the primary way to do that. And they asked if I could be quote on-call. And so I agreed. Now I love this brand and everything they stand for. And so anything I share here is out of complete respect for what they stand for, what they do, the people behind it and everything. And this is more through self-reflection through my time commitment and time freedom that I've, I'm evaluating and totally contributed to my mind and or thinking about financial freedom at the same time and having the dream last night. So I left with, with this lack of time freedom and saying yes to this commitment.


I didn't realize in the moment that I was actually saying no to so many other things and opportunities for my time. Now, you know, we hear this time and time again around mindset training. And I have even said this before in messaging I've done in the past, but you know, when we say yes to things, we actually say no to other things. And so being selective with our commitments but as it's much more easier said than done. When we place our freedom of time filling like our freedom of choice into the hands of other people to control then it feels like we're lost. I was lost. And I didn't realize, I was hinting over my time freedom in this commitment and, and I hate this feeling. I realized that I left the corporate world to have autonomy for myself.


And that meant freedom of time, money and choice. So if you decide while being in control, we're in control and we decide, we decide to give up our agency, even if the money seems good, then all is lost. We can lose months and years worth of freedom building. And just a matter of moments, kind of like my dream state of my business, banking being drained in an instant. And by the way, I literally had to go at, checked on my banking app to make sure the funds were there when I woke up and was awakened. The dream didn't come true, thankfully in this case. And and so really I've I have a lot of emotions built up right now as it's early, early in the morning, I'm running on just a few hours of sleep because I feel like there's a loss of control in my, my life personally and professionally.


The vision I had for myself and the movement that I dream of building the people I dream of serving is temporarily given up for someone else's agenda regardless of how great their attentions are. And in this case, my case right now, that competing control of, of my time, you know, the agenda is for a great, incredible cause in serving other people regardless though it's to the detriment and the cost of my own vision, my own time, my own financial freedom, even if I'm getting paid for it. And that's more of a longer term view and perspective. So call me selfish, but why can't we, why can't I be this way more selfish? Because as we do that we can become more selfless when we were working towards a vision for the future in which we are serving others in the process so we could give up serving other people to serve up the, you know, other people who need to be served while we can then in turn serve the people we're meant to serve, if that makes sense.


And so in this challenge and this threat to my personal freedoms, I have concluded that I need to become more aggressive in the agreements that I make in my life, the commitments I make in my life. And I concluded in, in these are like literally notes I just took about five minutes ago before I started recording. This is I'm kind of like a checklist of questions where I invite you to ask yourself some other questions. When you have an opportunity or commitment be presented to you. The questions are, will this commitment lighten me up and create freedom for myself? Are there other priorities in my life that are more important? Will this ultimately impact my freedoms of time and money? Depending on the answers, you'll know all know what's the best course of action. And honestly, I must stay true to my vision. You must stay true to yours even if you're saying no to helping other people to serve, say someone else's vision. If you are clear on yours, why can't you say no to others? With the idea that yes, you'll still serve people in the process.


Now, here's the big question, will you stay true to yours? You know, as I've had this dream last night and call it a vision, a vision within my dream, other reality that could be, like I said, it wasn't a vision of fantastical things things that are out of reach. It was a very real one that could happen in real life versus fantasy. And that's why it felt so real and scary because it could happen. And I hope it never does, but it could happen. And it was, it was a vision of an alternate reality, so to speak, that I think my subconscious was fearing could happen if I allow my freedoms to be handed over into the hands of others to control, even if it's a smaller, big example like this this week. And you know, I have pre-committed myself to other things yet in agreeing to an whole new commitment quickly. Even if it's noble is causing me to temporarily sacrifice the vision and the people I am meant to serve and what I'm building. So I invite you to check yourself, to ask yourself these three guiding questions. And as I sit here in the cold, I say mildly, I'm in Los Angeles in the winter and it's like a good 60 degrees in the morning and the darkness outside.


So I don't wake my family as I record this. I invite you to ask yourself those, to take ownership over your identity as a visionary in your own life, personally and professionally and being so clear, even if you need to have a little written checklist of what commitments you will agree to and what you won't, what you'll say yes to what you won't and what, what, what are those for yourself and what is that vision for yourself? You know, if you're listening or even watching a version of this I invite you to make comments and share those with me. Tag me. As you're listening to this and I, I would love to have this conversation continue. Thanks for listening all you visionaries out there and until next time, we'll talk soon.


Thanks so much for listening. Once again, if you would like to learn more about how you can use your unique message to share with the world through video and create videos that actually are professional and perform, bring you money and all of the results and influence that you want to make, then I invite you to learn more by going to contentsupply.com. Thanks again for listening and we'll talk to you very soon.

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