They are bringing balance, moderation and sanity to women’s health and fitness.

Their approach is unique, yet simple: women need to figure out what works for their unique life! This is what allows women to live happily and healthfully with balance and ease.

Because they are busy Moms themselves, Annie, Jen and Lauren know that strict fitness and nutrition plans are not sustainable for most women. These plans are also not appropriate for new Moms, as they don’t take into consideration the post-baby body’s unique needs.

That’s why the Healthy Habits Happy Moms (HHHM) program was created, to focus on supporting women in adopting healthy habits that suit their needs and lifestyle. Healthy Habits Happy Moms also offer a variety of workouts in their membership area that include 10 – 20 minute home workouts, postnatal recovery programs, and even a 12 month program that you can use when you’re ready to finally create lasting change with nutrition, exercise, and self-care.

Jennifer Campbell, 1 of the 3 masterminds behind Balance365 & Healthy Habits Happy Moms is featured on the show.

Thanks Jen!

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